Top 10 Best Jewelers in Dubai

Top 10 Best Jewelers in Dubai

La Marquise Jewellery:

We have been in the vanguard in terms of jewelry innovation & craftsmanship in recent years, winning various honors. Over the past four decades, our artists have handmade stunning works of art that are universally admired, from mesmerizing diamond arrangements to one-of-a-kind colored gemstones.

The actual heroes of our business are the highly trained artisans who hand-craft each piece to precision using die cutting, metal casting, setting, and polishing. To ensure that our quality levels are consistently fulfilled, our intellectual force is constantly employed, fairly compensated, and encouraged. Since each piece is produced with love and care, it reflects their happiness and well-being in the finished product.


Contact Us:-Suite 45J, Almas Tower, Jumeirah Lake Towers PO Box 4308, Dubai, United Arab Emirates +971 4 454 1047 +971 4 454 1057

Alina Petra:

Jewelry made with colored diamonds and colored stones is produced by the best diamond jewelers in Dubai ALINA PETRA. Italian-made, cruelty-free diamond purses are part of our range. We are dedicated to maintaining our focus on environmental responsibility, sustainability, and ethical behavior.

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M.Cohen Designs:

The idea of layering is the foundation of M. Cohen’s fashion and, this is a top jewelry brand in UAE. Every piece, from bangles to necklaces & everything in between, is intended to be a genuine reflection of the person. The complete line, which blends raw and priceless materials like gold, platinum, brass, cowhide, pearls, beads, and jewels, is made in Los Angeles.

Maor Cohen collaborates closely with the group to develop the new collection and is dedicated to the process every day. Maor, a designer, and innovator, always seek out fresh methods to express himself through an assortment of original ideas that are only available at top jewelry brands in Dubai M. Cohen.

Kalyan Jewellers, Bur Dubai, Dubai:

One of the biggest jewelry brands in India, Kalyan Jewellers has 141 shops located throughout India and the Middle East.

The Kalyan Jewellers Polki wedding collection’s jewelry is a fusion of regal Rajput workmanship and delicate Mughal artistry that transports you to a time of royalty.

We’re pleased to present a special collection of Polki bridal jewels from the Kalyan Jewellers Insurance policy will cover Collection. Each piece was influenced by the exquisite beauty of Rajasthani Royalty combined with Meenakari’s expert craftsmanship.

5 Malabar Gold and Diamonds:

A group of hardworking businesspeople founded The Malabar Group in 1993, inspired by Mr. M. P.’s remarkable vision. Ahammed, looked beyond his personal network in the agri-corp sector to build a jewelry trade business in the ancient city of Kozhikode. Since then, the Group has stayed constant in its successful ventures, fostered by knowledge, vision, and leadership, into a powerful business behemoth, keeping alive that golden essence of the brand. The Malabar Group’s HQ (headquarters) in Kozhikode is a shining example of a successful empire based on trust, cooperation, and goodwill.

Additionally vertically integrated, Malabar Gold & Diamonds has a bullion desk, design studios, manufacturing, and distribution, retail, and after-sale services. In addition to unparalleled value and quality, this enables the shop to offer its consumers services and products that are distinctive.

Taiba Jewellery:

We provide a large selection of gold sets that are manufactured of genuine 21k & 18k gold jewelry. Our sets come in various collections and feature eye-catching but multicolored stones. We guarantee that our prices and quality are lower online.

Each item is a one-of-a-kind work of art created by expert artisans in the center of Dubai on Arabian soil. In the UAE, we have two production plants with more than 500 skilled craftsmen. The Guinness Book of Records acknowledged and recognized Taiba for producing the largest 18kt gold ring in the world, leaving his name indelible in history.

Jawhara Jewellery:

The Abdullah family established their jewelry company in 1907, at a time when creativity, culture, and skillfulness were becoming traditions. The four (4) families have been united for more than a century by their shared passion for creating both traditional and contemporary jewelry designs for the area. The adventure started in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 1955 with the late Mohammad Taher Abdulla Almohtadi, who founded a jewelry company with a goldsmith shop. In the middle of the 1970s, he passed the firm down to his sons Tawfique, Tawhid, and Tamjid Abdullah.

Every customer engagement with us is memorable and delightful because we are customer-driven and give more than we promise. By being honest, deserving of respect, and professional, we consistently work to earn the loyalty of our clients. We are committed to contributing back to society and serving it.

Kanz jewelry:

Discover an ever-changing array of timeless pieces that suits you and completes your outfit. Choose wisely by purchasing your preferred gold jewelry from Dubai’s leading online jewelry retailer. Kanz is renowned for its reliability and broad selection of collections.

Kanz designs each piece of jewelry with the finest skill and beauty. Each piece of jewelry must be the ideal fit for you to achieve the best results. With the help of our sizing chart, find a ring that fits you properly. What distinguishes Kanz from other manufacturers is that each piece is personally selected and customized to your liking.


In addition to other fashion-related products, Hamsa. ae offers a wide variety of jewelry for ladies, children, and men in solid gold & sterling silver. Fashion jewelry, in our opinion, should be worn on a daily basis to make every occasion memorable. You may express yourself, try something new, and reveal a new aspect of yourself to the world each day by shopping at Hamsa.

Our goal is to provide you with fun, incredibly practical jewelry at the greatest pricing possible through a simple online buying process.

Tanishq Jewellers:

Tanishq might be the shop you’re looking for if you’re searching for jewelry that perfectly balances traditional values and current outlooks.

Nearly half of the more than 4,000 jewelry items they offer have a price of fewer than AED2,370.

At Tanishq, we discovered more than just diamond and gold jewelry. They have several fashionable accessories available in their gold, rose gold, & dual-color collections that you won’t want to pass up.

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