Schools in and around the Sustainable City

Schools in and around the Sustainable City

Can you imagine living in Dubai’s first net-zero energy city built entirely from renewable energy? Schools in and around Sustainable city Dubai, named the GCC’s happiest community for three years in a row, sets the bar high by being environmentally friendly and conserving energy. Beginning at the entrance, 2,500 trees help to purify the air. The car parks are covered by solar panels that take advantage of the Dubai sun, and the streets are car-free so that children can play safely. Not only that, but the community and surrounding areas have some excellent schools. Here are some possibilities:

Fairgreen International School

Esol Education, which has been providing educational excellence for over 40 years and currently educates over 10,000 students in international schools in Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia, founded Fairgreen International School in Dubai.

Fairgreen International School is a trailblazing educational institution that provides the full International Baccalaureate (IB) continuum of education with the mission of promoting sustainability in all of its forms. Fairgreen International School is designed to give students an advanced education. It aspires to inspire future generations to make a positive difference in the world as ambassadors for sustainable development.

In addition to excellent academics, there is a diverse program of performing and visual arts, sports, and extracurricular activities. Individual student development and well-being are promoted by this holistic approach to differentiated teaching and learning.

Sustainability is at the heart of the school, from the architecture to the curriculum.

Their prestigious campus is well-equipped for learning. Fairgreen students have access to solar-powered classrooms, cool and shaded play areas, technology labs, maker spaces, and athletic facilities that include a swimming pool, football field, and basketball courts. Opportunities to learn about sustainability are provided by mobile food technology and urban agriculture labs.

Students can explore the ecology of the natural world through urban farming, with access to one of the city’s biodomes and an outdoor garden. Students will also have access to the city’s soon-to-be-opened Innovation Center, as well as an animal sanctuary, a bee garden, an equestrian center, and biking and jogging trails.

Primary School of Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches Primary School is a fully inclusive British curriculum school in the heart of the popular Arabian Ranches 2 community. The school is a short distance from Sustainable City and aims to provide a unique primary school experience for all of its students.

The school places a strong emphasis on encouraging individuality through its extensive range of extracurricular activities, allowing children to try new things and find their “niche,” whether on the sports ground or in the art studio.

Engagement, courage, curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and compassion are the school’s guiding principles. There is even a kindergarten where the kids can go three to five days a week.

The care and support provided to students are outstanding (DSIB inspection report 2018–2019), and the school has numerous safeguarding arrangements in place as well as teachers who monitor the school at all times.

Creakids Nursery: City of the Future

CreaKids Nursery, located in Sustainable City, is a place where your child can learn through fun activities and environments that encourage exploration and hands-on learning as the foundation for a child’s future learning. Their mission is to encourage children to make decisions and learn independently in a safe and supportive environment.

CreaKids classrooms are well-equipped with age- and grade-appropriate furniture and equipment for children to use. In the cooler months, the nursery is always looking for ways to take learning outside: outdoor activities, community exploration, nature walks, or field trips that support the learning areas.

The faculty is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals who deliver a topic-based curriculum. This means that children have more control over their learning, which occurs at the appropriate stage. Parents are also kept up to date regularly through video chats and parent portals. You can take a virtual tour right now to see for yourself.

Jumeirah is an English-speaking school.

JESS, or Jumeirah English Speaking School, is located in Arabian Ranches, just 12 minutes from Sustainable City. It is a vibrant, forward-thinking school founded on high standards and expectations. It has a long history and a proven track record as one of Dubai’s oldest non-profit schools.

JESS is an inclusive and tolerant school community that welcomes students with special educational needs and disabilities from the age of three to A-Level (Students of Determination). It is a school that encourages innovation, creativity, and literacy while also working to develop 21st-century learning skills. It also aims to promote an understanding of Emirati culture and values through social studies and moral education.

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