Are There Any Additional Charges for GPS or Wi-Fi in Rental Cars in Dubai?

Are There Any Additional Charges for GPS or Wi-Fi in Rental Cars in Dubai?

Car Rental can save time when traveling within the city or nearby areas. However, at least one should be aware of these additional charges for extras, such as GPS and Wi-Fi, if planning on incorporating it as a necessary budget. Renting a car in Dubai can make a lot of sense.

GPS charges in rental car

Most of the car rental firms to operate in Dubai have extra features, which include GPS for an extra fee. Although the GPS nowadays can be considered as an indispensable accessory for any car, in many cases, it is not included in the standard rental deal, even if the rental agency offers premium services it is usually an extra paid service in most budget and mid-range car rental agencies. The price can therefore be fixed according to the specific rental agency, the car model, and the length of the rental period. The GPS cost depends on the distance traveled. On average, the daily charge could be from AED 30 to AED 50. It's preferable to clarify the cost with the rental agency in advance, when a car is being hired.

Wireless Internet in Rental Cars

Another key additional service that is offered to customers by the car rental companies in Dubai is Wireless Fidelity- Wi-Fi. In addition, it is always convenient to have WI-FI connectivity in a rental car as you can always access relevant information, follow maps online among other things. Like GPS, Wi-Fi is often an available option, meaning it includes an extra cost to the vehicle’s MSRP and is not standard equipment. The charges for using in-car Wi-Fi services may cost as low as AED 40 during the day and may go up to AED 60 depending on the period. Additionally there could be the possibility of discounts depending on the rental period, for example, some companies provide rental for a week or a month, and the price per day could be lower than if the car was rented for a day. Speaking to the rental agency about the particular package they have and the prices available for Wi-Fi is advised.

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Bundling GPS & Wi-Fi Packages

Currently, some of the rental companies in Dubai provide GPS and Wi-Fi bundled services that are a bit cheaper than buying each service separately. If one requires any of these amenities, then one can consider these packages to be cheaper than doing it individually. This results in a cheaper cost as compared to hiring each service provider to provide the services individually. For instance, a GPS and Wi-Fi package may cost AED 70 per day while the cost of GPS may be AED 50 per day and Wi-Fi may cost AED 40 per day, so the package deal will more or less save much of the day’s fare.

Advantages of Hiring a Car with GPS and Internet

Some important advantages that are associated with the decision to rent a car having built-in GPS and Wi-Fi are as follows. Navigation is another incredible feature in the self-driver car which will enable one to roam around Dubai and even other regions without Orientation, the in-car WIFI again will help you to be connected in case you might not have local data with you. Finally, these features may also contribute further to the improved efficiency of your travels and increase the level of safety for your journey.

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Rent a Car GPS and WiFi 3

In case, the amount charged extra for the GPS and Wi-Fi is beyond your affordability, there are choices, which you may consider. For GPS, you can rely on your Smartphone to use its navigation applications like Google Maps or Waze, if you have a good and steady internet connection or appropriate offline maps. For Wi-Fi, it is always possible to rent portable Wi-Fi hotspots separately, and they usually are quite cheap, or, if possible, you buy a local SIM card with an appropriate data plan in order to use it as a personal hotspot.


Regarding car rental in Dubai, certain extra fees are usual – GPS and internet connection services. Some of these services, although might be a plus since they are provided by the landlord, can translate to extra expenses in your rent. However, knowing the fees and checking other options that are available, one can make the best decision regarding a fare that fits the most for your budget and travel accommodation needs. It is always important to inquire from your rental car service provider for further clarification on this issue as well as the current charges that might have been revised.