Top 10 Best Food Distribution Services in Dubai

Top 10 Best Food Distribution Services in Dubai

Marcas Group Fz LLE:

We are a global import and export business whose goal is to unite the world via healthy products and assist as many people as we can in improving their health.

We operate with effective logistics, exceptional customer service, and the highest possible product quality because we are committed to conducting the best food in UAE with integrity, loyalty, and trust. Since we carefully choose all of our brands and goods, they all support our mission.

All of our products are thoroughly tested before we decide to work with any one of our brands. We also travel to inspect factories, production sites, and employee interactions to make sure that all standards of environmental criteria are fulfilled.


  • Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE


  • +971564092184


MDina Dmcc:

Mdina DMCC was founded in 2000 and is a multi-faceted corporate group with its best food company head office in the United Arab Emirates and a branch office in Nigeria. Providing international trading and procurement.

By providing businesses in the food & drink industry with well-known and reputable branded items, we established ourselves as a top food distributors in UAE. We offer frozen, chilled, and dry products.


  • Office 3503 cluster X2 JLT, Dubai, UAE


  • 04 379 2236


CTD International CO:

CTD International exports agricultural items as its specialty.

  • Main ingredients: desiccated coconut, fresh fruits, and vegetables (lime, bell pepper, chile, zucchini, beetroot, etc.).
  • With certification: Global Gap and Vietnam Gap…
  • Good and steady quality
  • Competitive and reasonable pricing
  • CTD is convinced that it can offer customers the best food product in Dubai, price, and service because of its best reputation in finance and production processing.
  • We appreciate your assistance!


  • 58 Nguyen Binh KHiem, Dakao ward , HCMC, Dubai, UAE


  • 84 919425898


A very helpful website that can assist you in finding the best food distribution and products for the hospitality sector, including hotels, restaurants, and catering, is, The Hospitality Marketplace.

We offer specific categories for many business-related topics. Therefore, if you search on for cutlery providers, fruit and vegetable suppliers, or cleaning companies, you will get a page full of vendors to pick from.

We help you find wholesale food suppliers in Dubai and work more effectively rather than longer.


  • Dubai, Dubai, UAE


  • 044537713


  • 0505482334


RAQAM Consultancy:

RAQAM Consultancy is a top provider of regulatory & scientific affairs services, serving Dubai’s FMCG industry. The quality assurance consultant provides the best technical understanding and regulatory framework expertise available globally. With a focus on high standards, RAQAM thinks that the optimum regulatory and economical approach for a corporation should be developed. They concentrate on assisting their clients throughout the entire regulatory compliance process, from the creation of the commodity to its distribution. In addition to working with a sizable clientele base dispersed throughout Africa & the Middle East, RAQAM also presents seminars on halal products and service quality.


  • “2608, 26th Floor, X2 Tower X Cluster, Jumeriah Lake Towers.”, Dubai, UAE


  • 97145520127


  • 971566669935


Chef Middle East:

We are a top importer & distributor of the world’s finest foods and beverages, serving the hotel, restaurant, and airline sectors in the Mideast.

The cake is the very last keepsake a diner takes home, therefore, we constantly go above and beyond to find “la crème de la crème” of ingredients for our clients to use in making the most spectacular creations.


  • O. Box 26747 Dubai, U.A.E., Dubai, UAE


  • +971 48159888


LeWinkel LLC:

LeWinkel is a standard trading firm for the food industry that offers import, export, and best food distribution services in Dubai. We have a robust supply chain network and are experts in selling poultry, eggs, farm products, and pulses.

We engage in the timely delivery trade in farm fresh goods, including citrus fruits, apples, and grapes that are sourced from reliable farms throughout the world.


  • PO Box 11724, Sky Business Center, Al Badiya, Dubai, Dubai, UAE


  • +971765287780


Kosmonte Foods:

Our business has existed since 2000.

By closely collaborating with our suppliers, we have expanded and broadened our selection of unique items and ensured their high quality and deliciousness.

In the UAE, other GCC nations, Kosovo, and Albania, we have emerged as one of the top distributors. We continuously develop stable changes in our organizational structure in terms of being able to accomplish our major objective. Our brands provide products of exceptional quality, enhancing their reputation.

We provide consumers with products that are excellent in terms of taste, look, and packaging. By choosing goods with considerable advantages over conventional branded products, we aim to build on this success.

Classic Fine Foods:

Since its founding in 2007, Classic Fine Food Indonesia has established itself as a leader in the sector by providing premium goods to the greatest restaurants and hotels throughout the nation as well as the most renowned department stores and gourmet food shops. We collaborate with companies and brands that share our enthusiasm for food and offer great, distinctive gourmet goods. We are happy to be able to create menus & recipes that will satisfy even the most discerning palates by providing the finest quality fresh, frozen, ambient, and pastry products on demand.

With products like Caviar, Australian Cattle, Italian Parmesan, Grand Cru Chocolates, Pie Decoration, Gourmet Jams, and more, we hope to improve every cooking & dining experience.

Royal Foodstuff LLC:

Royal Foodstuff LLC was founded in the United Arab Emirates in 1986 and changed its legal status to a limited company in 1995. Since then, it has created a significant presence in the fields of frozen food import, distribution, and re-export. Mr. Gurdeep Singh Bhalla, the company’s founder, and managing director, can be credited with the success of the business for his vision, strong leadership, dynamism, and wealth of expertise.

Our mission is to go above and above for our clients by giving them the best possible products, services, and prices.


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