Top 10 Best Arts Training and Coaching Classes in Dubai

Top 10 Best Arts Training and Coaching Classes in Dubai

It doesn’t care if you don’t understand you’re Picasso than your Pollock because the best art classes in Dubai allow you to embrace your creative side. There are classes available in sewing, sculpture, and sketching, so it’s not just about painting. Additionally, if you believed Dubai lacked eccentricities, we beg you to try manufacturing deodorant or painting on paper cups; after all, there is an art to everything. Dubai has several locations for you to learn practical arts like haute couture, sketching, & even photography as well as fine arts like painting and sculpting.

Several of the art classes in Dubai are held on Alserkal Avenue, but there are seminars you can attend in a variety of locations, including five-star hotels and the comfort of your home. The majority of studios offer the necessary equipment, so all you need to bring is your creative self. The best art schools in Dubai are listed here.

Âme Artistic Studio:

Some of the most stunning painting lessons in Dubai are held at Artistic Studio, which is in full bloom right now. The store, which sells everything from flowers to perfumes, is situated on the appropriately artistic Alserkal Avenue. The studio blends these interests to produce specialized art classes in Dubai for beginners and invites regional artists to impart their knowledge. The newest courses cover Japanese flower arrangements, fluid art on canvas, and pressed floral monograms. It also organizes baby showers, bridal tea parties, and birthday celebrations if you’re searching for a sophisticated way to mark a special occasion.

Gulf Photo Plus:

You should visit Gulf Photo Plus on Alserkal Avenue to improve the appearance of your vacation photos. With seminars on food photography, fluorescent lighting, Adobe Photoshop, and the fundamentals of analog photography, the studio provides some of the top photographer’s art classes in Dubai. The smartphone shooting and editing training are open to everyone, even those without expensive digital cameras. Additionally, some programs teach youngsters how to use photography and end with a picture shoot.

Sketch Art Café:

If you’re a compulsive doodler, visit Sketch Art Café and let your sketches go wild. This café/studio on Al Wasl Boulevard in Jumeirah invites you to accept your inner kid and paint directly onto paper cups, demonstrating that almost anything can be your canvas. This is among the most unconventional painting art classes in Dubai, whether you wish to go full Edward Shrigley or make your own mug shot. Additionally, the most impressive cups will be featured on an Instagram-friendly fame wall.


The town may be painted, among other things, due to SkillDeer Dubai. You can find many painting classes in Dubai in this database; the more you read, the more your imagination will flow. The appeal of taking an art class is that you can do so in a group, on your own, or online and that the dates are flexible. Silk paint, glass painting, labyrinth drawing, African art, watercolor painting, cushion art, and resin art for coaster and tissue boxes are just a few of the limitless options for art workshops.

We Love Art:

It goes without saying that the designers are passionate about everything artistic with a moniker like We Love Art. Along with an eight-week painting course, the studio also provides one-time paint and grape workshops. You will learn many brush strokes at the introductory level, including collage, still life, landscape, and portrait. Furthermore, with practice, you can develop your style and produce a masterpiece. The sessions are held in a variety of settings in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, including restaurants and five-star hotels. While the Artbox service sends the supplies and instructional materials directly to your door, allowing you to practice painting in private.

The Workshop:

At The Workshop, art enthusiasts will feel completely at home. The location is located off Al Wasl Road & features a café with specialty coffee, an art gallery, an antique gallery, a boutique shop, and an antique gallery. Aside from that, it hosts poetry and music events if you wish to showcase your talents. In contrast to other art programs in Dubai, the studio incorporates local art forms such as Farouk making, abstract Arabic writing, mirror mosaics, and gold leaf painting. While clay art, sculptural painting, & candle making are included in traditional art classes.


Because it specializes in stitching workshops, ThreadWerk wears its artistic identity proudly. The teachers are passionate about switching to handmade clothing from quick fashion. These sewing workshops will give you the confidence to use both the machine and the needle, whether you wish to repair your clothes or make new ones. There are programs that teach you how and where to handle specific fabrics in addition to freestyle sewing and fashion design. Birthday parties and baby showers are both welcomed at the studio, which also enjoys hosting large groups.


Thejamjar is the closest thing to a romantic picture of a space where you can paint—think Allie in The Notebook—that you’ll find in Dubai. The studio provides a wide range of art lessons in Dubai for children, teenagers, and adults. The topics covered in one-time lessons and courses range from acrylic skills to transcendent healing via art. Additionally, the painting events, which may be planned for kids, coworkers, or anniversaries, are a fun way to pick up new skills.

The Palette Art:

You should head straight for Al Barsha’s The Palette Art if you desire to receive your money’s worth from Monet. The studio provides one of Dubai’s most impressive selections of art classes. Acrylic, life sketching, watercolor, oil, pencil, and ink, really trying to draw, and watercolor are all covered in the painting classes alone. While the specialized workshops encompass subjects including photography, clay sculpting, fashion, jewelry making, Arabic calligraphy, and abstract expressionism. Every week, the schedule is changed online, and a lot of the seminars are components of lengthier programs.


Ask celebrities like Cara to provide the correct, Sarah Jessica Parker, and the students who attend Kave: The History of Things; knitting is cool. At Kave on Alserkal Avenue, the bohemian mood is palpable. These painting schools in Dubai try to provide you with upcycling, environmentally sensitive, and budget-friendly skills. Jam-making, manufacturing chemical-free antiperspirants, painting, &, of course, a local stitching club are other classes to keep an eye out for.

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