Top sweet candy shops in Dubai

Here are list of some sweet candy shop which is located in Dubai.

  • Candylicious, Dubai
  • Vivel Patisserie
  • Atayeb Chocolate
  • Forrey & Galland
  • Lakrids By Bulow
  • Al Baba Sweets

Candylicious, Dubai

Candylicious opened in the Dubai Mall, one of the biggest and most remarkable shopping centres in the UAE. The luminously colored shop radiates a sense of fun, with spun candy droopy like chandeliers from the maximum. Eat Happy is the motto of the store. Long gone are the days when native sweet shops were acquainted neighborhood structures in every town. But that’s not to say they don’t be existent any longer. If you stayed a fan of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as a child, you’ll no ambiguity love the sweet shops we’ve fashion with the help of Great Dubai. Here is our collection of some of the best from crossways the world.

Vivel Patisserie

Inserted away inside the well-known Dubai Mall, Vivel Patisserie is one of the greatest sweet shops in Dubai. The flavors and handmade artisanal nougats, this place is unavoidable to stimulus a childhood memory. The antique vibes and well-rounded list of rare treats put this candy shop in Dubai on the locator of all those with a sweet tooth. Some of their best retailers are fruit jellies pistachio nougats besides chocolate truffles.

Atayeb Chocolate

Atayeb Chocolate is a comfortable candy shop that has ready an art form of serving up mouthwatering sweetmeats. Fundamentally, this is where you will find all covered in chocolate…definitive and new candies, dry fruits, handmade chocolates and even cakes.

Forrey and Galland

Specifying in chocolates, macarons and dates, Raid and Gal land is a go to advertisement for your candy fix. Situated in The Dubai Mall, this is one of the insufficient sweet shops in Dubai where you can discovery a sugar free group of sweets. Their hand crafted French chocolates are absolutely worth a try.

Lakrids by Bulow

Artisanal candies and ground breaking treats are in profusion at Lakrids by Bulow. Limited version candy is produced in house in daring flavors such as birthday cake pine coco and steamy island. Ever caught of chocolate covered licorice.Don’t grip back and give desire fruit or coffee kieni a try.

Al Baba Sweets

Home to a massive diversity of French and Arabic candies in Dubai, Al Baba Sweets is associations away from your characteristic candy shop. They proposal an exclusive selection of sfouf, maamoul and baklava. The sweets here originate in all shapes, sizes and differences.

Papabubble Dubai

Customers enjoy an communicating mix of wonderful smells sensitivities custom color and entertaining that makes a exclusive and memorable knowledge.

Papabubble proposals a variety of shake candy, as well as traditional, lollypops, sugar carving and an enormously popular modified candy for marriages baby showers, and business events. Papabubble Dubai, the first store in the UAE, Situated at Mercato Mall Jumeirah Beach Road it masses live candy making shows and proposals wide diversity of high quality candy with astonishing flavors and modified designs and wrapping to suit customers taste.

Top of Form Dubai occupier’s love a bit of tolerance every now and then and nothing successes the advertisement fairly like sweets and candies. In this deliciously tasty listicle, we disclose the highest sweet shops in Dubai. These emporiums of delectableness are accredited with sustaining even the most discriminating of sugar devotees. Ready for sweetness overload. Join us as we unpack some of the good junk.

You can discover some of the best macarons in Dubai at Laduree, Angelina and Paul Cafe.

And that accomplishes our list of the best candy shops in Dubai. We confidence you have a mouthwateringly sweet time discovering these emporiums of the teasingly tasty.

If you’re observing to spoil yourself in other delightful treats, these patisseries in Dubai are certainly worth a visit.

If you’re observing to spoil yourself in other delicious treats, these patisseries in Dubai are certainly worth a visit.

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