The best arts and crafts workshops to try in Dubai

The best arts and crafts workshops to try in Dubai

  • Medaf Studio
  • The Jamjar
  • Oka Ceramics Studio
  • Yadawei Ceramic Studio
  • Cafe Ceramique

Medaf Studio

Medaf studio is an art studio in Uptown Mirdiff, Dubai. The studio has a variety of amazing and professional painting workshops and plenty of craft workshops for children and adults. Additionally, they provide different painting workshops and expression packages, workshops, and workshops. This variety of offers is intended to improve the skills you and your children have. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are also offering online virtual workshops to keep you and your children safe. We can see that the trends in real estate sales in Dubai have shown continuous stability over the period.

Also, having pleasure and learning can be delivered to you by a package to provide you with everything you need.


Medaf is more than a studio of educational art. It has a special expressive piece that is treated like a large canvas. Children and adults can dress to scatter and splatter paint over the walls of the room. The hall of expression is available for walk-ins and can also be reserved for special events. For instance, you can organize your child’s birthday party in the event hall. Welcoming your children’s birthday to Medaf is perfect because of their unique coffee zone. The café serves as a waiting place for parents or a place of relaxation for children after a long day of painting workshops and art activities.

The Jamjar

JamJar is an art studio situated on Al Serkal Avenue in Dubai. The studio accommodates all ages and levels through its variety of art and painting workshops. They have special adult painting workshops such as the creative healing art studio and the therapeutic meditation painting workshop. Therapeutic art can help you to abandon your personal limitations and release your creativity. Jamjar is not only an art and painting workshop. This is a great place for parents to spend quality time with their kids. They allow parents to join their children in their painting workshop which creates a particular artistic connection and unique moments between parents and their children. The JamJar also hosts the celebrations of your children. Buyers or Purchasers and potential investors have also taken an interest in luxury apartments and properties in Dubai. They provide the studio as a place to spend your child’s birthday party with colors, paintings, and brushes. Not only this, but they are also prepared to respond to your part with delicious food.

Thread wreck

Threadwork is a stitching workshop located at Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. The venue makes the tailoring studio fun for people of all ages. It offers children a sewing workshop such as the Kids sewing Bees class, a sewing workshop for beginners, and a professional sewing workshop such as a sewing class. Courses generally range from three to four sessions. You can also learn the ins and outs of seaming at Thread werk with your children by registering them in the kids’ club. In the luxury sector, investors have expressed interest in new developments in the central area of Dubai and property rentals in Dubai. The children’s club provides children with a sewing workshop where your children can create their own objects or even make them for their friends and family.


Oka Ceramics Studio

Oka Ceramic Studio is one of those locations that you, your friends, and your children will definitely enjoy. They have plenty of wheel-throwing activities, creating bowls at lots of other fun pottery workshops. Both workshops and workshops have a variety of age groups, so everyone can learn and have fun. They offer various packages and a trial session to give you the opportunity to choose what suits you and your talents. . A brief analysis of prices and research trends for 2022 shows that Jumeirah Village, Circle continues to be the first choice for affordable property for sale in Dubai.

The studio is a ceramic and design studio based in Dubai which offers a pottery workshop for adults and children. The unique thing about Oka Ceramic Studio is that the ceramic workshop is based on local objects. The workshop varies, like having a few cups of Arab coffee which are unique to this area. They also offer a special pottery workshop taught by people who are regarded as the best in the pottery and ceramics industry, like award-winning sculptor Toma Gabors. During their ceramic workshop, the teachers are keen on helping whoever seems to be struggling and their explanation is simple and to the point making it the ideal class for beginners. They also create an artistic and creative environment that encourages people to freely create any design rather than adhere to a uniform design. You can also take advantage of a café located in the studio. 2022 Real Estate Market Report, potential investors can find affordable high-performing properties in Dubai.

Yadawei Ceramic Studio

Yadawei Ceramic Studio is another studio in Dubai that offers a ceramics workshop for adults and children. They think that creativity is not triggered at a certain time, so the studio chooses to open without time restrictions, to allow people to create freely. They offer different workshops around the year that are aimed at children, such as the Yadawei Easter Camp and the Kids Summer Camp. The studio allows you to create unique ceramic pieces during their ceramic workshop from scratch teaching you how to craft the ceramic piece all the way to adding the final touches such as painting the piece. Properties for sale in these areas rose moderately by less than 6% of the average price per square foot.

Cafe Ceramique

The main objective of Cafe Ceramique is to create an area without stress by making their studio a comfortable appearance. In the café, you will not only have a fun time but also develop your artistic skills. There are no age restrictions, so it’s a great solution for families with young children. They propose painting workshops for children with merry themes. The café has a unique concept where it joins two kinds of art in a space; the art of catering and the artistic side. Based on data collected for our Dubai Real Estate Sales Report 2022, sectors generated the highest returns on luxury flats for sale in Dubai.

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