Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Burj Al Arab Hotel

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Burj Al Arab Hotel

Dubai’s seafront is home to this opulent hotel. It is one of the luxury hotels in Jumeirah. It was constructed in 1999 and featured a 321-meter tower that resembled the Burj al-Arab sail on an artificial island. It is linked to the mainland by a personal bridge. It is celebrated for being the only hotel in the world with seven stars in great Dubai.

Because of the fantastic views and fun, I can confidently state that going to the Burj Al Arab Hotel is everyone’s dream. Read this if you think you’re about to fulfill this dream.

Do you know why nearly all people move toward this hotel?

You are not going to any small hotel; rather you are going to the most luxurious hotel in the world—the Seven Hotel. The most famous thing here is afternoon tea—most people come here to drink tea, and maybe you will, but why? Because the view from here is excellent and the photos are also perfect. Wait a minute. Don’t forget to read the entire article. Don’t forget to snap a picture, share it on Integral, and tag me in it.


Just imagine

How much fun it will be if you both sit down here for tea or if you and your family come; not only do the views here impress, but so does the tea here.

Complimentary with Burj Al Arab

Its position is ideal, it has a private beach of its possess, and you have free access to the best water park in great Dubai name Wild Wagdi Park, so it doesn’t stand for if you are booking in Burj Al Arab, that merely the room is booked, but its income that you are receiving many things for free.

Options for daylight Tea at the Burj Al Arab

Options for Burj Al Arab afternoon tea

  • Sky Tea at Sky view Bar

Sky Tea at Sky view Bar – Image Source – Google

  • Ultimate Afternoon Tea at Shahn Eder

Ultimate Afternoon Tea at Shahn Eder – Image Source – Google

  • High Tea at Shahn Eder

High Tea at Shahn Eder – Image Source – Google

OK, so you have recognized the name of the three options and contain seen the photo, now it comes to the disparity among them, so let’s talk about it in its detail. (I want to say sorry for how the photos may not be fond of that in reality; a small bit will be the same.)

Sky Tea at Sky view Bar

The Sky Tea, which is in the Sky analysis Bar, is very well-known and luxurious because it is on the peak floor of Burj Al Arab and from there you can perceive the outlook of the entire city, that too while sipping tea.

Cuisine: The afternoon tea at Sky view Bar includes seven courses of great Dubai. Finger sandwiches, French pastries, and scones are available, as are a variety of teas and coffees. Additionally, you will receive a complimentary champagne glass. Squid ink bread smoked salmon sandwiches, and leeches tart has all been popular choices in the past, so you won’t have to worry about boring options. The chef’s menu and other traditional options like egg salad are also available. The drinks menu is extensive as well. (Perhaps many of you do not understand what will be in the food because the name is so complex, but whatever it is, it will be delicious, believe it) The tea menu alone offers over 20 options.)

One of the most first-rate hotels on the earth

With its gold interiors, opulent suites, and some of the city’s best restaurants, the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, along with many other five-star hotels, is frequently ranked among the best places to stay in great Dubai. During their stay, guests discover why it is frequently referred to as a “seven-star” hotel. They even receive a mesmerizing farewell at the recently renovated Exit Lobby, which features a bespoke spiral chandelier made by the Czech design firm Sans Souci. The glittering centerpiece is made of 210 crystal tubes and weighs approximately 450 kilograms. Diners who want exceptional views with their meals can pick between the poolside SAL or Restaurant, an underwater restaurant, and an aquarium. Other luxuries include a fleet of Rolls-Royce cars on the forecourt and the famous helipad that has hosted the likes of Tiger Woods, Anthony Joshua, and Roger Feeder.
The Burj Al Arab Terrace offers 10,000 square meters of outdoor space for poolside lounging for additional relaxation. From the hotel’s foundation, a 100-meter-long sun-drenched deck offers swimmers the exhilaration of floating above the water.

Visit Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

For the first time, visitors can take a guided tour inside the building of great Dubai. Taking on the planet-renowned chamber, impressive Imperial Suite, and pristine Experience Suite, the visit grandstands the heritage and vision of this famous superstructure through staggering intuitive showcases.


The “seven-star status” of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah makes it unquestionably one of great Dubai’s most well-known landmarks and tourist attractions. The all-suite luxury hotel broke a record by having a wide range of fine dining restaurants, amazing beaches, and the Burj Al Arab Terrace.

Locate out extra surprising facts as regards the sail-shaped hotel or visit these bad skins for the best Burj Al Arab views.

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