Top 6 Courses and Programs to Study Abroad: Travel and Learn

Top 6 Courses and Programs to Study Abroad: Travel and Learn


Are you sick and weary of hearing about internships and college choices? Are you applying for the summer jobs everyone else is applying for way too much? If you hear the phrase “SAT prep,” do you think exclamation? Cool, we understand how you feel, and we have an answer!

Consider a college travel program if you want to experience something extraordinary, thrilling, and boundary-pushing. Instead of taking the same boring family holidays or conventional high school excursions, try something like going Study abroad. We promise that your sanity, entrance exams, & Instagram will all be grateful. If Lizzie McGuire has taught us something, it is that international travel is the stuff of dreams!

Student travel programs: what are they?

Student travel programs are what they sound like—young students can enroll in a course that will transport them around the globe! The emphasis is on traveling and exploring, though most have some form of the educational component, including language immersion if it’s a place with a different language or perhaps a based on-culture class to involve learners more. There are the study abroad consultants in Dubai programs for students in high school that concentrate on one particular nation and others who take kids to several countries because meaningful traveling has become so popular.

Who is eligible for student travel initiatives?

Of course, a student is you. There are several possibilities, whether you’re still in junior high or hoping to take a year off between colleges. The high school student travel programs only ask that you be enrolled anywhere and have a GPA of at least 2.5, but the rest of the requirements are relatively flexible. Studying abroad programs carefully could be language prerequisites or courses that must be finished before travel to the respective provider and region.

Are there any student travel options in Europe?

Yes, everywhere in the world! There are opportunities in places as remote or as metropolitan as you imagine, from student Study abroad consultants in UAE to programs in East Asia (hello Thailand!). There are so many possibilities available that you won’t know how to entertain yourself, whether you’re looking for a conventional vacation package or something more unusual.

Here are our top seven selections to help you limit your list of fantastic travel opportunities:

Best student travel agencies:

These are the top International study abroad programs to look into looking for high school travel programs. You can’t go wrong with an exciting curriculum set in fascinating locations on earth.

Teenage travelers:

Travel for Teens, as you undoubtedly inferred from the name, is one of the top outcomes for students thinking of going! This business is a clear winner over 100 classes offered in 40 nations on five continents. Travel for Youth, who acts under the tagline “travelers, not passengers,” excels at providing a stimulating experience that extends outside a simple excursion. If you’re looking for a service that provides unusual vacations, they should be at the top of your search because they offer a variety of programs kinds, such as volunteer activities, outdoor recreation, culture intensive, college prep, and now even photography.

Academic Programs Worldwide:

API is well-known in the field of studies at American University in Dubai and internships abroad, and they recently debuted “Aspire by API,” a whole division of the corporation devoted to solely grade 10 meaningful travel. Along with summer community service programs in Ecuador, Brazil, and Costa Rica, they also provide summer programs in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and Italy. Accomplish quite there; API is highly well-liked among students taking a gap year, so if you’re considering participating in an increased travel program than just a few weeks, check out their schedules in nine different European and South American nations.

Experiment with Living Abroad:

The Experiment in Worldwide Living is a supplier of experiencing international learning for high school students, as the program’s name would imply. The Experiment offers three to five-person summer travels that allow students to immerse themselves in a different culture, learn a foreign language, and explore a variety of regions through functional interactions with the local population. For yet more than 85 years, The Mission has been a pioneer in high school study abroad, and each of its 32 programs in 26 different countries offers a particular theme for students to discover. There is undoubtedly one among the various possibilities that will meet your demands.

United States Farm School:

Get ready to work with some domesticated animals in the mud! (No, not at all. Greek Summer Program was established in 1970 by the American Farm School, which has since 1904 concentrated on the agricultural requirements of Greek and the Balkans. Students in high school spend the summer living with such a family in a small Greek town where they gain practical knowledge about the value of agriculture & social concerns affecting refugees. The “Big Trip,” when students take part in eco-adventures sailing past island towns and breathtaking bays and trekking Mount Olympus, is the pinnacle of the summer. Sounds much more enjoyable than SAT preparation.

Aussie Campus Education:

University study-abroad programs in Dubai are not exclusively an Australian initiative, despite the name. Teenagers in French, Germany, Italy, Spanish, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, & of system Australia have had access to CEA’s educational programs and homestay services for 20 years. Their main objective is to advance intercultural understanding & world peace and expose students to a type of societies, cultures, and languages to foster critical thinking & social intelligence while tying in great adventures like Outback safaris.

Travel Great Dubai for Students:

In search of a truly significant experience for your summer vacation? With Great Dubai Student Go, travel overseas! All trip choices offered by this student travel agency offer “cross-cultural service adventures,” in which students assist in underprivileged communities while enjoying an exciting “holiday” overseas. This organization concentrates on travel with a purpose. With program alternatives like watersports experience, wildlife stewardship, hiking, and walking tours, students can enjoy traveling and volunteering in exotic locations like Iceland, Spain, Thailand, Burma, Rica Costa, Ecuador, and Australia, as well as the British Virgin Islands, to name just a few.

Take your education and experiences into the real world to avoid those nagging parents & pressure-cooker schools. We all agree that traveling through Great Dubai for summer will teach you more than working a minimum wage position at Taste Freeze.

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