Top 10 Fashion Designers Of Dubai UAE

Top 10 Fashion Designers Of Dubai UAE

The fashion industry is on the rise right now. Fashion is everywhere. The majority of social media posts focus on fashion. We always look for sources of inspiration everywhere, but Fashion Designer and the fashion industry in particular stand out. Fashion is a distinct and frequently enduring trend in the style and class of people’s appearance.

Top 10 Fashion Designers Of Dubai

  1. Nathalie Trad

Since launching her Dubai-based fashion brand, designer Nathalie Trad has established herself as an internationally acclaimed fashion success by focusing on bag designs. She has a large celebrity following, including Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz and Solange Knowles, thanks to her work and contributions to the fashion industry. She is running a Top Brand and well-known internationally thanks to these big names. Nathalie Trad, a Lebanese designer, is well-known for her distinctive designs, which helped redefine traditional aesthetic boundaries. Through the architecturally influenced clutches that are now the foundation of her eponymous line, Nathalie made it possible.

Natalie was born in Beirut and raised in Dubai She is one of Top Most Designer in Dubai. When she was 17, she moved to Paris to attend the prestigious Esmod International fashion school to earn a degree. She developed a strong preference for asymmetrical design in the fashion capital of Paris. By deconstructing and redefining the boundaries of fashion aesthetics, she piqued her interest by taking standard shapes and radically transforming them. Nathalie Trad spent her time working and traveling to two fashion capitals.

  1. House of Nomad

A well-known fashion label with a long history is The House of Nomad. It has received numerous design accolades and the praise of numerous admirers. The awards are named after the brand because of its minimalist fashion sense and clean designs. It has gained followers from all walks of fashion and design over time, and the number of people who follow it has increased. The development of their respective business brands was initiated by the meeting of two native North Carolinians who share a common interest and desire to travel to every continent. Berkeley and Kelley created this fantastic platform to bring their fashion concepts to life because they had always wanted to run their own business. Their love of traveling served as the source of their ideas. The thoughts quickly turned to textiles and art as a result of their enthusiasm for one-of-a-kind finds and travel. In addition to their travel-focused design approach, the duo quickly established themselves as the go-to source for customers seeking eclectic, contemporary style in 2017.In addition, they are partners in business, best friends, and fashion enthusiasts. Consequently, they have amassed a large following and made the name “house of nomad” global renown. Kelly is one of the Top Most Designer in Dubai.

  1. Rami Al Ali

Al Ali has made the brand a household name all over the world thanks to its couture designs and opulent, classic fashion sense. The brand has a lot of big names in the entertainment business as fans. Rami Al Ali won fans like Kerry Washington, Chanel Iman, and Beyonce Knowles in addition to being one of the highlights of Paris Couture Week every year.

With daring creations and uncompromising couture designs, Rami Al Ali Couture made its debut in the fashion industry. In the year 2001, the brand was established in Dubai. The brand gained popularity after holding a number of inspiring fashion shows throughout the Gulf. Soon after, the designs began to appear in major fashion publications like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Business of Fashion. When Al Ali was chosen to be a part of Unbridled, the excitement grew and international brands like Swarovski became aware of it. The renowned couture veterans Giorgio Armani, Vivian Westwood, and John Galliano are among the contributors to this book, which is published by the global Austrian crystal brand. In subsequent years, the house worked with numerous notable artists, including Viktor Udzenija, an architect, to create an installation in the Dubai Design District.

  1. Nafsika Skourti

Skourti is a well-known fashion designer who is now one of the most sought-after streetwear designers. She has gained Top Most Designer in Dubai label . Her hard work and daring, youthful designs are the reason for all of this fame and popularity. She is defined by her feminist and daring fashion sense. The Skourtis clothing line has emerged as one of Dubai’s most exciting to keep an eye on, having been recognized as a regional trendsetter and recently participating in Burberry’s Art of the Trench Project.

Nafsika Skourti is half Greek and half Jordanian, so he knows how to dress in both the community and the area. In 2012, she received her degree from Central Saint Martins. She later worked in New York at Marchesa. At the Ecole Lesage in Paris, she also received instruction in passementerie and haute couture embroidery. Additionally, Stephanie Skourti has a Bachelor of Laws from Warwick University in the United Kingdom. She left the corporate world after nearly five years of service at Goldman Sachs to pursue her passion for fashion.

  1. Bouguessa

As one of Dubai’s most well-known abaya designers, Bouguessa is well-known. By introducing a number of very original and appealing trends, Faiza Bouguessa is bringing about a revolutionary shift in the fashion industry. She is attempting to modernize the region’s traditional abaya by making it hip and fashionable. The brand continues to gain much popularity and widespread international attention for modern hijab-friendly fashion thanks to her innovative designs, fine detailing, bold colors, and fabrics. In terms of the fashion industry, BOUGUESSA is a contemporary ready-to-wear brand that provides strong, sophisticated women with a minimalist wardrobe that is focused on clean cuts and impeccable details that make them appear classy and elegant.

  1. Reemami

Reema Al Banna founded the well-known Top Most Designer in Dubai in 2009.This brand is special because it has one of the strongest feminist positions in the region’s and global fashion industry. In addition to being daring and quirky, each piece of clothing that the brand owns conveys a message about the power of solidarity and the strength of women.Reema Al Banna, the designer of Reemami, is always on the move and strives to improve both her designs and her concept of empowering women. She has a variety of interests in life. She tried a lot, from boxing to rock climbing. Wakesurfing is her most recent pastime. She also enjoys surfing, a water sport in which one is towed behind a boat and rides its wake. She not only engages in these activities as hobbies but also establishes a business through them. Her climbing and boxing collections from spring 2017 and spring 2015 were outstanding.

  1. Taller Marmo

Even though Riccardo Audisio and Yago Goicoechea are both Italian, the brand was established, developed, and established itself in Dubai’s vibrant fashion community. This company specializes in modern men’s and women’s suits. The suits have classy looks because they are made with fine, sophisticated cuts. Because of its impressive work and distinctive designs, this clothing line has quickly gained international recognition. It is known for its distinctive blend of innovation and tradition.

  1. Nadine Kanso

The Bil Arabi jewelry line by Nadine Kanso is getting a lot of attention all over the world. She is a talented artist and photographer in addition to having a keen eye for fashion and business. Each of her pieces is enriched with Arabic letters or symbols of her Arabic culture thanks to fans like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Because of this, each outfit is truly one-of-a-kind, and fashion enthusiasts are enthralled by the designs.

Bil Arabi is one of the most exciting and exclusive new brands to emerge from the Middle East, having been established in 2006 by Nadine Kanso. Each Bil Arabi garment is a work of art infused with culture and lovingly handcrafted in the United Arab Emirates.

  1. Mochi

Mochi is a brand that was inspired by Ayah Tabari, a designer,’s trips to other countries. The clothing in the brand’s collection is named after countries or cultures that have inspired Ayah Tabari’s style. So, what makes this brand so special? What is it about her brand that makes it so appealing? The answer to this is that many of her pieces are not seasonal and can be worn year after year, making skirts and blouses always in style.

Mochi’s shoes are ideal for any occasion, such as an interview or a trip to your girlfriend’s house to meet her parents. These shoes will truly define you and elegantly highlight your personality.

  1. L’Afshar

Regional Instagram celebrity Lilian Afshar has become famous for her designer marble box clutches, which have made her famous all over Great Dubai and the rest of the world. Her brand is now recognized all over the world and has the largest fan base. Her most recent collection of whimsical clutches, each named after a character from a Wes Anderson film, has helped this company expand on a daily basis.

L’AFSHAR’s contemporary, thoughtfully handcrafted designs, made in Dubai, effortlessly unite the art, architecture, and accessories worlds. The L’Afshar brand’s timeless collections, which are adored by its customers, are influenced by architecture, design, and vintage perfume bottles. These are described as both luxurious and utilitarian.

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