Top 10 attractions under AED100 in Dubai

Top 10 attractions under AED100 in Dubai

When it comes to things to do in Dubai, tourists are spoiled for choice between theme parks and staycations. But those who are traveling with families or a big group will want to plan their spending. How can you maximize your opportunities without breaking the bank? Fortunately, there are lots of activities in Dubai that cost less than AED 100!  And you can locate them if you know where to look. Here are your replacements separated into trips both inside and outside.

Outdoor Activities in Dubai under AED 100

When it comes to things to do in Dubai for under AED 100, there are many alternatives.

Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden

One of the best things to do in Dubai for less than AED 100 is to visit the Dubai Miracle Garden.

The Dubai Miracle Garden is not open year-round, so you will need to schedule your visit. It will start the next season. The exhibit, which features over 50,000 flowers in breathtakingly lovely arrangements, is incredibly breathtaking and draws millions of people each year. The year-round open Dubai Butterfly Garden is located right adjacent to the green area. This indoor facility has a controlled climate. On a trip to the aforementioned garden, it can be a fantastic pit stop, though.


Dubai Garden Glow

Another sight worth including on your itinerary is Dubai Garden Glow, which is centered on editions as well. The finest things to do in Dubai for less than AED 100 include a visit here. There are attractions including Ice Park, Glow Park, Magic Park, and Dinosaur Park. The Dinosaur Park is the one of these that attract children the most because it has a variety of animatronic dinosaurs.

The Dubai Fountain

There is no cost to view The Dubai Fountain in operation, but there is a fee to access the option to get near. It should go without saying that several of the experiences offered rank among the best things to do in Dubai for under AED 100. These cost AED 68.25 for the Lake Ride and AED 20 for a Boardwalk adventure. The Burj Khalifa website allows interested parties to reserve their spots for the two events.

Flying Cup Dubai

A fancy meal at a height of several feet? Flying Cup Dubai, is a unique cuisine concept that offers 30-minute experiences where you can enjoy snacks and beverages 40 meters above sea level. There are minimum age and height requirements. The cost of refreshments varies at Flying Cup. For example, Hot Dog in the Sky costs AED 99 for adults, with cheaper prices for children. There are a lot of possibilities available for less than AED 100 overall. In addition to this, there is the flight-only option, which has no food or drinks but is nonetheless entertaining.

Global Village

Visit the Global Village, a renowned seasonal festival with a variety of cultural pavilions, to experience global diversity. Depending on whether you make your reservation on-site or online, entry ticket costs for the most recent edition range. Many shows are free to watch. Travelers on a budget can go to the Global Village. In addition to the aforementioned attractions, the emirate also offers some inexpensive water sports. Renting a kayak from Great Dubai while renting a water step bike.

Indoor Activities in Dubai under AED 100

Visits to these sights can be ideal during warm weather.

Dubai Frame

With ticket costs that fall well within the AED 100 level, The Dubai Frame has enjoyed popularity since it first became available to the general public a few years ago. The enormous building has a height of 93 meters. It costs nothing at all to take that ideal photo with the huge frame as the background.

The structure itself houses displays that take visitors through the past, present, and future of the UAE. The future gallery, for example, uses sound effects and lighting to show what the emirate might look like in the future.

Museum Of Illusions

Visit the Museum of Illusions to see the impossibly impossible. Prepare to have your senses tricked in whirling tunnels and infinity rooms. One of the more well-liked free things to do in Dubai under AED 100 is a visit to this interactive museum. The Ames Room, where visitors can “grow” or “shrink” depending on where they stand, is a popular attraction here.


The View at the Palm

At The View at Palm Jumeirah, located 240 meters above the earth, take in the Dubai skyline like never before! At The View Palm Jumeirah, general experience tickets cost exactly AED 100 outside of peak times. Sunrise at the View is another of the top things to do in Dubai for less than AED 100.

Chillout Ice Lounge

Cool yourself at the Chillout Ice Lounge without breaking the bank when it gets too hot. Since 2007, the lounge has been drawing guests with its distinctive décor and chilly temps. Amazing ice sculptures, tables, and seating add to the allure. Additionally, each visitor receives a free welcome beverage.

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