Top things to do in Deira, The Heart of Dubai

Top things to do in Deira, The Heart of Dubai

Deira offers a wide variety of entertaining activities, just like other parts of Dubai. You can visit the Women’s Museum, indulge in your racing fantasies at Xtreme Simulation, buy elegant items from the Gold Souk, or simply meander around the Deira Clocktower.  Check out the Great Dubai guide to discover more about what Deira can offer you.

 Great Dubai List of Must-Do Activities in Dubai

One of Dubai’s more established neighborhoods, Deira has undergone a number of changes related to the urbanization and socioeconomic advancement of the emirate. The neighborhood is home to a number of Dubai’s historical wonders. The amazing shops, eateries, and markets in this neighborhood are a testament to the rich history of the city. To experience the culture of this lovely city, do some of these things in Deira.

At Aseelah, Try An Original Emirati Meal.

There is no denying that the undiscovered pleasures in Emirati cuisine are numerous. One of the best Emirati restaurants in Dubai, Aseelah offers a wide selection of Arabic and Middle Eastern cuisine. The restaurant serves a variety of traditional and contemporary meals, including Aseelah’s famous chicken hares and a chicken leg packed with dates. The majority of the recipes use a regional spice blend called a bear. The mixture of cumin, fennel, cinnamon, and dried chiles gives the meal a distinctive flavor.

Enjoy the outdoors by having a shisha session. AT QDS

QDs is a lively creek-side lounge deck where you can enjoy shisha and your favorite beverages while seeing the Dubai skyline. You can unwind on low-slung sofas or in the restaurant-style seating area while seeing the lit-up dhows passing by.  There are many different drinks available at the bar. The pints of mixed cocktails cost AED 48 each. A large variety of foods are offered at QD. It features a fusion of seafood dishes from the Mediterranean and Arabic mezze. You can even indulge in a substantially sized banana split sundae while enjoying the music that the DJ is playing.

Beachfront Market

The greatest spot to get fresh food in Dubai is at Waterfront Market. There are 435 stands selling raw cuts of fish, and they all have a huge assortment.

There are also enormous quantities of fresh beef and lamb available if you enjoy meat. Any quantity that you require can be chosen for your cut. At a fair price, you will receive fresh meat straight from the butcher’s block.

Deira’s Waterfront Market has exceptionally high-quality spices as well. You may discover a wide range of spices here, including cumin, cardamom, za’atar, and tahini in addition to several international blends like barbeque and marinade powders.

You can also find fruits if you go a little deeper. When you visit this attraction in Deira, buying in quantity is a good idea because a bunch of fruits only costs AED 1. The restaurant offers more than just meals. Even clothing, books, and a selection of rare perfumes are available. Visiting the eateries at the Waterfront Market is one of the things you can do in Deira to relax after a long day of shopping. You may quickly refuel at the location’s Costa and Dome cafe, Papa John’s, and Paluto Restaurant by Chef Boy Logro.

Read At Hor Al Anz Library

If you enjoy reading, the Hor al Anz Library is a great place to lose yourself for hours. This 1989-founded refuge of books contains both well-known and up-and-coming authors’ works. Both fiction and nonfiction books are available in Arabic in addition to English. The library offers a distinct section for kids, complete with a reading room and an activity space with a projector. Visit this serene location in Dubai if you wish to foster in your youngster a lifelong love of reading. Only residents of the UAE, nationalities of the GCC, and companies registered in the UAE are eligible for membership. However, visitors from all around the world are welcome to visit and read there.

In addition to Hor al Anz Library, Dubai is home to numerous additional public libraries.


At The Dubai International Bowling Centre Deira, Enjoy a Game Of Bowling

Dubai International Bowling Centre is a friendly getaway for bowling fans that welcomes both novice and seasoned league players. It features 36 cutting-edge lanes for bowling where players from all around the city may enjoy the best bowling experience.

This enormous bowling alley features more than just lanes; it also has billiards tables and arcade games that can test players’ skills in a chill environment.


The City Centre Deira shopping mall provides the best opportunities for dining, shopping, and watching movies with its extensive selection of stores, eateries, and VOX Cinemas. This mall is a must-visit if you can’t stop shopping. There are many high-end retailers in Deira City Centre, including Aldo, Accessorize, Forever 21, and Mango. There, you can purchase both casual clothing items and unique jewels. You can also check out the City Centre Deira cinema, which is renowned for providing an amazing movie experience. In addition, if you’re traveling with children, you can visit one of the Magic Planet locations there. Along with many anchor retailers, the mall contains a Carrefour supermarket, a bowling alley, and an entertainment area. It also has a textile store and a pharmacy. And that’s not all; City Centre Deira offers a tonne of activities that will make you happy. The mall is navigable as well. Al Garhoud and Oud Muteena parks are only two of the many attractions close to City Centre Deira.

At The Dubai Abra Station, Take An Abra Ride.

Visitors and locals alike are drawn to using abras (water taxis) to cross Dubai Creek. Along with the other three stations, the water taxis traverse Dubai Abra Station every few minutes.

You may discover the well-known stream that separates Bur Dubai from Deira, the city’s economic engine while riding on a busy abra. There are 20 people in each watercraft at once. The trip only lasts around five minutes, but it’s worth it to see the contrast between old and new Dubai as you pass by buildings and minarets.

Dubai Deira: Discover the Souks

Want to do a little shopping at Deira Visit Dubai’s spice and gold souks. You may purchase every type of jewelry at the gold souq, from extravagant gold necklaces to pearl earrings. While you may get cardamom, saffron, nuts, and a variety of other aromatic plants at the spice souq.

You may also peek inside the teeny stores that offer plastics, food, and other domestic things away from the spice souk’s main artery.

Park at Al Mamzar Beach

Al Mamzar Beach Park is a well-liked tourist destination in Dubai and is situated in the residential district of Deira. There are many things you may do to have a good time. Check out our blog, which highlights some of the most intriguing things to do at Al Mamzar Beach Park, if you want to learn about entertaining things to do there. Al Mamzar Beach Park occupies a special place among the top Deira attractions. It provides a variety of amenities that appeal to both beachgoers and watersports aficionados.



Some of Dubai’s top museums are located in Deira. Visit the Museum of the Poet Al Oqaili, the Naif Museum, and the Dubai Women’s Museum. The Women’s Museum offers a gallery where both well-known and up-and-coming artists can exhibit their work. While the Naif Museum provides information about the Dubai Police Force’s past. The late nineteenth-century poet Mubarak bin Hamad bin Mubarak Al Manea Al Oqaili’s original collection of poems, along with his correspondence and other priceless artifacts, is on display at the Museum of the Poet Al Oqaili.

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