Top 10 best Catering Companies in Dubai

Top 10 best Catering Companies in Dubai

Cedar Tree Hospitality:

Compared to the best of Dubai’s catering company, Cedar Tree Hospitality’s rates are regarded as extremely reasonable.

By hiring devoted, perceptive, and knowledgeable staff, such as waiters, barmen, chefs, as well as event managers, they aim to create the ideal environment. These individuals are committed to making sure that every aspect of your event runs smoothly, from seating plans to good food and service.

All types of events, including company events, tea breaks, lunches, private gatherings, yacht parties, weddings, and live station events, are catered by Cedar Tree Hospitality at reasonable pricing.

Their senior banquet coordinator, Queenie, is amiable and will typically provide you with a quote for your big event within 24 hours.

Wadi Al Arayesh Group:

Wadi Al Arayesh not only has its own restaurant, but they also offer cost-effective catering services for all of your events.

On the ground floor, the restaurant boasts unquestionably one of the greatest interiors. Strategically placed along a service road that connects to the main road, providing plenty of parking.

Due to the fact that smoking and shisha are both permitted on the bottom floor, the establishment has a floor plus hall above for families with children.

Maristo Hospitality Catering Services LLC:

In the UAE, Maristo Hospitality was founded in 2021 as a part of Ring International Holding. The business established its presence in three industries: QSR, dark kitchen, and casual dining.

Corporate, performances, cruise/yacht parties, and private events are among the occasions they cater.

Restaurants: Ralph’s Kitchen and Sisi’s Eatery


Through their collective 30 years of expertise and understanding, they can cater outdoor food for private parties, anniversaries, small or large gatherings, weddings, and other occasions.

Yacht Catering, Business Events, Private Groupings, Festive & Cultural Events, Schools & Colleges, Hospital Occurrences, and TV Shows are just a few of the events they cater in UAE.

Millennium Place Al Barsha Heights:

A gourmet culinary haven filled with mouthwatering flavors and smells. They provide a customized meal in the convenience of your home, workplace, outdoor space, or one of their stunning venues.

They aim to enthrall your guests with a memorable dining experience, from the unique innovation displayed by their brilliant master chefs in the kitchen to experiencing never-before-seen culinary theatrics exhibited right at your comfort.

All types of events, including cooperate, government organizations, training, birthday celebrations, weddings, baby showers, and banquet events, are catered by Millenium Place Al Barsha Heights at reasonable pricing.


The popularity of Epicure Catering, a division of the lifestyle juggernaut White Label Company, is supported by the knowledge of its 120+ staff members, including international chefs, and a cutting-edge kitchen that strictly adheres to HACCP regulations.

Radisson Blu:

The Radisson Blu Hotel, which has been serving guests since 1975, was Dubai’s first five-star hotel. The hotel began concentrating on Event catering (both inside and outdoors) in 1993 and was the first to launch the industry in Dubai. The Events team has advanced and expanded for more than 28 years with the assistance of Chef Uwe Micheel.

Curry & Spice:

One of the most popular caterers in Dubai for multi-event executions is Basil and Spice. Some of the biggest names in the construction, oil & gas, hospital, and education sectors are among their clients.

Weddings, birthday parties, business meetings, conferences, exhibitions, desert safaris, dhow cruises, and packed meal deliveries are just a few of the events that Basil and Spice serve at reasonable pricing.

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As a loyal member of the Amended Group, the business has developed alongside the UAE and advantages from 30 years of operational experience in the area. It has worked with some of Dubai’s top company of catering to establish a reputation as a reliable supplier thanks to its squad of professional way chefs and hospitality experts. Mobile and on-site catering.

Al Hamra Street:

Al Hamra Street is at the top of our list for catering in Dubai, regardless of where your event is taking place.

It is one of Dubai’s most expert catering businesses, therefore it is understandable why numerous illustrious businesses and TV networks, like MBC Group, Dubai TV, and Discovery, among others, trust it.

Thanks to their team of skilled waiters, cleaners, chefs, etc., you can be guaranteed to receive a 5-star service at your home, villa, or yacht.


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