Top 9 Clothing Brands in Dubai 2022

Top 9 Clothing Brands in Dubai 2022

UAE is the largest shopping center and one of the world’s most popular destinations. Every day, thousands of people come to this location to shop for themselves and their loved ones. How to select the best clothing brand is the biggest challenge. It’s hard to shop for dresses here because there are so many different nationalities and cultures, but the majority of people prefer western styles. You can also shop for a variety of clothing brands with the assistance of the Top 10 UAE online shopping sites. You will see clothing lines produced by a variety of well-known European companies in this article.

Top 10 Clothing Brands in Dubai Are as Follows

    • Guess
    • Lacoste
    • Gucci
    • Burberry
    • H&M
    • Beautirum
    • Calvin Klien
    • Mango
    • GAP
    • Max
    • Splash


Guess is a well-known Top Clothing Brands in Dubai with headquarters in the United States. Since its inception in 1981, the business has continued to grow in response to the worldwide demand for its products. They are now also making watches, perfumes, and jewelry as accessories. The company was the one that created the first designer jeans. They have locations all over the world and in major cities in the UAE.

In Dubai, Guess is one of the most well-liked clothing brands. Two brothers who moved to New York after graduating from college started it.

After working for a number of fashion houses, they decided it was time to start their own brand with pieces that are fun and easy to wear. They now have shops in every country in the world, including five in Dubai alone! So, if you want a new top or dress, Guess is your best bet.


Since 1933, it has been a French clothing company known as Top Clothing Brands in Dubai. On their products, they have printed their distinctive crocodile logo. Because René Lacostehey was its founder, the brand’s name appears on it. Lacoste is a clothing manufacturer that has recently expanded into sporting goods, watches, footwear, and perfumes. In various large malls across the UAE, it has more than ten locations.

Lacoste is a well-known French brand with over 80 years of history. Many people adore Lacoste, a timeless brand. The most well-known feature of the company’s polo shirts is the recognizable small crocodile logo.

They are favored by many Dubai men, both locals and expats, due to their high quality materials, attention to detail, and sleek designs. Over 200 Lacoste stores can be found all over the world, including several in Dubai..


Gucci is one of the most well-known Top Clothing Brands in Dubai  based in Italy. In 1921, Guccio Gucci established it. It is the most popular Italian brand and the 38th most valuable brand worldwide. They make fashion accessories and clothing. Additionally, it has locations in malls in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Gucci is one of the most well-known brands in the world. If you want to make an impression, this is one of the best outfit options. Its logo is recognized by people all over the world, and when they see it on your shoulders or legs, they will know that you are wearing a high-quality garment.

Since 1921, this business has been producing high-quality clothing, so it knows what it’s doing. People who buy Gucci clothes know that they are worth the money because of their high quality and price tag.

Because Gucci products are made to be durable, a designer piece from this brand will last much longer than an off-brand item from another retailer. Therefore, if you’re looking for Dubai’s best clothing brands, you should investigate this one.

Burberry Burberry is a London-based fashion company best known for making trench coats. Thomas Burberry, an Englishman, was the founder of the business in 1856.The style and quality of Burberry clothing are more distinctive. began as a clothing company and eventually expanded to include other fashion accessories, perfumes, sunglasses, and cosmetics. Additionally, it has locations in malls in Great Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Burberry is a luxury fashion brand with a global reputation. Their leather jackets are currently in style, and they have bags to match the latest fashions.


H&M is a well-known brand of clothing for kids, men, and women. Dresses, tops, jeans, and other clothing items abound in the shop famous as Top Clothing Brands in Dubai.

H&M Dubai is located on Level one, close to Center Court, in the Mall of the Emirates. You can find high-quality items like wool, cotton, and leather at H&M, which combines fashion and quality.

One of the biggest advantages of shopping at H&M is that you can get high-quality clothing at a fraction of the price of similar items at other stores.

Hennes & Mauritz, one of the most well-known clothing brands, is spelled H&M. This multinational clothing company is based in Sweden and makes clothes for children, teens, men, and women. Erling Persson, the company’s founder, initiated production in 1947.Brand names become extremely well-known over time and spread throughout the globe. With over 4500 stores, H&M is now present in over sixty nations. Its shops are easily accessible in almost every UAE mall.

Calvin Klien

It is a fashion house based in the United States that was founded in 1961 and has its headquarters in New York. Fashion dresses, perfumes, and other accessories are their main products. They now have stores in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mumbai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Dubai, and Qatar, among other well-known cities. You can find its locations in Dubai.

Calvin Klein is renowned for its forward-thinking designs, high-quality materials, and ease of wear. With their bold lines and timeless styles, they have established a name for themselves in fashion.

Their clothes are frequently seen at destination events hosted by top celebrities and on red carpets all over the world this brand is known as Top Clothing Brands in Dubai. Their designs have always outperformed those of their rivals, and they continue to be a market leader.


In Dubai, Mango is well-known for its fashionable, high-quality clothing collection. Classically styled coats, pants, and shirts are just a few of their offerings, which include world-class fashion.

Their designs are always modern and sleek, and they are still priced affordably without sacrificing the quality of the materials used to make them.

Mango is a high-quality clothing company with headquarters in Spain. In 1984, two brothers from Spain set it up. The brand grew quickly, and they now have hundreds of locations around the world. Because Istanbul, Turkey, has the most of its outlets, it is very common there. They have collections of clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. In Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, it has 16 locations.


The clothing line known as Gap caters to customers of all ages has located in Great Dubai. They have stores, making it simple for customers to locate them and purchase clothing, which is why they are considered one of Dubai’s leading brands.

Even though they have some dressier clothes that can be worn to formal events like weddings or work parties, Gap’s clothing is typically very casual and comfortable. However, if you want to purchase a particular shirt or dress, you will need to pay attention and act quickly because gap offers a wide range of styles to all customers and typically sells out quickly.

The clothing and accessories brand GAP is based in the United States and has its headquarters in California. In 1969, two Americans named Doris F. Fisher and Donald Fisher established it. There are currently 3,727 Gap stores worldwide, with 2,406 Max locations in the United States. Due to the rising demand for GAP, the UAE is also gaining popularity. Additionally, there are Gap stores in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah.


The ready-to-wear and accessories division of Max is a fashion brand in Great Dubai. The brand is a subsidiary of Al Tayer Group, the largest Middle Eastern textile conglomerate, based in Dubai. Max has everything you need for your wardrobe, from casual wear to formal wear.

One of the largest Middle Eastern fashion brands is Max, which is owned by the UAE-based Landmark Group. In 2004, they began in Abu Dhabi. They operate more than 400 locations in 19 nations. Shoes and other accessories are part of Max’s collection, which includes items for men, women, and children. Their stores are easily accessible and offer reasonable prices everywhere in the UAE.


Another top Middle Eastern fashion brand is Splash known as Top Clothing Brands in Dubai. In 1993, only one Sharjah store carried the brand name. Over time, it spread to other locations and is now the most widely recognized in the UAE. For both men and women, they offer clothing and other fashion accessories of high quality. It is owned by the Landmark Group, and Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, stars of Bollywood, serve as its Brand Ambassadors. Compared to other brands in the UAE, their products are affordable. Its locations can be found in every UAE city.

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