Top 10 Best Leather Manufacturing Companies in Dubai

Top 10 Best Leather Manufacturing Companies in Dubai

Seheer Al Remaal Leather Manufacture:

As a trading firm in the United Arab Emirates that handles the import and export of the products listed below, we want to introduce ourselves. Our wear home is in an industrial neighborhood in Dubai, while our office is located in a renowned commercial building.

We wish to establish a long-term, mutually beneficial commercial partnership with you. For both buyers and sellers of these products, we have a large consumer base.

Future Oasis Leather Trading LLC:

One of the leading importers and exporters of wool and skins in the United Arab Emirates is Future Oasis Leather Trading LLC (Goat, Sheep, Buffalo, and cow).

We deal with all varieties of skins as well as all varieties of wool (scoured, greasy, and tannery).

Our goal is to develop a long-lasting business relationship with our clients, therefore we do everything in our power to meet delivery deadlines, uphold the highest standards for the products we deal in, and continuously seek out the best.

Waheed Al Hayat Gen. Trd. LLC:

We are among the reputable exporters & manufacturers of Indian home furniture. Our product selection is extensive and wide-ranging. We produce everything, including carpets, curtains, and tablecloths.

We sell a wide variety of home decor products and have been successful in producing and exporting them, such as:

  1. Carpeting
  2. Shaggy rugs
  3. Pillowcases
  4. Bed linens
  5. Bedsheets

Middle East (Ajman) Tannery LLC:

Our tannery produces 3000 wet blue sheep and goat hides daily and 300 wet blue cow hides every day. Our skilled personnel proves skins in the most professional manner possible; on average, we export about two million skins annually.

Inquiries about commerce from interested parties are welcome.

Al Ephraim FZ-LLC:

Our ability to offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution has allowed us to increase the value of our services and, as a result, the return for our investors.

We sell with a money-back promise. If a product is defective, we repair it at no charge to you.

Business Frontiers Fzco:

We are ideally situated to distribute goods throughout Central and South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe because we are based inside the Jebel Ali Free Zone. We deal with commodities like finished leather goods, clothing, and silk carpets.

Leatherfield Trading LLC:

Leathefield Trading LLC, situated in Dubai’s Oasis Center, specializes in selling various types of leather goods, including wallets, purses, jackets, membership cards, travel bags, panniers, gloves, sox, hats, belts, organizers, portfolios, office bags, diaries, fur boxes, and other leather accessories.

HADI Hides & Leather Trading LLC:

The recently founded company, which is situated in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), engages in the skin, hide, and leather trading. We are currently looking into new economies in Asia, particularly Pakistan, where demand for leather is very high in our primary market.

Japna International Fze:

Established in 1993 in the UAE’s Ajman Free Zone. Flexible trading expertise. No empty promises; we only respond to inquiries that we deem to be legitimate.

Ben & Jessica Garments Trading Company:

For providing high-quality services, B&J Trading is renowned. Our primary business is the production, export, and import of various textile and leather apparel. Through effective routes, our distribution system has spread over the entire world. European, South American, North American, African, Asian, Australian, and Middle Eastern markets are all served by B&J Trading.

To manage changes and upgrades to garments, competent technicians and architects are always on hand. B&J uses precise, well-defined channel strategies to sell a tremendous amount of apparel in a variety of categories.

Our White Labels solutions are made for businesses or agencies that provide clothing brand names but lack the internal resources or the time to finish the work. A completely white label service that our in-house professional team can provide under your brand is available for you to give your clients.


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