Top 10 Best Health and Corporate Wellness Companies in Dubai

Top 10 Best Health and Corporate Wellness Companies in Dubai

Global in scope and well-known as a business center in the Mideast is Dubai. It’s time to talk about corporate wellness programs that Dubai businesses have to provide for the welfare of their employees with so many established businesses and startups conducting business here.

A large portion of an employee’s day is spent at work. In order to achieve successful business outcomes, it is crucial to create corporate wellness programs that combine health goals with work-life balance.


We at kayam are aware that individuals desire to live healthy lives and to look and feel great. You must practice mindful eating (i.e., eating with awareness) and form lifelong healthy eating habits if you want to be that way. The issue is that despite the abundance of available products and services, people continue to put on weight and have difficulty maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


The goal of HamishehChallenge is to motivate people to be active and well-being. It offers itself as a Material Motivated platform.

For those who haven’t yet made the decision to kick bad habits, HamishehChallenge encourages the “New Year’s Resolution Momentum.”


The administration of care at home has become excessively complicated, and neither patients nor carers experience it smoothly. We’re making it simpler and more intelligent than placing a pizza order through your preferred food app. Both patients and medical professionals have been astonished by how our UI and cognition function. From Abu Dhabi to the rest of the world, we are forming the future of contemporary healthcare.


VitoBox is a sophisticated algorithm-based vitamin-picking service. Our system can propose vitamins depending on a wide range of variables, including gender, age, level of daily physical activity, presence of chronic conditions, and more.


For ex-pats living in the UAE, particularly those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, Benefits for Expats is a highly personalized, membership-based benefits program.

We strive to offer all of our members a special mix of free complete life coverage (income protection), disability insurance benefits, and disability health insurance (income replacement) at the most competitive price.

Doctoori Connect Limited:

The goal of Doctoori Connect, an Abu Dhabi-based DOH Healthcare Tech and Hub71 startup, is to make personalized and preventative medicine accessible to all people. We are developing a platform that empowers people to be their own doctors, take control of their health, and have access to the health network they need to take that active role, using the principles of functional medicine as our guiding principle.

Esaal is a simple, frictionless, and secure wellness service that includes professional health consultations on physical health, mental health, and nutrition via text, video/voice calls, and in-person home visits.

Sprout Dubai:

Sprout is a woman-founded, UAE-based health technology company that is redefining people’s development via nutrition, food, and advanced technology. The app can scan product barcodes in grocery stores, track a child’s nutrition intake, flag problems, and has an Intelligence nutrition bot ready to respond to questions. It functions as a “dietician-in-your-pocket” to help parents make better choices about their children’s diets anywhere and anytime.

Anqa tech ltd:

Anqa is a worldwide network of holistic therapists and wellness experts dedicated to assisting others in undergoing a mental, physical, and spiritual transformation.

Anqa connects you with top-tier healers and wellness experts to support you in leading a happier and more balanced life, whether you’re seeking for yoga instructors, breathwork specialists, reiki masters, or just amazing manicure and pedicure pros.

Safe Hands:

The ultimate goal of our corporate wellness plan is to improve employee health and happiness while minimizing insurance costs and claims.

We hope to identify health concerns through our wellness checks and health screenings before they progress to a serious level.

We make sure that your workers have access to the assistance they need to manage or enhance their conditions after determining potential areas for development or pre-existing conditions.

Leading experts in important areas of healthcare and well-being are available to us for knowledge transfer. Giving workers the knowledge they require to adapt and make decisions that are sustainable.


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