Where To Rent Villas In Al Raha Gardens

Al Raha Garden is ideally placed on the E10 motorway, between two ground-breaking Abu Dhabi real estate developments, Al Raha Beach and Khalifa City A. Al Raha Gardens is a serene and lavishly manicured hideaway constructed on 665,000 sq. m. of land. It was the first property designed to be made available to UAE residents for purchase. It features a kindergarten, two schools, and local food and retail establishments created by Aldar Properties. The project, which consists of eleven sub-communities named Al Ward, Lehwieh, Muzera, Yasmina, Hemaime, Al Mariyah, Kahnnour, Sidra, Qattouf, Samra, and Al Tharwaniyah, was finished in 2009 with a 95% occupancy rate. The villas for rent in Al Raha Gardens include separate rooms and kitchens for maids and drivers to cater to both local and foreign households.

Types of a villa in Al Raha:

The homes in the neighborhood of Al Raha Gardens are built traditionally and include every contemporary comfort and furnishing. They are native to the Arab culture. The homes in Al Raha Gardens range in size from roomy 3-bedroom townhouses to opulent 5-bedroom villas with 24-hour security, on-call maintenance, and community centers. Living in any of the residences is an experience that can only be described as magical. Imagine unwinding while enjoying your evening coffee on one of the expansive terraces, which offers views of a lavish landscape and perhaps even a glimpse of some nearby islands.

Rent prices trends:

Properties in Al Raha Garden don’t come with as high a price tag as one might anticipate, given the overall area and its central location among several other outstanding neighborhoods that surround it. Three-bedroom homes in Al Raha Gardens may be rented for as little as AED 135,000 per month. Four-bedroom villas in Al Raha Gardens rent for around AED 175,000, while five-bedroom villas cost AED 225,000.

Lifestyle in Al Raha garden:

Al Raha Gardens has all the amenities needed, including mosques, schools, nurseries, health clinics, swimming pools, clubhouses, community centers, playgrounds, numerous bananas, and pharmacies, so residents don’t have to go far for their everyday requirements. One may stroll a little distance and have a serendipitous dinner at the La Brioche Café or enjoy a hot beverage at the Circle Café in the Al Raha garden. This neighborhood welcomes pets, and Cloud 9 Pet Hotel and Care is only a 5-minute drive away. You may visit the Anahata Wellness Spa, which is also adjacent to the rental villas at Al Raha Gardens if you want to indulge yourself for a change.

Reasons for renting in Al Raha garden:

It is a highly sought-after real estate area that is native to Abu Dhabi, with its great position along the E10 motorway nestled in a fashionable neighborhood surrounded by other upscale and very in-demand neighborhoods. This is the perfect moment to be renting houses in this area because rentals and purchase costs are now soaring, especially with the 2020 Olympics just around the way.

How to look for a rental villa:

Villas for rent in Abu Dhabi are commonplace since a growing number of international workers go there each year to pursue their professions in a diverse, open city. One of the few highly populated megacities without a housing shortage is Abu Dhabi. Houza.com offers 57 villas for rent if you’re looking for one in Al Raha Gardens. In the Al Raha Gardens, prospective homeowners have a variety of housing options to select from, including townhouses and villas.

Prices differences:

Establishing your budget is the first step in your villa search. With the introduction of The Price Widget, a feature that appears on houza.com when users search for villas for rent, the house is the first real estate website in the UAE to directly offer transactional and trend data to customers. The widget provides percentage changes MoM for Al Raha Gardens as well as the average price per square foot for rental villas on a building and bedroom level. Transactional sales data and listing rental data from Reidin Data Analytics are used to fuel the functionality.


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