Summertime cooling tips for your Dubai house

Summertime cooling tips for your Dubai house

Close the blinds, take a drink, and turn the air conditioning down. Dubai The coming of summer. With temperatures reaching above 100 degrees Fahrenheit and making summer vacations in Dubai feel like taking a bath in boiling water, the summer heat is the ideal excuse for cooling off. Very uncool. The heat index is unrepentant. Despite how lovely the beaches are, lying about in the heat is like waiting for a piece of bread to burn and turn into burnt toast.

Not to mention the health dangers brought on by exposure to warming climates. Each summer, thousands of dollars are spent on items that claim to help people fight the heat. Aloe gels, ice-cold bottled water, and bathing suits all help to cool the body down, but only temporarily.

Here’s our Great Dubai guide to keeping cool in Dubai.

Purchase a cooling system

There are advantages to installing an air conditioner in your home. The use of air conditioning stimulates both mental and physical activity. The advantages of exercising indoors grow because the body is shielded from the heat rays that can lead to heat exhaustion and dehydration. Reading and writing are two other cognitive tasks that can be done indoors to avoid the oppressive heat. Heat-related illnesses can be avoided by staying home and cranking the air conditioning. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise choosing accommodations with air conditioning whenever possible.

Change the curtains to try and cool the house.

Your home’s cool air is suffocated by heat beams that can pass through thin drapes. Replace those flimsy curtains with blackout drapes. Blackout drapes have two purposes. They are light- and sun-blocking drapes with temperature control. Black-out drapes are stylish and are available in a variety of hues and lengths. They maintain the temperature in the space in which they are installed, preventing your air conditioner from working overtime to keep the house cool.

Purchase a library card

Reading increases when done in a cool environment since it stimulates the mind and lowers tension. Libraries are climate-controlled spaces. You’re indoors, keeping cool in the air conditioning, whether you read books at home or in the library.

Purchase a ceiling fan

Cold air is circulated by ceiling fans. They let you to raise the air conditioner’s temperature by four degrees while maintaining the same level of comfort. They can be put in every room in your house with an air conditioning vent or wall unit to improve air circulation and prolong the cooling of the space. There are several possibilities available when you wish to spend some time outdoors. Thankfully, many public spaces have been created to keep residents and visitors alike comfortable, cool, and hydrated. Due to its riches, practically all of Dubai’s indoor retail malls and neighborhoods have cutting-edge air conditioning, which might offer some relief if the weather outside is oppressive. You believe you can endure the heat?


Your body needs more energy to digest larger meals than smaller ones. In fact, many people discover that their appetite diminishes in really hot weather, which is the body’s response to trying to maintain balance. If you eat little meals frequently, you will feel lot happier and more at ease.

Cool Off Your Veins

Find a public restroom or use the restroom at your hotel, and run your wrists under the cold water for five seconds if the heat is getting to you. This area of the body has a large vein that runs through it, so when the blood comes into contact with cold water, it almost immediately begins to chill.

Eat More Small Meals Regularly

Larger meals require more energy for your body to process than smaller ones do. In reality, a lot of people find that their appetites decrease in really hot weather as a result of the body’s attempt to maintain equilibrium. Eating small meals frequently will make you happier and more relaxed.

Refresh Your Veins

If the heat is getting to you, use a public restroom or use the restroom at your hotel and run your wrists under the cold water for five seconds. Because a major vein travels through this region of the body, the blood very instantly starts to cool upon contact with cold water.

Pick Out Your Clothes with Care

There are several good reasons to choose your clothing carefully if you’re on vacation in the Arab Emirates. Stick to lightweight textiles that don’t cling or stick to the body in the heat because it’s important to stay cool while still honoring local traditions and culture. Choose thin, light-colored textiles for the best heat protection.

Consider Remaining in an Air-Conditioned Hotel

Thankfully, air conditioning is the rule in Dubai. It’s uncommon to locate a motel without one. The majority of resorts in Dubai offer multiple world-class dining establishments and bars, a luxurious spa, and at least one swimming pool. And if you believe that families shouldn’t stay in Dubai hotels, think again.

Travel to a mall for some retail therapy

As we just mentioned, Dubai’s indoor shopping centers and neighborhoods are all very well cooled. In fact, they are a treat to meander around in the morning, before the afternoon hordes arrive. If you find yourself becoming overheated, enter one of these commercial paradises that are expertly chilled.

Rise and shine for adventures

Try to leave as early as possible if you’re going on a lengthy walk or excursion. Starting a trip at around 7 a.m. will allow you a solid two hours before the sun reaches its strongest peak at noon, which is when you should aim to arrive.  Always carry lots of bottled water with you, put on sensible shoes, and apply high-factor sunscreen to any exposed skin.

Participate in Water Park Activities

One of the largest parks of its sort in the entire globe is Dubai’s Wild Wadi Water Park. It is ideal for thrill-seekers trying to beat the heat, stay cool, and have a tone of fun because it contains the largest waterslide outside of North America. At the water park, it’s acceptable to wear swimsuit, but keep in mind that you should cover yourself before and after in public areas.

Consume a Lot of Water

This final piece of advice ought to be obvious. It will be challenging to feel your best without a sufficient intake of water. Since desalination is used to provide Dubai’s tap water, it is generally safe to consume. While travelling and unwinding in your hotel room, you might actually prefer to stick with bottled water because it doesn’t taste anything like the water back home.

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