What drives demand for luxury homes in Dubai?

Dubai is an exceptional experience, particularly for those looking for a global investment hub or dream homes. Because real estate is one of the strongest sectors of the economy, purchasing luxury homes in Dubai is an appealing option for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) worldwide.

However, when it comes to determining “what drives demand for luxury homes in Dubai,” In this post, we’ll sift through these layers to uncover all of the reasons why buying luxury houses in Dubai is a better investment than in other parts of the world.

What drives demand for luxury homes in Dubai?

A growing number of global citizens of various nationalities choose Dubai as their second home. Many of them see it as an ideal location for purchasing investment properties. Let’s take a look at the factors that make Dubai an appealing real estate investment hub, as well as how it compares to other international cities around the world. There are additional benefits to purchasing luxury homes in the area with the introduction of Dubai’s long-term visas for real estate investors.

First and foremost, Dubai provides unparalleled value for luxury real estate. Given that foreign ownership in Dubai became legal in 2002, the city-state is a relative newcomer to the league of global Dubai luxuries home hubs such as Singapore, New York, and London. The emirate is home to massive real estate developments aimed at people who prefer to live in luxury.

It’s easier to buy luxury homes in Dubai.

The ease of doing business is another important factor in Dubai’s reputation as an ideal destination for investing in luxury homes. Aside from its reputation as a haven for upmarket communities and luxurious properties, Dubai’s laws and taxation system are investor-friendly. Furthermore, the emirate is an undeniably dynamic business hub in the region.

Foreign real estate investors in Dubai benefit greatly from the capital and income tax-free regime, as well as the lack of additional levies on property purchases. So, whether you’re buying the best luxury homes in Dubai for personal or investment purposes, you can expect simpler transactions and processes.

This is a significant advantage when compared to cities such as London, Paris, Geneva, and Monaco, which underwent rapid property tax reforms, levying an additional tax on the purchase of luxury properties by foreigners. All of this, combined with the emirates’ residential market’s healthy ROIs, steady population growth, and an ever-increasing standard of living, makes purchasing luxury homes in Dubai appear to be the ideal investment decision.

The luxury real estate market in Dubai is thriving.

According to the DLD data, real estate transactions increased by 33% in 2019. The price per square foot for luxury properties increased significantly, indicating a rising demand trend for luxurious homes. The same growth was reflected in the H1 Dubai Property Market Report for 2019, which showed that investor interest was more focused on upscale properties in Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and the Arabian Ranches.

According to market research conducted by New World Wealth, the UAE is one of the top five countries preferred by millionaires. Dubai, as a financial center, is the most popular relocating destination for wealthy ex-pats and HNWIs. The large influx of HNWIs brings significant wealth inflows, the majority of which is invested in Dubai’s real estate.

Dubai’s ideal location

The ideal location is part of Dubai’s growing allure for investors. The emirate provides businesses with the best of both worlds: east and west. Dubai’s time zone is one of the most convenient for businesses looking to expand globally, as it serves as a central point for matching the timings of the east and west.

Aside from that, Dubai’s location provides global travel connectivity. A two- to eight-hour flight from Dubai will get you to major cities in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Combine all of this with long-term real estate visas, and there is little to prevent a businessman or investor from choosing Dubai as their long-term investment destination.

The Luxury of Options

While several important factors are working in Dubai’s favor, the diversity of prime properties available for purchase remains the city’s most appealing offering. From lavish villas and fully-serviced apartments to premium penthouses, Dubai’s portfolio of luxury properties is unrivaled. The prime properties for sale in Dubai offer a wide range of options, allowing investors to select the areas, property types, and price ranges for the most expensive houses in Dubai in 2022.


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