Schools In and Around Sustainable City

Schools In and Around Sustainable City

International School of Fair green:

ESOL Education, a company that offers educational quality for more than 40 years and today educates almost 10,000 students at international schools in Dubai, the Middle East, and East Asia, launched Edged International School in Dubai.

To advance sustainability in all of its manifestations, Edged International School is a cutting-edge educational facility that offers the entire International Baccalaureate continuum of education. The goal of Edged International School in Dubai is to give pupils an advanced education. It aspires to motivate future generations to influence the world for the better as representatives of sustainable development.

There is a comprehensive curriculum including performing & visual arts, sports, extracurricular activities, and excellent academic offerings. This all-encompassing strategy for personalized teaching and learning fosters the growth and well-being of each unique learner.

Sustainability permeates every aspect of the institution, from the architecture to the curriculum.

Their prestigious campus had furnished with a first-rate private school in Dubai educational amenities. A handful of the facilities accessible to Fair green students include solar-powered classrooms, cool and shaded playgrounds, technology laboratories, maker spaces, & athletic facilities with a swimming pool, football pitch, and basketball courts. Urban agriculture research laboratories and mobile food technology present chances to learn about sustainability.

Students can study the ecology of a natural environment through urban farming if they have access to one of the city’s biodomes and an outside garden. The city’s upcoming Innovation Center, animal sanctuary, honeybee garden, equestrian center, and bicycle paths will all be accessible to students.

Saudi Ranches Elementary School:

In the center of the well-known neighborhood of Arabian Ranches 2, there is an integrated British curriculum school called Arabian Ranches Primary School. The school, which stands close to Sustainable City, aspires to give each student a unique primary affordable school in Dubai experience.

The school places the best school in Dubai value on fostering individuality through its wide variety of extracurricular activities, allowing students to participate in a type of pursuits and discover their “niche” on the stage, in the art studio, or on the sports field.

Engagement, bravery, curiosity, creativity, teamwork, and compassion make up the school’s “character compass.” Even a kindergarten is available for the kids to attend three to five days a week.

Childcare Center – Sustainable City:

A location where your kid may learn with enjoyable possibilities and settings that promote discovery & hands-on learning even as the cornerstone for a child’s future learning is called Creaked Nursery, which had situated in Sustainable City. Their purpose of to empower kids to make decisions and pursue independent education in a protected environment.

Children can use the age- & grade-appropriate furniture & equipment in the well-equipped classrooms of Creaked. The nursery constantly seeks ways to take education outside during the cooler months, whether through outdoor activities, community exploration, walks in the woods, or field trips to complement the various learning areas.

The faculty is composed of highly skilled and seasoned professionals that instruct a curriculum focused on topics. As a result, kids have more control over what they’re learning, which happens in a manner suitable for their developmental stage. Additionally, video conferencing and parent portals are used to update parents regularly can schedule a video tour to see for themselves.

Arabian Ranches’ Dubai English-Speaking School:

JESS, also known as umpire English Speaking Academy, is situated in Arabian Ranches, only 12 minutes from Sustainable City. It is a vibrant, forward-looking institution based on high expectations and standards. It has a lengthy history and a successful track record as one of the first non-profit secondary schools in Dubai.

JESS is an inclusive and accepting school environment that welcomes students with special needs and disabilities from age 3 to A-Level (Students of Determination). It is a school that encourages creativity, innovation, and literacy while working to foster 21st-century learning abilities. Instructing history classes and moral education also seeks to increase Emirati values and cultural knowledge.

The school aspires to be a neighborhood school where families feel secure sending their kids. The school celebrates holidays like National Day, Christmas, Eid, and Diwali in a very multicultural fashion and seeks to advance learning in innovative ways. For frequent information about the school, visit the website or Twitter.

Schools in the Sustainable City and its surroundings:

Can you see yourself residing in Dubai’s first metropolis to be created from renewable energy sources? Schools in and around Sustainable City Dubai, recognized as the happiest community in the GCC for three years running, set the standard high by being energy efficient and environmentally friendly. 2500 trees, starting at the entryway, aid in air purification. The streets are clear of cars so kids may play safely, and solar panels cover the parking lots to use the Dubai sun. Additionally, the neighborhood and its surroundings offer some top-notch schools. Here are a few options:

Over 10,000 students are currently educated by Esol School in and around, which has delivered educational quality for more than 40 years in foreign schools across Europe, and the Mideast.

During the project activity:

  • Surveying the level of awareness, comprehension, and use of best practices in the field of compliance education in Montenegrin and Germany will help develop guidelines.
  • The current Montenegrin best high school in Dubai curricula have been analyzed for all three educational levels. Evaluation & planning of space, a cross-curricular topic, has been linked to all academic subjects.)
  • Surveys in kindergartens and pilot schools (A questionnaire was made, delivered to schools, and filled out by instructors and students.)
  • Starting from the findings of the analysis of surveys or studies of current school curricula, a set of guidelines for enhancing the general education quality about urban sustainability in Montenegrin classrooms or kindergartens has been developed.
  • Surveying the level of awareness, comprehension, and use of best practices in the field of compliance education in Montenegro or Germany will help develop guidelines.


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