Top 10 Best Nutritionist for weight loss in Dubai

Top 10 Best Nutritionist for weight loss in Dubai

The article provides a thorough list & profiles of the best nutritionists and dietitians for weight loss in Dubai. All of your queries’ responses will be available. Additionally, it includes the clinic’s address, phone number, website, and employment background of well-known dietitians in Dubai. The greatest online dieticians and nutritionists price in Dubai different rates for consultations. In contrast, it evolves with time.

Let’s simplify things for you. We have compiled a list of well-known dietitians and nutritionists in the U.A.E.

Dietitian Mehakdeep Singh (Dt. Mac Singh):

According to dietician Mac, “It was the beginning of a new phase in my life when I discovered how strong our raw foods are if consumed appropriately.” And this marked the start of more than 15000 transformations.

Yes, the weight loss of dietitian Mac Singh, who went from 120.6 to 58.6 kg, is an encouragement to all. Let’s read this inspirational account of the best dietician nutritionist for weight loss in Dubai.

  • Qualification: MSc. Dietetics, CFN, BSc. BT
  • Ex In: Manipal Hospital Bangalore

Obstacles abound on the path; there is no support and never-ending criticism. But his desire to raise awareness of the value of health was what kept him going.

His incredible journey eventually came to light, marking the beginning of a new phase, and he is the best Indian dietician in Dubai. His in-depth understanding of dietetics resulted in the creation of his ideal business, Fitelo.

Request a free consultation from Dubai’s top dietitian/nutritionist:

  • Sunday-Monday: 11 AM – 9 PM
  • Contact: 094028 50007
  • Website:
  • Address: E-190, 2nd Floor, Industrial Area, Sector 74, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140308

Dr. Sara Al-Mahayni:

  • Qualification: Masters of Nutrition Science and Policy, Bachelor of Nutritional Sciences
  • Specialties: Nutritionist

Clinical dietician Sara Al-Mahayni has a wealth of knowledge. She always approaches people of various ages, backgrounds, and needs with a client-centered attitude.

Her areas of expertise include obstetrics, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, weight reduction, and weight gain.

Dt. Mahayni had held positions for a global weight loss business under medical supervision. Additionally, she has broadcast her nutrition program on Canadian Middle East Radio.

In addition, Sara worked on several initiatives, including sports nutritionists in Dubai. She has also cooked meals for great players and athletes. She has dedicated an amount of time to educating patients about diabetes care.

  • Contact: +971556258474, +97143872165
  • Website: Consult Sara Al-Mahayni
  • Address: City Walk, 13th Street – Dubai, UAE

Feda Alkilami:

  • Qualification: Masters in Human Nutrition, Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science
  • Experience: American Wellness Center

The nutritionist clinic in Dubai Feda Alkilami has nine years of experience practicing in clinical and hospital settings. Her goal is to encourage others to have healthy lifestyles. Feda encourages an active lifestyle and alters people’s eating patterns, emotions, and feelings about food.

She has amassed a wealth of knowledge throughout her work in dietetics and nutrition. She has experience working with individuals of diverse ages and cultural backgrounds and dealing with challenges.

  • Contact: +97145144042
  • Website: www.fedaalkilami
  • Address: Suite 302, Block C, Ibn Sina Building #27 -Dubai, UAE

Dr. Hossan Eldin Shallan:

  • Qualification: Masters in Healthcare and Hospital Management
  • Specialties: Nutritionist

Clinical nutritionist and chief operating officer of Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital, Dr. Hossam Shaallan, has assisted people in leading healthier lifestyles, starting with establishing positive relationships with their bodies and food.

His zeal is evident in his interactions with patients and his capacity to provide quality care.

  • Contact: +966126770001
  • Address: Prince Moteb Street, Al Safa District -Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Nadeen Taha:

Ms. Nadeen earned a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food with Honors from Ryerson University in Canada and is a Registered Dietitian with Dietitians of Canada & the College of Nutrition experts of Ontario. Her clinical nutritional science thesis, for which she received her master’s degree from the Toronto & Mount Sinai Hospital, examined how vitamin D affects senior patients’ insulin resistance and neurocognitive advantages. She also worked as a teacher’s aide just at the University of Toronto for a nutrition course.

Spoken Languages: Arabic, English

Types of Physician: Full-time

DHA License: Clinical Dietitian

Branches: American Hospital Dubai

Shaikh Salma Shahnawaz:

She has over 7-years of experience as an enthusiastic healthcare worker.

She encourages people in leading healthier lives and works to change their perceptions of health. Salma has experience working for some of the major healthcare organizations, including Clinical Works, Gold’s Gym, and HealthifyMe.

Priyanka Gupta:

Priyanka is a top nutritionist who serves clients all around Dubai. For her online diet and workout consulting, she is very well-known among working professionals.

She became an ISSA-certified dietitian and strength training instructor as a result of her own health struggles. Her main area of expertise is assisting customers in creating sustainable weight loss routines.

Nivedita KJ:

Expert dietician Nivedita is from Dubai. She graduated from Mahatma Gandhi University with a post-graduate degree in nutrition. In Mangalore, Nivedita worked at the Justice Hedge Charitable Hospital. She then relocated to Dubai and began working for Royal Catering Companies. In-patient fast food management is her main area of expertise at NMC & Emirates Hospital in Dubai.

Gunjan Lalwani:

Gunjan is a dedicated, goal-oriented nutritionist with a constant motivation for perfection who works out of Dubai. Her solid educational background serves as the dynamic foundation for the accomplishment of her job as a nutritionist. Gunjan graduated from the esteemed Nottingham University.

Mitun De Sarkar:

Dietician Mithun De Sarkar practices in Dubai. Her primary areas of expertise are meal planning and weight management. Mitun, the proprietor of Simply Nutritious Foods, creates personalized nutrition regimens for her clientele. She writes extensively about nutrition as well. Mithun has made substantial essay contributions to many international magazines.

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