Top famous best Jogging Tracks in Dubai

Running is the best exercise for losing weight and getting in shape without a pricey gym or equipment. The current cooler weather and the approaching New Year make this the ideal time to get exercising.

And there are a TON of excellent running tracks in Dubai that you can use for free. Which ones should you attempt first though?

We asked sprinter, trainer and co-founder of The Physical Training Company Nick St-Maurice who resides in Dubai for his go-to exercises.

Running Sports City

Nick informs us that this is likely the only Olympic-size running track available to the general public. You may be confident that the times will be accurate if you wish to incorporate some 100-meter sprints or want to test your mile time. Due to the slightly rougher surface it is also a fantastic track for running fast times.

A day pass here costs AED 35 but a month is a great deal at AED 100.

Beach of jumeirah

Its possibly because this tune is so incredible that it’s the most well known in Dubai claims Nic. The 14-kilometer route passes across Kite Beach the entire way giving you a stunning view of the beach. It begins at the Dubai Marine and concludes at Burj Al Arab. We advise going at sunrise or sunset for gorgeous photos.

The park at al ittihad, Palm jumeirah

This track on the Palm Jumeirah is where Nick claims to have trained a handful of his clients. Its a fantastic jogging track with lots of places to pause on the way to complete various workouts – and grab a coffee! The track is 2.7 kilometers long and covered in a wonderful rubber substance that is gentler on the joints but not the ideal for sprinting. The vista is lovely with palm trees.

Division One

Because it was once a component of the Nad Al Sheba cycling track this track has been around for a while. Although less well-known this 8.4-kilometer rubber-covered circuit is ideal to switch things up and get a different perspective on Dubai (you can see the Burj Khalifa) according to Nic. This music will make you feel at peace if you need to go for a lengthy run.

Park at Al Barsha Pond

Finally there is this one which has a lot of vegetation. This was the ideal area to run in the mornings when I ran a sprint club here. The area is very adorable with trees and a lake in the midst of the track and you can switch things up by running on the hills or on the grass. You may perform an interval work out there without having to worry about bumping into anyone because it’s often peaceful and quiet.

Water Canal of Dubai

While admiring the expansive vistas of Downtown Dubai run across the spectacular Dubai Water Canal. The track which was finished in 2016 is around 6.4 kilometers long and has five pedestrian bridges. The main route to the Dubai Water Canal is Sheikh Zaid Road. If you are heading south on this road take exit 47 after the bridge. Then keep going in the right lane. By going where there is ample of parking, you can go to Al Hatboro City.

Running Track at Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the most sought-after places to live because of the beautiful water views and tall structures. What better way for locals to maintain their fitness than a beautiful run with a view to match? Locals adore using the Dubai Marina track for their runs. Due to the fact that it is not a designated running track it has one disadvantage during peak hours it may get quite busy especially with foot traffic.

Running Track in Zabeel Park

The Zabeel Park jogging track is the ideal location for daily runs for residents of Al Karama. One of the best free-running tracks in Dubai, this park has plenty of parking spots and is conveniently accessible. You may take in the stunning views of Dubai Frame and other local sights while running.

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