What Are The Steps In Dubai For Filing A Rental Dispute?

How to file a dispute over a rental in Dubai:

One of the world’s real estate markets with the quickest growth is located in Dubai. The enormous number of people moving to the Emirates in search of better career and lifestyle options is a significant contributor to this expansion. Most foreigners are fresh to the Emirates, thus renting a home is a more practical choice for them. To protect the rights of both landlords and tenants equally, the government has created policies and legislation. In reality, tenants are given the legal ability to sue their landlord in a rental issue if there is a conflict.

The processes & procedures for registering a rent dispute in Dubai are fully described in this book, but first, let’s look at some typical causes of renting disputes.

Relationship Dispute Causes In Dubai’s Common Causes:

Rental Dispute Settlement Centers (RDCs), which are tasked with resolving various forms of rental issues, were established by the Dubai government. According to RDC, many typical case categories are frequently seen. If the renter has been unwilling to pay the agreed-upon rent amount or a rent increase, that is the first scenario. The law requires landlords to notify renters of the change in the law at least 90 days in advance through email or a notary stamp. Additionally, this rent must adhere to the government-imposed cap on rental growth. For additional confirmation, tenants can utilize the RERA rental rise calculator.

Check To See If the Issue Is Compliant With the Law:

To file a rental dispute, you must first carefully review Dubai’s tenancy rules. To protect the rights of renters and landlords, the UAE government has created several laws. Determine the legal category within which your problem falls. This will clarify whether or not your situation qualifies as a disagreement. Additionally, it’ll be a successful method of resolving disputes.

Entertain another Party in Negotiations:

Invite the other party to a negotiation once you have determined the legal basis for your claim. Keep in mind that when there is a dispute, negotiation should always come first. Tell them what law they are obeying, caution them against their behavior, and give them a deadline to fix the problem. You can go on to register a rent dispute if they are uninterested or the negotiation runs its course.

Log In the Case:

You can register the rent dispute online or in person at the RDC headquarters in Deira, Dubai. Arrive at the facility with all the relevant documentation (mentioned below). Present the paperwork to the typewriter, who will translate it into Arabic because that language is used in court. After solving the documents, the typist will, if required, ask you a few questions concerning the issue before moving forward with your complaint.

Visit the DLD’s official website, then go to the “Rent Grievance Resolution Portal” to submit a dispute online. To get judgment with the Execution Writ Seal, complete the needed fields and submit the required documents. In the event of an appeal, you can pay the money online, participate in the hearing via tele litigation, and get the decision online.

Documents Required:

The following paperwork is needed to launch a rent dispute in Dubai:

  • Copy of passport (landlord and tenant)
  • Ejari certificate
  • Title deed
  • Emirates ID
  • Tenancy contract (original)
  • Rental dispute slip
  • DEWA bills (recent)
  • Rental payment cheques (copy)
  • Any contract or other writing that could help your case.

A Rent Dispute in Dubai Cost to File:

In Dubai, the registration fee for rental disputes is 3.5% of the yearly rent. The charge might range between AED 500 and AED 15,000 for financial claims. The upper limit may be increased to AED 20,000 in eviction cases and AED 35,000 in cases involving both finance and eviction.

Other fees include a process cost of AED 100, a knowledge fee of AED 10, and an innovation fee of AED 10. Additionally, if necessary, fees of AED 105 for fast-tracked notice and AED 25 for the power of attorney registration may be assessed.

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