Visit Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai at 99 AED

Visit Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai at 99 AED

Dhow cruises are traditional dhows turned into restaurants. They are popular tourist attractions in Dubai and usually occur at Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina. A 2-3-hour dhow dinner cruise also includes a relaxing dinner, entertainment and sightseeing.

Mainly there are two types of dhow cruises in Dubai


  1. Dhow Cruise Creek
  2. Dhow Cruise Marina


Between these two, the dhow cruise marina is the most popular, as the marina area is considered to be the most modern and bustling area. Moreover, it is also the most promoted by tour operators. On the other hand, the dhow cruise on Dubai Creek gives you a glimpse of the old side of the city.

The only difference between a Creek dhow cruise and a Marina dhow cruise is where and what sights you can see. However, the entire dhow cruise experience is the same on both cruises.

A dhow dinner cruise takes you through the magical Dubai Creek and gives you the opportunity to create beautiful memories with the love of your life. You will be greeted with an exotic Arabic tea as you board one of the many magnificent ships, adorned with lights.


Dinner Menu

The dhow cruise dinner menu consists of a three-course meal, i.e. starters, main course and desserts. Appetizers include soup, salads, dips and dressings, and kebabs. The main dinner course includes a combination of delicious local and international dishes. The desert menu also offers lot of other different options.

Reach Dhow Cruise Dubai

You can decide for transportation and conveyance at the time of booking. offers pick up and drop off services for those in need. On the other hand, you can also reach the starting point with your own vehicle or by public transport.

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Dubai dhow cruise activities

The dhow cruise experience is designed to ensure guests have a memorable time. As guests enter the dhow, they are greeted with upbeat music and delicious welcome drinks. As the dhow begins to sail, guests are treated to a delicious buffet dinner that includes local and international delicacies. Entertainment shows in the form of Tanoura dance are also available for the guests. They are also free to visit the upper deck of cruise to enjoy the view of the surroundings and marine in a safe way.


Both formal and casual attire are an acceptable dress code while on the dhow cruise. Both ladies and gents should avoid wearing shorts or short dresses. Short skirts and sleeveless dresses are prohibited as well as Slippers and flip flops are also not acceptable.

Best Time to Visit Dhow Cruise

The dhow cruise dinner takes place in the evening when the city temperature is cooler. So, dhow cruising is a great option all year round. However, if the heat of the city is unbearable for you, especially in summer, you can reserve a table in the fully air-conditioned lower deck of the dhow. Also avoid booking a dhow cruise during the month of Ramadan, as no drinks are served and there are no shows on board during this month.

Book Dhow Cruise Dubai

Online booking is the best and fast secure way to book a dhow cruise in Dubai. To book with, you can visit the website and inquire about the package you are interested in. You will get a reply by email or SMS and book your tickets and also make the payment. The best part of booking online is that you are likely to get discounts and offers as well.


Valencia Tourism offers the package to visit Dhow Cruise Marina only at 99 AED per person. The package includes the following

  • 5 Star Buffet Dinner
  • Tanura Dance
  • Puppet Dance
  • 2 Hour Cruising JBR Marina


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