Shop On A Budget At These Cheap Supermarkets Places In Dubai

Shop On A Budget At These Cheap Supermarkets Places In Dubai

Buying food may be a costly endeavor, which is particularly true if you have a family to provide for. Now that the costs of food at retail have increased, we need to begin making more well-informed decisions.

Keeping to a budget can be difficult, especially in a place like Dubai, but the least expensive grocery store in Dubai chain stores in our area are helping you save money by providing outstanding discounts, offers, and to just overall reduced costs on meals, particularly if you select to purchase goods their store-branded items. This is especially true if you live in an area with a high cost of living.

Union Coop:

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the local Association Coop is known for being both an old and affordable supermarket. In addition to offering some of the most competitive prices on the market, they have been in the business for more than 25 years. There are 11 outlets of The Union Coop spread out over Dubai’s most important districts. Locations may be found in Satwa & Rashidiya, in addition to Jumeirah & Umm Suqeim, to mention a few. Union Coop is known for having consistently amazing deals and focuses a significant amount of emphasis on giving back to the community. Its product is fresher than the bulk of other shops in Dubai, and the prices are undoubtedly lower than those of other shops. The Union Coop is perhaps one of the best places to go shopping on a budget that we can recommend.


The city of Shaklan is home to a large number of shops, hypermarkets, and open-air markets, making it an ideal location for shopping for fresh produce at competitive prices. In addition, the city’s brand names may be found at prices that are more or less acceptable. In addition, Shaklan provides a broad selection of nuts that have a quality that is noticeably superior to that of a good number of the company’s competitors. The prices of Shaklan’s organic vegetables are much more reasonable. Last but not least, they often have exceptional bargains and offers that make the whole shopping experience more than rewarding.


Carrefour is often acknowledged as being among the most wallet-friendly options for shopping for food. The French megastore provides customers with amazing price reductions, a comprehensive range of goods, and a broad range of options. As a result, it is one of the best places to shop to get good deals on things. Besides being Carrefour in Dubai an excellent place to go for low-cost food, it also offers a large variety of lower-priced items, including apparel, accessories, gadgets, appliances, and a great deal more.

Baqer Mohebi:

This grocery store is great for those on a tight budget and is well-known in the Bur Dubai neighborhood, among other things, for the low prices of its chocolate and candy. When you buy in bulk from Baqer Mohebi, you may take advantage of significant price reductions. The shop also has a one-of-a-kind section known as “Dh1 per item,” in which things that are close to reaching the end of their shelf life are offered at a significantly reduced price. Perfect for when you’re in a need of money but yet want something satisfying to eat straight soon.

Lulu Hypermarket:

Lulu Hypermarket is without a doubt deserving of its place as one of the best budget-friendly grocers in Dubai to be included on our list. It carries a wide variety of commodities and is particularly strong in the electronic goods sector. Lulu offers a wide variety of promotions and discounts, which contribute to the store’s already competitive pricing.

Emirates Cooperative Society:

This supermarket, which is often referred to as “the Co-op,” is one of the largest supermarkets in Dubai. It is well-known for the reasonable prices of the items that it sells. The employees are always happy to help, as well as the fruits and vegetables are always fresh. The staff is really pleasant, and everyone is always willing to help. They provide unique weekend specials in addition to their “items of the day” and other fascinating promotions during the week. With so many different locations spread out around the UAE, shopping is a wonderful experience that won’t break the bank.

Organic Foods and Café:

Organic Foods & Cafe is the name of the grocery shop that provides the most competitive prices on organic food items. Visit Organic Food and Cafe if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle or save cash on organic items. We are all conscious of how expensive organic can be, so if we want to do so, visit Organic Food and Cafe. It is well-known for having a diverse assortment of goods and products of very high quality, both of which are made possible by the fact that everything is provided by farmers residing in the UAE. This establishment is our first choice in the city for buying anything organic.

West zone:

The hypermarket is a convenient one-stop store that sells a wide variety of products, including those that are essential in addition to others that are more specialized. They conduct seasonal deals around holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, Eid, and more, in addition to the weekly offers they already offer.

Nesto Supermarket:

Nesto Market is an excellent choice for clients who are shopping on a limited budget and need to purchase food in addition to other requirements. The retail establishment offers competitive rates, promotions, and excellent discount deals for customers who purchase in-store as well as on its website. In addition to this, it ensures that it provides a broad selection of product categories so that it can fulfill the requirements of its customers.

There are many Nesto sites in Dubai, some of which can be found in Jebel Ali, Al Karama, & DIP respectively.

Aswaaq Supermarket:

Aswaaq Market is a retail chain that is quickly developing in Dubai. They provide an extensive selection of food & grocery items at prices that are affordable while maintaining an exceptional level of product quality.

The retail outlets are dispersed around the United Arab Emirates in such a way as to provide convenient access to most of the country’s population centers. Customers in Uae have the option of placing their grocery orders through the Aswaaq Supermarket’s website. This service is available to them


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