Top 10 Best hair treatment clinic in Dubai

Top 10 Best hair treatment clinic in Dubai

Some of the most reliable and modern hair treatment clinics are located in Dubai. Each has something unique to offer, whether it is a top-notch team, cutting-edge methods, or amazing costs.

We’ve developed a list of the top hair transplantation clinics in Dubai based on feedback from prior clients to assist you in choosing the center for your treatment.

Maison Lutétia:

  • Location: Dubai Festival City opposite VIP Plaza Valet Parking Dubai, UAE
  • Treatments: DHI, brow & beard transplant treatments
  • Cost: 3000 hairs cost 26000 AED, while 5000 hairs cost 44000 AED.
  • Treatment Performed by: Dr. Ahsen Farooque and his staff provided the treatments.
  • Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars from 75 Google reviews
  • Website:

One of the most well-liked clinics with local and international patients is the Maison Lutétia facility, which is situated in the center of Dubai.

A group of highly qualified professionals works at the clinic, including famous hair transplant expert Dr. Ahsen Farooque and the best hair transplant doctor in Dubai.

He is regarded as a specialist in DHI grafts, which produce outcomes with more density and a more natural appearance. He has performed more than 5000 surgeries and has more than 13 years of expertise.

Other hair treatment options available at the clinic include scalp micro pigmentation, beard and brow transplants, and other hair remedies. Additionally, they provide ground-breaking MesoLED therapy, which combines 3 treatments into one to strengthen and repair damaged hair.

Cosmetic and aesthetic clinic Cocoona:

  • Location: Dubai, UAE Villa 898, RAAJI Street, Al Wasl Road
  • Treatments: FUT, ARTAS, SMP, and FUE
  • Costs: 3000 hairs are equal to 25000 AED, whereas 5000 hairs are equal to 38000 AED.
  • Procedures carried out by Drs. Azhar Quazi and Anup Sarda
  • Rating: Based on 188 Google ratings, 4.3
  • Website: cocoon. ae/en

One of the top restoring hair treatment clinics is Cocoona, founded by Dr. Sanjay Parashar, one of Dubai’s most well-known plastic surgeons.

This facility provides a variety of helpful treatments to boost your self-esteem and restore your hairline and boasts a staff that includes some of the most skilled medical professionals, therapists, and psychologists.

The clinic provides a variety of medical procedures, such as well-liked FUE and FUT surgeries, as well as brow, eyelash, or beard transplants. To guarantee natural-looking hairlines and speedy recovery, the clinic employs some of the most having-to-cut technologies currently accessible in the sector, including ARTAS robotic procedures.

Last but not least, Cocoona satisfies the highest requirements for international accommodations as an active participant in the Dubai Health Authority’s Medical Tourism initiative.

Bizrahmed Clinic:

  • Location: UAE, Dubai, Al Sarraf Avenue, Second Floor, Um Al Sheif
  • Treatments: FUE, Sapphire, and fiber, among other things
  • Costs: 3000 hairs equal 26500 AED, and 5000 hairs equal 46000 AED.
  • Procedures carried out by Dr. Maemun Alkhosin and Dr. Eid Alhajar
  • Rating: 4.4 based on 416 reviews on Google
  • Website:

The Bizrahmed Institute is the best hair transplant clinic in Dubai and has over 25 years of experience in the field and a fantastic reputation in the hair transplant sector. It’s simple to understand why; it makes use of a group of highly skilled medical professionals to guarantee you the most appropriate & effective care. The clinic provides FUE surgery, as this is the procedure that people choose the most. Additionally, you can take advantage of cutting-edge procedures like scalp micro pigmentation, bio-fiber hair transplantation, and platelet-rich plasma therapy.

Additionally, a variety of state-of-the-art technologies are used by the clinic to endorse each of its surgeries. Sapphire Micro FUE procedures offer more precise implantation, whereas ARTAS robot technologies can produce denser results.

Hair Clinic Dubai™:

  • Location: Al Manara, Al Wasl Road, Villa 929-B1, First Floor Dubai, UAE
  • Treatments: Hair Follicle Extraction (FUE)
  • Costs: 3000 hairs are equal to 25700 AED, while 5000 hairs are equal to 36700 AED.
  • Procedures carried out by Drs. Faisal Salim and Imran Tahir
  • Rating: 5.0 based on 20 ratings on Google
  • Website:

With thousands of treatments conducted and natural, undetectable outcomes, the Hair Clinic Dubai has grown to be one of Dubai’s most well-liked hair restoration clinics.

A clinic is a popular option for international patients interested in receiving the best hair transplant clinic in UAE because it provides a free consultation service.

Alborj Hair Clinic:

  • Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Wasl, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Mazaya Shopping Center
  • Treatments: FUE
  • Costs: 3000 hairs are equal to 20000 AED, whereas 5000 hairs are equal to 25700 AED.
  • Procedures carried out by Doctor Ziakas
  • Rating: 4.6 based on 19 ratings on Google
  • Website:

One of the top hair clinics in Dubai is Alborj Hair Clinic, which is renowned for its high-quality operations and patient care.

The clinic’s website features several case studies that demonstrate how effective procedures have been and the caliber of care you may anticipate throughout your surgery.

Enfield Royal Clinic:

Enfield Royal Hospital is a well-known facility for men or women experiencing hair loss and seeking effective treatments, conducting up to 7 procedures each day.

This clinic can provide well-known procedures including FUE & FUT, in addition to hair filler, laser therapy, & stem cell hair transplants, thanks to their highly qualified personnel.

Padra Medical Center:

It is simple to understand why Padra General Hospital is one of Dubai’s most prosperous clinics thanks to its cutting-edge amenities and staff of qualified specialists.

It offers the best patient care and procedures in the business as a member of the “Fakhraei Medical Group.” Your hair is in the best hands here, from the well-known FUE treatment to a mustache, beard, and eyebrow transplant.

International Clinic of Montreal:

The Montreal International Treatment center in Dubai is highly regarded for its emphasis on offering hair with a natural appearance at reasonable costs.

Two of the most efficient surgeries are decided to offer, including FUT as well as FUE. In addition to hair transplants, the clinic also includes a mesotherapy division that revitalizes your scalp and hair using vitamins, enzymes, and conventional medicines.


It is clear why Novomed is on the vanguard of surgery for hair transplants in Dubai with over 10,000 procedures conducted and a staff of over 100 professionals.

You can receive a variety of hair loss treatments at the clinic, such as mesotherapy, facial hair transplant, and FUE surgery. They guarantee to treat various phases of hair loss, including ladies, with almost no side effects.

American Aesthetic Medical Center:

The American Aesthetic Medical Center, directed by Dr. Sana Sajan, provides both surgical and non-surgical treatments to address hair loss and restore hairlines.

Along with cutting-edge FUE surgery, the clinic also performs beard, brow, and eyelash transplants.

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