Top Best Shisha And Hookah Cafes In Dubai Mall

Top Best Shisha And Hookah Cafes In Dubai Mall

It should come as no surprise that Dubai boasts several gorgeous shisha lounges to provide a relaxing experience unlike any other, since it is home to some of the top eating and entertainment options. As you relax with your friends, enhance your evening meals and beverages with the rich scent of shisha.

What is sheesha?

Shisha is a term for the practice of smoking tobacco and is also known by the terms hookah, water pipe, narwhale, and even hubble-bubble smoking. This style of smoking was created somewhere in the fifteenth century and rose to fame throughout the ottoman empire. Shisha smoking is now prevalent in the Middle East, southeast assai, and North African nations, but more shisha cafés have lately begun to appear throughout the world and have become immensely popular with young people. A typical shisha has a variety of parts. Tobacco heated with coal is kept in the bowl or shisha head during the smoking session. The water is contained in a vase at the very bottom and is connected to a mouthpiece by a rubber hose. Heat is brought in on the tobacco as the shisha user begins to inhale via the hose, which causes the smoke to fall toward the water. Fruits like lemon, orange, mango, grapefruit, and apples can occasionally be used to flavour water. When the smoke ultimately rises over the water’s surface in the water base and enters the user’s mouth via the hose, this is done to guarantee that it has a sweet flavour.

Some of the best sheesha lounge were:


This Turkish restaurant is one of Dubai’s most well-known indoor shisha bars because of its prominent position. After engaging in some serious retail therapy at the Dubai Mall, visit Huqqa to indulge in indoor shisha while admiring the city’s spectacular vistas and Dubai Fountain Show. Priced between AED 100 and AED 200, the menu offers a variety of distinctive shisha tastes in addition to some exquisite Turkish cuisine.

Buhayra lounge:

This adjacent shisha club draws its design cues from Arabian evenings. The famed Burj Khalifa and Burj Park are seen from the Buhayra lounge of the palace downtown. It is well-known for providing a Bedouin-like setting where you may smoke in tents designed in Arabian style next to a pool surrounded by palm palms. Choose to savour mouthwatering mezzes, beverages, and Arabic cuisine while unwinding to soothing music. The price of their famed palace shisha, a three-flavor combo, is AED 170. Shisha varieties on the menu are AED 115 each.

The courtyards:

For a laid-back shisha night beneath the stars and the arches of the palace and Arabian court, the courtyards, which carry the theme of Arabian tents, are the perfect location. Take a seat on this bench in the majlis style, which has cushions with prints of Bedouin tents and Arabian lights on it. You may have hot and cold mezzes with your friends along with a choice of Arabian dishes before concluding with Arabic tea and a wide range of shishas in unusual flavours.

Treehouse lounge:

This urban haven located above the busy city is the ideal rooftop escape for shisha fans seeking an outdoor environment with views. With its viewing location over Business Bay’s lights and the iconic Burj Khalifa, Treehouse elevates the experience. In this stylish lounge, delectable Mediterranean-Asian cuisine is offered together with a hand-selected selection of creative shisha flavours, cocktails, and champagnes. Enjoy them while dancing to the resident DJ’s music to add some energy to your evening.

Smoky beach jbr:

The finest location to go if you want a unique shisha experience with the nicest ambiance is Smoky Beach. Smoky Beach provides breathtaking views of the vast Arabian Gulf and the well-known landmark Ain Dubai and is located at the beach across from JBR. It’s one of the best places to hang out with friends and enjoy a selection of sushi, salads, and sandwiches while sipping on vivid beverages and healthy smoothies.


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