Top 5 Ways To Post A Job Quickly Online – An Ultimate Guide To Digital Job Posting In 2022

Top 5 Ways To Post A Job Quickly Online – An Ultimate Guide To Digital Job Posting In 2022

If you are hiring for a job and you have decided to post the job online, Great Dubai being an amazing platform for online job postings  has some things great to share with you that you must be aware of. Just read on!

To post a job quickly, you need to be sure it stands out as clearly and cleverly. How can you reach today’s top talent? By posting a job online rapidly and efficiently.

The evolving digital job market presents the opportunity for businesses and hiring managers to leverage technological advances that enable increased efficiency and a more streamlined experience for candidates.

By implementing a few of these best solutions recommended by Great Dubai , hiring managers can find new ways to post jobs that best fit their needs. With various job posting options, finding the right candidate has never been simpler.

Top 5 Ways To Post A Job Quickly Online

1.    Choosing The Right Job Title For Your Open Role

B6The job title you choose for your new role is the first step to attracting the right talent to your position. Keep your job title broad and use relevant terms for both candidates and search engines as a general rule of thumb.

For example, suppose you’re hiring an online marketer. You might think about using ‘Digital Marketing Manager’ (a broad term) instead of ‘Online Advertising Manager’ (a relative niche term outside of the industry).

The job title that you choose for your open role is the first thing candidates will see when searching for jobs online. To make sure that they click on your job posting, you must choose a concise and memorable job title.

Some tips for choosing the right job title:

i.         Make It Simple:

The average internet user has a short attention span, so keep your job title fast and straightforward.

ii.         Use Keywords:

Make sure to use industry-specific terms that candidates are likely to search for. As a best practice, we recommend using the exact words used in other postings for similar roles.

For example, if most companies list their Data Scientist roles with “Data Scientist” in the title, you should do the same.

iii.         Be Specific:

If your company is hiring for multiple roles with very similar titles (ex: Python Engineer and Senior Python Engineer), consider adding modifiers like “entry-level” or “senior” to differentiate them.

2.    How To Write A Job Description


Job descriptions are your chance to highlight what’s unique about an opportunity at your company, so it’s essential to take the time to write effective ones.

  • What background experience is necessary for someone to do this job? What skills and knowledge will they need to succeed?
  • What does a typical day look like for someone in this role? How will they contribute value and be measured? What’s the work environment like?
  • What makes this role stand out from other similar opportunities on the market today?

3.    How To Post A Job Listing

i.         Step One:

Start by deciding where to post your job listing. You can post it on your company website or social media pages, or you can use an online platform that allows you to create a job posting and share it across many sites at once.

ii.         Step Two:

Make sure you describe your company and what you do. Don’t assume everyone knows about your business.

iii.         Step Three:

Explain the role in detail. What does the job entail? What are the daily responsibilities? Most importantly, what is unique about this role? Give candidates a reason to want this position. Be specific with titles and descriptions.

iv.         Step Four:

Outline any requirements or preferences you have for candidates. This should include education, experience, skills and qualifications, and any soft skills you desire (i.e., teamwork, communication).

v.         Step Five:

Include an application deadline and information about how to apply. If you want candidates to click on an external link or email their resumes directly, don’t forget to include those details!

4.    Where To Post A Job For Free


There are many different places where you can post jobs online for free. These sites range from large and well-known platforms to niche and industry-specific job boards. The trick is knowing where to post jobs so they reach suitable candidates.

Great Dubai is the best option to post a job for free. This portal has different options like location search and keywords search that make the search easy. There is a portfolio option also where you can add multiple portfolios by using different URLs.

5.    The Best Places To Post Jobs Free And Paid


The best places to post jobs online for free will depend on your requirements. If you’re looking for an entry-level employee, you can use a free job posting site like Indeed, Glassdoor, or Craigslist.

However, if you’re looking for an experienced professional, you’ll get far better results with a paid job board.

The best place to start posting jobs is with the big job boards. They all allow you to post jobs for free but may charge a fee if you want to contact those candidates directly.

Here are the top ten job boards and their cost for posting a job:

  • Great Dubai – Free
  • Indeed – Free or $5 per day for sponsored listings
  • Glassdoor – Free or $150 per month
  • LinkedIn – Free or $295 per month+
  • Monster – $199-$375 per job posting (one-time fee)
  • CareerBuilder – $299-$399 per 30 days (job posting)
  • ZipRecruiter – $249-$399 per 30 days (job posting)
  • SimplyHired – Free or $89.95 per 30 days (job posting)
  • Snagajob – Free or $349 per 30 days (job posting)
  • Craigslist – Free but beware the scammers! (Job posting)

Wrapping Up:


To start with, it is very important to understand your business needs to post a job effectively. Suppose the business owner wants to hire the best talent. In that case, he should focus on the core parameters for hiring like the candidate’s skill set, work experience, technical expertise, attitude, and behavior.

Great Dubai is one of the best job search platforms for free. The job description should define the position as clearly as possible, including all the information related to the job role through which the right candidate can apply for it.

Employers can post jobs with the company logo, company description, company website URLs, etc. You can also add multiple jobs on this portal. It is recommended to add multiple jobs to get more exposure or reachability so that candidates will find your posted jobs easily.

Recruiters can see their posted jobs by logging into their accounts. Candidates applying for jobs will have a thank you message from the recruiter who posted that job.

If you are on the fence about using a job board or not, it might be time to jump over and give it a try!

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