Is There a Fee for Returning the Rental Car to a Different Location in Dubai?

Is There a Fee for Returning the Rental Car to a Different Location in Dubai?

This makes car rentals popular to tourists and other personalities who want to move around the city and other nearby areas with ease. Nevertheless, many car rental companies may charge extra fees for taking the car back to a different point than the one it was rented from, these charges including one-way rental fee or drop-fees. These fees are diverse and depend on several aspects, to be discussed in this blog.

Understanding One-Way Rental Fees

One way rentals are fees that car rental companies let their customers incur for dropping off the car at a location other than the one agreed when the vehicle was picked from by the car rental company. This fee aims to cater for the expenses of returning the car to the initial depot or for cleaning and Odizing the car for the next rental.

Differences in the One-Way Rental Fees

The first and main determinant of one-way rental fees is the distance that is to be covered between the pickup point and the destination where the vehicle is to be returned. Normally, this fee will be higher the farther apart the above mentioned locations are. For instance, getting a car from Dubai back to Abu Dhabi could cost you some amount while if you are to get a car within Dubai, different areas could cost you another amount. Rental companies also consider the kind of car that is in demand most of the time. Some of the varieties or specialty cars tend to attract high fees because they are frequently hired owing to demanding re-location services.

Rental Company Policies

Albeit, each rental company has its own guidelines in so far as one way rentals are concerned in Dubai. It is also important to note that some companies may have more economical rates or totally exempt the fee in some conditions as can be the duration of the rental period or the existence of broken offers. More so, customers should take time to study these production policies whenever they are planning to rent a car for 1 day.

Duration of Rental

The duration of your rental period can also influence the one-way rental charges as well.For instance, Some car rental companies may charge a one-way fee of AED 35 per day with each additional day costing an additional of AED 8.The cost will however vary depending on how many days you plan to use the car Rental in one particular direction.For instance, Some car rental companies may charge a one-way fee of AED 35 per day with each additional day of the rental He added that there are options where the fees can be negotiated if a customer hires the machine for a long term because some of the rental companies are willing to reduce the fees with the extended rental period.

Reduce One-Way Rental Costs

However, if one’s schedule is well-planned, then it should be possible to avoid or at least reduce the amount of charges that get attributed to a one-way rental service. If you would like to avoid these charges, keeping the car in the same position that you got it from can be the best solution. It is also possible to talk to the rental company directly during the booking process – they may give their best shot, especially if they are aware that you will be renting the car for many days or if they see that you are a regular customer.

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Comparison Tools and Apps

Cabin and application for comparison of rental are also useful for searching companies with the lowest one-way or looking for offers containing the removal of such fees.

Loyalty Programs and Special Offers.

While all rental companies have their standard fees, some companies have a loyalty program that rewards the customers with privileges such as minimal or exempt one-way fees depending on usage frequency. Such confirmation can serve to help reduce expenses because it determines whether one is eligible for such programs.


In conclusion it may be stated that as a rule returning a rented car to pick up location in Dubai different from that from which the car is hired costs one way rental fee, however knowing factors that can affect these fees and using some tricks in order to avoid or at least to reduce them allowed creating more effective strategy for renting a car and thus save some money. From pre-booking and allocation of time to choosing between providers to taking advantage of the rewards system and comparison mechanisms, these steps can be useful in managing one-way rental fees. It is recommended to carefully read the rental agreement containing the rental fee and other charges and to clarify this information with the rental company before one chooses a specific car to rent. Happy travels!