The Top 7 Best Road Trips from Dubai

The Top 7 Best Road Trips from Dubai

While there is a lot to see and do in U.A.E there is also a lot to appreciate and enjoy after you leave the city. In this post we shall outline seven of the most memorable locations you will appreciate visiting while you travel by rental vehicle to and from United Arab Emirates.

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Fujairah, one of the seven Emirates that make up the UAE is 184 kilometers away from Abu Dhabi You particularly love hiking and scuba diving once you get there. You must not overlook the stunning vistas that Fujairah’s mountains have to offer.


Masinda is located about 175 kilometers from UAE you will realize that the trip there in your rental car was well worth it! There are unique attractions like the fjords.

Another stunning region in the United Arab Emirates is Dibbs, which is roughly 130 kilometers from United Arab Emirates. Since you have the gorgeous blue sea on one side and the breathtaking mountains on the other the drive to get here is an adventure in and of itself. Make sure to visit Dada Beach because it is really popular.


Ajman, one of the Emirates in the United Arab Emirates has a lot to offer tourists including some of the best beaches in the nation. Additionally, the nearby sand dunes provide some truly breathtaking views. Another must-see location is the Ajman Museum.

Jays Jebel

The tallest mountain peak in the UAE Jebel Jays, is not far from Dubai. Although the view of Jebel Jays is beautiful.


Similar to Norway, Hashab’s fjords are its main draw. It is about 200 kilometers away from UAE making the trip in your rental car a pleasure. You can readily engage in any of the many available camping activities once you get there. Additionally hashab Fort provides some magnificent panoramic vistas.

The Jebel Hafez

This is the UAE’s second-highest peak after Jebel Jays. This is another enjoyable drive from Dubai as it is located less than 150 kilometers away. You will actually love the drive even after you arrive because the road makes a high ascent here.

Undoubtedly, there are many locations that one might enjoy visiting by car from UAE. At Speedy Drive, we take great satisfaction in providing you with a wide selection of automobiles to pick from for your upcoming road trip outside of UAE.

Desert Lisa in Abu Dhabi

Traveling by car from Dubai to Lisa Oasis takes you by some of Abu Dhabi’s most picturesque locations before you arrive at the authentic Empty Quarter which is renowned for its strikingly rocky landscape. This 350-kilometer journey includes, among other things, an adventurous dune slide over the largest sand dune in the world, Tal Morea Hill as well as a journey through a collection of stunning oasis communities, camel farms, and a stop at the Emirates National Automobile Museum.

The picturesque drive begins on the E11 or Sheik Sayed Road and travels through Abu Dhabi. There are two ways to get to Lisa, but it is advised that you take the signs for Madinah Sayed.

Hills of Hanta

Hanta, which is only 150 kilometers away, defies all stereotypes associated with modern Dubai. Any rider who embarks on a Hanta Mountain Safari will undoubtedly be transported back in time by the geography, which artfully transforms from flat plains to beautiful dunes and rugged mountain slopes. Along with a fort built in the sixteenth century and various ponds located high in the Haj jar Mountains, you can find a heritage town here that is filled with tiny Bedouin homes.

Driving through the E44 which leads to Hanta, from United Arab Emirates.

Great Dubai is a great brand which have registered many car rental companies with it to provide car rental services in Dubai and all over UAE

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