Upcoming events at Dubai Opera

Upcoming events at Dubai Opera

Delight in a countless pop performance on 17 September with French Canadian singer and lyricist Margaux Sauvé as she performs her entrance album Heaven Wait.

A compliment resolve be imprisoned for the King of Pop Michael Jackson for the first time on 23 besides 24 September. A great homage to the legend the show will feature stunning costumes music and choreography.

On 1 October step into the world of jazz where the Dubai Opera Big Band will play astonishing renditions from iconic artists counting Frank Sinatra Ella Fitzgerald Aretha Franklin Nina Simone and Nat King Cole.

The iconic footloose musical will too be making its method to Dubai. Held from 5 to 8 October attendees can like a live take of the 80s classic.

After an amazing presentation at Expo 2020 Dubai the Syrian music composer and producer Iyad Rimawi lengthways with a group will put on a great show on 15 October.

On 17 October the pop and rock band Travis will be joy their four time platinum album Imperceptible Band turning 20 with an iconic performance.

The Grammy prize winning and virus-related Irish dance group Riverdance will be execution on 27 to 30 October. Held as part of their 25th anniversary show the performance will be captivating concentrating on the control of dance and music.

Watch Peter Bence the well-known piano sensation composer and music producer play a wide range of classic and modern hits on 11 November.

Recognized for execution in Italian Spanish Turkish Greek English Armenian and Yiddish the music legend Enrico Macias will be accomplishment on 12 November.

On 15 November the Dresden Opera Ball will be held known for showcasing traditional music and worldly culture. Running for 15 years the ball aims at hopeful unity between cultures of the world through a mixture of music and dance.

Named by NBC as the world’s highest illusionist Rob Lake is set to stun the multitude with his remarkable illusions. The shows will be alleged for three days from 25 to 27 November.

Receipt prices for the shows vary and start at Dhs 175.

For more info visit the Dubai Opera website.


This time on the stage of the Dubai Opera the well-known story of fervent love and a fierce family battle will be repeated. Termed Remarkable Dancers by The Washington Post the State Ballet of Georgia goes to Z. Paliashvilil Opera and Dance State Theatre in Tbilisi. The ballet corporation will send its exceptional dancers to the emirate this year in September.


La Traviata a four act opera by Italian creator Giuseppe Verdi will also be achieved in September. The drama is founded on a novel by French author Alexandre Dumas whose works have been interpreted into numerous other languages.

Top of Form

Bottom of FormThe courtesan Violetta and the ardent Alfredo Gourmont are the main prints in this narrative which ends with Violetta charitable up her love under the compression of Alfredo’s father. The melodramatic and romantic music of Verdi intensifies the feelings in each scene.


Dubai Opera is prepping up to pay the outstanding tribute to the King of Pop Micheal Jackson himself was famed for his magical performances which couldn’t be whole without his moonwalk the signature transfer of the fabled artist. Rodrigo Teaser will achieve the classic tunes of songs like thriller Billie Jean and black or white. Lavelle Smith who had remained part of MJ’s choreographers’ crew directs the show.

Separately from the shows stated above some bizarre concerts in Dubai are scheduled for the upcoming months in the emirate. You can also checkered out the official website of Coca-Cola Arena Dubai for future occasions. If performances and dance performances don’t excite you, there are many other things to do in Dubai! From desert safaris to indoor skiing you will be substandard for choice.

Stay regulated to Great Dubai for additional updates on events happening in Dubai


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