Top 10 Best Auto Repair Services in Dubai

Top 10 Best Auto Repair Services in Dubai

According to a recent survey, one car is owned by every two people in the UAE or 50% of the population. Even though there are plenty of public transportation options available, most in the UAE prefer to use their cars. Owning your car is undoubtedly convenient if you keep it in good condition.

Zone Auto Care:

For the last 40 years, Zone Auto Care has been offering car services in Dubai. From incident repairs to automobile detailing, it provides every type of maintenance your car might possibly need. This vehicle garage in Dubai is renowned for its committed clientele and reasonable costs. Currently, the services you receive are discounted by 25% to 30%. This is situated in Sharjah, Dubai, and the Al Quoz Industrial Area.

Aarya Auto Repair:

All the top-named cars are served by Aarya Auto Repair Center. It functions for all services, including auto detailing, body work, and air conditioning repair. It operates intending to provide prompt, error-free services to its clients. This is situated in the vicinity of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. You can either visit them in person or book your service online through their website.


The skilled mechanics at Checkpoint can fix your car. It offers a broad range of services, from resolving interior problems to giving the car a makeover. It is an expert in offering the best service providers on manufacturers like BMW, Land Rover, Audi, Lamborghini, etc. It is situated in Dubai’s Al Quoz Industrial Area.

Z degree:

Their tire replacement program is well-known. In addition, Z degree offers services outside of their garage. They will come to you with all the necessary equipment when you simply phone them. The nicest part of having your automobile fixed in Z degree is that you may switch your payments to Low Rate Easy Installments options. Along with selling high-quality tyres that can be bought online & fitted wherever you prefer, they also provide auto maintenance services. In Dubai, they operate 6 branches.

Al Ghassan Auto Balance Workshop:

To work on your automobiles, Al Ghassan has a crew with lots of experience. At fair pricing, it offers the best services. One of the greatest auto repair shops in Sharjah, it provides services like wheel replacement, brake repairs, oil changes, and others. It is situated in Sharjah’s Industrial Area 4’s Al Wahda Road.

AAA Dubai:

One of Dubai’s top auto stores is this one. AAA is renowned for offering skilled services for Land Rovers & Land Rovers in addition to providing economical vehicle services. Customers are given a pre-service value so they can request a price before giving them their vehicle. It’s in Dubai’s Rashidiya neighborhood.


All brands are eligible for the treatments and maintenance provided by Cars Clinic. At a reasonable cost, it offers ac repair, automobile detailing, paint, body fix, dent repair, engine problems, and much more. It’s in the Rashidiya neighborhood of Dubai.

GT AutoCentre:

In Dubai, one of the top garages is GT Auto Centre. It offers all different kinds of services, such as automobile detailing, body work, paint, dent treatment, accident repairs, refinishing, and car washing, among others. It also provides a pre-service value upon request, allowing the customer to make plans for his service costs. The majority of insurance companies advise their clients to visit GT Autocentre. It is situated in Dubai’s Al Quoz.

Das Centre:

In Dubai, Das Center is the top auto repair shop. It offers its clients top services. They have developed a specialty in servicing well-known brands, including Audi, Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, and many others. They offer a variety of services in Dubai, including car air conditioning repair, tuning, brakes, motors, detailing, dent repair, and paint less dent removal. They may be found in Dubai’s Al Quoz Industrial District 3.

Premier Car Care:

The crew at Premier Car Care is renowned for being able to repair any problem on models like Jaguar & Land Rover. Additionally, it offers services like automobile detailing, washing, painting, aircon repair and upkeep, window tinting, etc. They even provide the spare parts needed for a car. It is situated in Dubai’s Al Quoz neighborhood.

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