Top places serving the best pizza in Dubai

Top places serving the best pizza in Dubai

Pizza has evolved from popular flatbread dishes in Naples in the early nineteenth century to become one of the world’s most adored comfort foods. Are you one of the millions who can’t get enough of the crunchy crusts, cheesy goodness, and delectable assortment of tasty toppings? If that has you nodding, you’ll love these restaurants serving the best pizza in Dubai. Let’s crack open the box and get started!

Dubai’s Best Pizza Locations

True pizza connoisseurs in Dubai will debate the authenticity of a thin crust versus the deliciousness of old-style American thick-crust pizzas. Whatever your tastes are, our list of the best pizza places in Dubai has all the best options.


Who doesn’t enjoy a good pizza after a long day? If you’re a fan of this tasty Italian import, go to Eataly, one of the best Italian restaurants in Dubai. It’s a popular spot for snacks, bread, and high-quality pasta.

Eataly makes thin-crust pizzas with gooey cheese and sauce layered on top, making it one of the best places in Dubai for authentic pizza. It also maintains the quality of sauces and flours, which is important for different types of pizza. If you like fish, try their tuna-based “Tonna” pizza for a unique take on an Italian classic.

  • AED 355 for two people

Jazz at the Pizza Express

Jazz at Pizza Express is a must-visit if you enjoy great pizza. This successful pizzeria has an eclectic menu of unusual pizza, making it a must-visit for fans of the traditional Italian pie. Furthermore, it is the best place in Dubai for happy hour.

The “Padana” pizza, which is layered with tasty tomato sauce and topped with a delicious combination of goat’s cheese and mozzarella, as well as red onions and spinach, is one of the more popular options. They are also well-known in Dubai for their seafood pizza, which includes clams, squid, prawns, and other seafood.

  • AED 250 for two people

Fired pizza

Pitfire Pizza is a great place to order pizza online in Dubai. This Dubai pizzeria specializes in thin, crispy-crust pizzas with puffy edges. The outlets have a small seating area but are primarily known for food delivery.

It also has weekly special deals on occasion. One of their most popular pizzas, “Hell’s Kitchen,” is a classic combination of fatty pepperoni, chili flakes, jalapenos, black olives, and mushrooms.

  • AED 190 for two people

Debonair pizza

Debonairs Pizza is a modern fast food chain in Dubai known for its extensive selection of specialty pizzas. It also serves soft drinks and hot subs and is child-friendly as well. Its affordable menu is what makes it a must-visit.

  • AED 95 for two people

800 pizzas

Consider 800 Pizza in Dubai for a large pizza. Pizza Pollastrona and Margherita con Buffalo are two of their best-selling items. The latter has a thin, crispy crust with a creamy tomato sauce and mozzarella topping. If you don’t like meat, you could also try their veggie classic. People looking for “pizza deals Dubai” will be pleased to learn that this location has a variety of offers.

  • AED 175 for two people

Rossovivo artisan pizza

Rossovivo is the place to go for fresh ingredients on your pizza. In Dubai, this restaurant specializes in artisanal pizzas. On top of a crispy yet soft crust, their Bufalina pizza has a tasty tomato sauce and white mozzarella cheese. It is well-known for providing good value for money. When you visit, make sure to try some other Italian dishes.

  • AED 200 for two people

Tomatoes and basilico

Tomato & Basilico in Dubai has a diverse and varied menu. This pizza chain, which is set to reopen soon, has been a huge success in the UAE, thanks to the dedicated staff’s care and attention to detail. Their pizza has a very unique combination of toppings that you should definitely try.

  • AED 270 for two people

Jamie’s pizzeria

Jamie’s Pizzeria is a chain of restaurants founded by the well-known British chef Jamie Oliver. The chefs here use sourdough for all of their pizzas to ensure that the base is light and crispy. You should try their spicy beef and chili pizza, which is popular among city pizza lovers due to its unique flavor combination.

  • AED 225 for two people

Burrata at Pizza Express

Their classic pizza base from 1965 is topped with burrata cheese, golden and red cherry tomatoes, black olives, tomato sauce, fresh basil, and chilli oil. Sometimes the classics are the best.

While you’re here, try their doppio dough balls, which are twice as big as their regular dough balls and come with three dips instead of one.

Antica at Lucia

The best pizzas in Dubai are those that let the freshest ingredients speak for themselves. Not only do the pizzas at Luigia boast about their cheesy slices, but they also walk the walk. The Antica is a veg-friendly and mind-blowing combination of Piennolo toms, fior di latte (milk flower for the uninitiated), fresh ricotta, and a sprinkle of basil. A four-step recipe for a happy stomach

Fruiti de Mare at Broadwalk

It would be a crime not to cast a line into the water and catch a tasty topping for a pizza this close to the water. With a combination of hearty seafood, tomato, mozzarella, basil, and finger-sucking lobster oil, the Fruiti Di Mare is one of the best pizzas in Dubai. It’d be enough to make Aquaman proud if you weren’t eating all his friends.

Passage at II Passage

It is the signature pie (what gave it away?) at Il Passaggio. With bresaola, grilled artichokes, rocket, mozzarella, and shavings of black summer truffle, it manages to be both fresh and earthy. A grown-up, exciting pizza befitting of its surroundings—after all, you’ll be eating it while watching the Guinness World Record-breaking Palm Fountain.


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