Visit Desert Safari only in 55 AED

Visit Desert Safari only in 55 AED

Desert Safari Dubai specializes in experiences of the vast and spectacular desert of the United Arab Emirates. Admire breathtaking views of the orange sunset and immerse yourself in one of the most adventurous activities in the city. The tour operator offers a variety of packages, including a trip to Lahbab to encounter ‘Big Red’ – Dubai’s tallest sand dune, named after its scenic color.

The morning game drive includes sandboarding and the incredible sunrise over the awe-inspiring landscape. Camel riding offers an ideal way to venture through the desert in the same way as those who have inhabited the area for centuries. The evening desert safari offers a thrilling ride over the sand dunes before stopping at the desert camp to enjoy a traditional Arabian feast.

Cultural activities and Desert Safari Dubai

Enjoy an overnight stay where you can contemplate the starry sky after a night of entertainment with dancers and music. Traditional clothing is available to try on, allowing you to immerse yourself in a cultural adventure.

A desert safari in Dubai can include a mix of exhilarating, cultural and relaxing activities. The experience often begins with dune descent and sandboarding en route to the desert camp. Once there, you can enjoy camel rides, watch performances such as traditional dancing, apply henna (for the ladies) and savor a sumptuous meal.

Distance from Dubai

Depending on where your pick-up point is in town, it can take around 30-45 minutes to reach the desert and begin your game drive. From there, desert camping can take up to an hour or more, depending on what activities your tour has planned along the way, from dune bashing to sandboarding and more.

Attraction at Desert safari in Dubai

Desert safari in Dubai is an exciting, adventurous, modern and fantastic way to indulge and experience the local culture to fascinate people. And also a rare opportunity to see the Arabian desert, so people from all over the world will come to see the desert and Bedouin life. Consequently, Dubai has become a world famous tourist hub.

Not only the sighting of the beautiful Arabian desert, but also the Dubai desert safari consists of electrifying game drives, which always mesmerize the tourists to come most often. In particular, tourists who love adventures will have even more best desert safari experiences than they can have in Dubai.

Activities at Desert Safari

Some of the exciting and fun activities are desert safari, quad biking, dune bashing, barbecue, camel riding, belly dancing and many more things that make your Dubai desert safari a most memorable and adventurous experience.

Quad Biking

The most thrilling activity on the desert safari in Dubai is quad biking. It is one of the safest routes that one can prefer to do during the trip. Riding heavy 4*4 quad bike on desert sand is one of the thrilling and thrilling experience. This can be done and preferred on the morning desert safari, it is one of the most acclaimed fun activities.

Dune Bashing and Sand-Boarding

Another popular and most entertaining desert safari activity is dune bashing. Tourists will simply love and be thrilled to do this activity and also feel extremely satisfying activity. In bashing, the dunes will trill some of this activity. Sandboarding is another fun part of filler, balancing yourself on slippery sandy terrain is what the activity is all about. What this sand board can know and learn skateboarding.

Camel rides and Falcon Demonstration

Camel safari or camel ride can be done in evening and morning desert safari in Dubai. You can take a camel ride for at least 45 minutes. You can explore the wildlife of the desert by taking a camel ride. Falcon display is another attraction of the desert safari, tourists can walk around taking and clicking photos with the beautiful bird.

BBQ Arabian Buffet

Arabic cuisine is one of the tastiest and most delicious with oozing flavors. Large buffets with various exotic Arabic dishes will be served on a desert safari in Dubai. Some of the Arabic dishes which include kebabs, hummus, swarms and their traditional dishes, as well as a range of exciting Lebanese dishes. And the buffet is also included with unlimited drinks and soft drinks.

Belly Dance Performance

Belly dancing show will be another magnificent and unforgettable attraction of Dubai desert safari. The show will be even more exciting with Arabic music, which will be accompanied at dinner time, which will create a typical Arabic night atmosphere for tourists.

Henna Painting

Henna painting is another interesting activity on the Dubai desert safari. It has been one of the most renowned traditions for hundreds of years in the Middle East. Henna painting is called dying skin and nails tattoo. The tattoo will consist of floral designs. This is one of the must-do experiences at Desert Safari Dubai.

What time Desert Safari is most preferable
Usually, there are two options for Desert Safari in Dubai I., morning and evening desert safari packages. Tourists can opt for any package, depending on their needs. But, interestingly, both packages will be nothing short of thrilling, no matter what time of day, the charm and glory of the desert will remain the same, and no compromise when it comes to entertainment.

Morning desert safari in Dubai is exciting because of the daylight, and tourists can truly observe the beauty of the sand expanses, sand waves, shining stares of the desert, etc. Dubai evening desert safari is famous for the beautiful sunset and cool desert breeze waves.

Desert safari in Dubai can be visited with Valencia Tourism only in 55 AED. PIC 1

The Visit Package Includes

  • Pick and Drop
  • BBQ Dinner
  • 2 Different Belly Dancing Shows
  • Fire Show
  • Tanura Dancing
  • Camel Riding
  • Dune Bashing
  • Henna Painting
  • Falcon Photograph
  • Arabic Dress Photography
  • Refreshments
  • Sand Boarding

For booking Detail

24/7 Booking Call or WhatsApp: ☎️ 00971-527572919

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