What a Construction Manager Does – Learn Now!

What a Construction Manager Does – Learn Now!

Behind every brick-and-mortar wall lies a visionary individual who executes projects from the initial planning stages to the final polish. The ranch-style homes, urban elevated, office parks, and neighborhood shops where we live and work are all created by construction managers. Consider studying to become a project engineer if you wish to play a role in creating the environment in which you live.

A career in building projects is a terrific opportunity to escape the typical office setting while still earning a good living. You’ll have a fulfilling career as a manager, analyst, and negotiator as a construction manager. In addition, you probably won’t run from our work: Over the following ten years, the Department of Labor (BLS) forecasts an 8% increase in employment in construction management.

Find what it takes to be a construction manager by pulling out your clipboard, donning your hard hat, and continuing to read.

Construction management: What Is It?

A subset of project management known as “construction management” entails the full-cycle planning and supervision of construction projects. An expert who plans, budgets for, and oversees construction projects—from houses to skyscrapers—is a construction manager.

The Work of a Construction Manager

Every stage of a building project is managed by construction managers. Residential construction managers’ jobs, business buildings, government spaces, industrial structures, bridges, and roads are among the most frequent projects undertaken by construction managers.

The construction manager’s daily task do the following:

  • calculating the costs of construction projects
  • making timetables and budgets
  • meeting with clients to fine-tune building budgets and plans during the design process
  • collaborating with designers, engineers, and other industry specialists with other construction practitioners about contracts and technical information
  • controlling the activities and schedules of subcontractors
  • addressing challenges that slow down building projects, such as crises, delays, or other problems
  • Informing clients of scheduling and financial concerns
  • ensuring that projects adhere to all applicable local, county, and federal laws

The prevalence of construction managers is independent contractors who spend their days on the job. Some oversee numerous projects and travel outside the country to various job sites.

Examine the development manager job description on Monster to discover more about what to anticipate from your career.

The Path to Construction Management:

By obtaining a construction management education, you can lay the groundwork for a prosperous career in the area; the prevalence of entry-level positions calls for a bachelor’s degree in building projects or a closely related field. Some building companies favor hiring applicants with both a construction management degree and some practical experience. People with numerous years of building experience but no bachelor’s degree frequently work for themselves.

Several colleges offer degrees in construction management, some of which have online courses. Your instruction in construction management may include the following:

  • Plans and blueprints for building construction
  • Budgeting and cost-estimating
  • sustainability in building
  • Electric and mechanical systems
  • Workplace safety

Considering how to pay for your education in construction management? Look into these scholarships for the building trades that will assist you in developing a fulfilling profession.

To role as a construction manager, you might need a license, depending on the state in which you reside. It recommended obtaining an indication from your state’s licensing board.

Certified Construction Management:

Although not necessary, certification in construction management might improve your chances of landing a job. You must fulfill specific standards and be capable of passing an exam to be certified. Numerous agencies provide certification. Some of them are:

  • Constructors’ American Institute (AIC)
  • The American Construction Management Association (CMAA)
  • Construction training and research conducted at the national center (NCCER)
  • Engineering technologies’ Institute for Certification (NICET)
  • The Office of Safety and Health at Work (OSHA)

For instance, the CMAA offers the Certified Building Manager (CCM) credential, which you may earn by passing an associated test and finishing a self-study course that covers legal issues, project hazards, and the responsibilities and duties of a construction manager.

Internships in construction management:

Taking on an internship is another good approach to getting your finger in the door.  The construction management role and responsibility enable you to gain hands-on experience while directly supervised by a seasoned construction manager.

What Is the Time Frame for Becoming a Construction Manager?

Depending on the route you pursue, it may take a while to be a construction manager. An undergrad degree will typically take four years to complete. Plan to add one to three years if you want to pursue a master’s in construction management. Even after graduating from college, you’ll probably work for at least a year under the direction of an experienced construction manager before embarking on solo projects.

You need three years of experience with such a bachelor’s degree and eight years there without a to become a qualified construction manager. You might need to renew your certification every few years, depending on what it is. For instance, the CMAA requires construction managers to recertify every two years by passing an exam.

What Do Construction Managers Get Paid?

Although the median annual compensation for a construction manager is $72,805, pay varies by industry and level of understanding, according to statistics from Monster. Construction managers with the lowest salaries earn about $45,000 annually, while those with the highest salaries earn over $98,000.

Utilizing the Monster Salary Guide, you can find out what construction managers make on average in your area.

How to Locate Jobs in Construction Management?

It’s time to demonstrate your abilities to potential employers now that you understand how to work as a construction manager. A strong CV is the first step in selling your talents and credentials; refer to Monster’s construction manager CV sample for ideas on framing your training and work history to leave a lasting impression.

Employers search for people with the following abilities and attributes when hiring construction managers, so keep this in mind as you write your CV and cover letter:

  • strong analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Business savvy, including the ability to set appropriations, hire employees and collaborate with other construction industry professionals.
  • excellent decision-making and judgment abilities
  • adequate, technical abilities

It’s easy to search for construction management jobs; start by browsing Monster’s list of management positions.


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