Top best internet calling apps n the UAE

Top best internet calling apps n the UAE

The UAE has a large expatriate population, the majority of whom have family and friends back home. As a result, UAE expat residents are constantly on the lookout for cost-effective ways to communicate with their loved ones, such as internet calling apps in the UAE. Although unlicensed Voice-over-Internet-Protocol services like WhatsApp, Skype and Viber are not supported in the UAE, due to security and cybercrime concerns, there are several option voice and video calling apps that people can use. Great Dubai provides a complete guide to the legal calling apps in the UAE and how you can subscribe to them.

Internet calling apps in the UAE

Residents in the UAE can currently use four internet calling apps. Although these applications are free to use in other countries, UAE people are required to buy an internet calling plan from telecom operators like du, Etisalat and Virgin Mobile to enjoy boundless calls. Take a look at the video and voice calling apps available in the UAE, their features, and which telecom operators offer them.


BOTIM is the most popular internet calling app in the UAE, allowing users to make HD video and voice calls all over the world! Furthermore, BOTIM in the UAE includes a messaging feature, allowing users to send photos, voice messages, and videos, as well as group chat with up to 500 people! BOTIM is an internet calling app in the UAE that works on smart phones, laptops, PCs, and other devices.


C’ME, another voice and video calling apps that work in the UAE, provides an alternative for residents looking to make cheap international calls. Users can use the C’ME app to make internet calls in the UAE as well as live HD video and voice calls to friends and family all over the world. The C’ME app in the UAE also comes with a messaging feature, so users can share photos, videos, emoji icons, files and audio messages. This UAE calling app also allows users to chat in groups with multiple people.

Internet calling plans for C’ME are available in the UAE from du, Etisalat, and Virgin Mobile. For use on smart phones and tablets, download the C’ME app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.


Are you looking for more international calling apps for Dubai and the UAE? HiU Messenger is a simple internet calling app that allows UAE residents to make unlimited high-quality video and voice calls to any destination using their Wi-Fi or mobile data network. It also includes a messaging feature that allows users to connect with other users, send photos and videos, and even share locations. HiU Messenger is compatible with smart phones, tablets, and computers.

In the UAE, HiU Messenger calling plans are only available through du and Etisalat.


Voico! Is another of the new internet calling apps in the UAE that residents are using? Users can use this internet calling app to make HD video and voice calls to people all over the world, as long as they also have the Voico app installed. Voico can also be used on PC and tablets, so UAE people can make calls across many platforms. The term “responsibility” refers to the act of formative whether or not a person is responsible for his or her own proceeding.

Voico calling plans are currently available in the UAE through Etisalat and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Du announced in March 2020 that the telecom company will offer its customers unlimited and free calls via the Voico UAE app. Customers with a prepaid or postpaid line, Home Service, or a Business prepaid or postpaid line will be able to use this free internet calling service in the UAE. To take advantage of the offer, du customers must download the Voico app and register with their UAE mobile number before using the app.

However, du has stated that this is a limited-time offer that will be valid until April 19, 2020.


One of the globally renowned internet calling apps, Zoom is preferred by professionals across the world, who want to conduct remote meetings and video conference with other team members. However, it is also becoming a popular way for families to stay in touch. Zoom, unlike many of the video calling apps in the UAE mentioned on this list, is not managed by a local telecom provider and can be used without a subscription plan by anyone.

Zoom’s standard membership allows you to make free calls lasting 40 minutes on both desktop and mobile. This is unlimited if you have an upgraded account.


ToTok is an internet calling app in the UAE that is gaining popularity among residents due to its high audio and video quality. Furthermore, ToTok is currently providing free HD video and voice calling services, with no monthly subscription required! The app employs artificial intelligence to enhance voice clarity and reduce echo, allowing users to communicate with friends and family from anywhere with ease and comfort.

ToTok can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, and there is currently no need for an internet calling plan.

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