The 10 Best Promotional Products Services in Dubai

The 10 Best Promotional Products Services in Dubai

Dubai NAM:

The advertising and marketing firm NAM Dubai is well known for organizing and running events and trade shows for businesses.

Under the pretense of “company gifts,” they also produce promotional goods. They can make, to mention a few things, promotional goods, and business presents.

They can also produce unique goods that are manufactured specifically for the customer upon request. We appreciate that they offer that amount of flexibility and control, which makes this business a viable choice.

Customers can choose from a limited selection of products, including the gift set, which comes with a pen, a notebook, and a keychain. Another choice is a mug or a backpack.

They can choose the style and color of the promotional goods items from there. They can, however, choose to select a differentiated product, like a plaque or a collection of toys.

The number of products they can produce will be subject to agreement between the customer and the business. They are capable of supplying presents and goods for a variety of events and exhibitions, based on what we have seen.

Overall, NAM Dubai gets our recommendation for their unique item manufacture and wide range of client-available item options.

Corporate Gift Suppliers Dubai:

Corporate Gift Distributors is a supplier of promotional products to various businesses in Dubai. These consist of institutions including banks, organizations, and more.

They mostly supply goods for gatherings, exhibits, and product debuts. These are all ideal chances for a company that wants to increase customer awareness of its business.

The quantity of things that Corporate Gift Suppliers make available to their customers is, in our opinion, their most noteworthy feature. There are many items, from stationery to tissue boxes.

Additionally, they have a special catalog with suggestions. It is important to note that clients cannot request a product that is not on the list of Corporate Gifts; they may only select from these options.

The business offers customization services that let customers apply logos as well as other designs to the clothing of their choice. However, they mostly rely primarily on embossing and branding on the outside of their items.

We regret that this firm is probably not for you if you prefer extra customizations, such as embroidery.

Al-Hadiya Advertising:

Al-Hadiya Advertising specializes in offering giveaways, business presents, and other items with logos on them. With so many options, businesses won’t have any trouble locating the ideal item.

Speaking of things, among the alternatives available to you are clothes like hats and t-shirts. Additionally, if you’re feeling particularly giving, you can choose devices like USB drives and speakers.

All of your compliments previous are guaranteed to feature a brand or your selected motif. For this stage of the process, the company provides a wide variety of printing techniques.

Pad printing, embossed, debossing, engraving, foiling, and other options are among them. You can decide which choice would help your company’s logo stand out.

Shass Gifts and Promotions:

A Dubai-based trade company for corporate personalized gifts is called Shass Gifts and Promotions. The business creates and manufactures a variety of goods that can be utilized to further promote its clients to others.

The item diversity they offer was the initial item we noticed. You have electronic accessories like mice, USBs, and power banks.

In addition, you can select office supplies including pens, pen cases, & notepads. They stand out from the competition since they give their customers the choice of a premium tool set.

Solutions for Brand Care:

Corporate gifts are provided by Brandcare Solutions in Dubai and around the UAE.

A variety of products is not a concern for this business. There are many options available, including practical and traditional gifts like journals, pens, and keychains.

However, what sets them apart are their seasonal offers. Upon request, they can produce goods specially designed for occasions or festivals like Ramadan, Diwali, & Christmas.

They also provide luxury gift packs, which are another unusual item and are ideal for giving to senior managers in a business. These gift packages can be altered to include a leather journal, a suede wallet, or both.

Inpress Advertising (L.L.C):

Take a glance at our work and work morality, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how we can help your brand. INPRESS Marketing, established in June 1998, is a full-service advertising agency providing marketing and innovative approaches to local and international brands throughout the Middle East.

Al Zaytoon Gifts & Advertising:

Green Print’s business concept goes beyond only creating printed materials as a technologically competent printing company. For any organization, printing represents a crucial frontier since it allows for the most effective and clear communication of thoughts and ideas with target audiences. In order for its clients to join in the growth, Giant tries to succeed on these frontiers.

To ensure dependability for almost all of your printing needs, we built up the facility with equipment by some of the greatest makers in the world, utilizing the majority of the greener printing concept.

Gulf City Advertising LLC:

Gulf City Marketing LLC is known for developing effective branding initiatives that will support your company’s efforts to draw in new customers, sell more goods and services to current clients, or increase brand awareness.


From brochures to company logos, we create beautiful designs that effectively convey your company’s message. From position to package and everything in between, our designers can assist you in creating products that are attractively presented and precisely targeted.

Best Target Reach LLC:

With campaigns from top global brands adorning them today, BTR, which was founded in 1998 and recognizes the crucial role outdoor media plays in the modern marketing mix of any Product, has over the years formed & procured some of the most upscale & prestigious open-air media spaces in Dubai.

Our media reach, which experts in the field rank as among the greatest in the field, gives a Brand a platform to connect with its target audience while also effectively enhancing its true stature. It is this special quality that has allowed us to satisfactorily establish ourselves as one of the leading players in the local out-of-home advertising market.

Haji Askar Trading:

We offer exceptional service in the fields of identifying products, packaging, security products, and promotional items at Haji Askar Trading Company, a trading and representation business founded in 2003 with its registered office in Al Qusais, in the Emirate of Dubai, UAE. And over 100 clients from the Middle East are served by the company. It relates to government organizations, participants from the banking, oil, hotel, and logistics industries, as well as players from other industries.

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