What is Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan?

What is Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan?

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid unveiled a detailed plan outlining Dubai’s sustainable urban development future.

The Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, unveiled by the Prime Minister Ruler of Dubai, aims to change the emirate and build a truly linked, citizen-led city that strikes a balance between community and tourist, modernization with tradition and nature.

The population of the emirate is set to increase to 5.8 million over the next 20 years from its current 3.3 million, and this proposed program intends to make Dubai the best city on the planet to live in.

What’s the strategy?

Since 1960, the emirate has enacted seven plans of this type. The most recent is the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan.

It concentrates on development in currently existing urban areas and focuses on using land within the boundaries of the current metropolis.

Dubai master planning guidelines:

  • Five significant urban regions will be created.
  • 25% more space will be set up for educational and medical facilities.
  • The number of hotel rooms and tourist destinations would increase by 134%.
  • The total area used for business, industry, and economic activity will reach 168 square kilometers.
  • The length of popular beaches will grow by up to 400%.
  • Natural areas and nature reserves will make up 60% of Dubai.

What’s the goal?

According to Sheikh Mohammed, the major objective is to make Dubai the best city on the planet to live in from a leisure and employment viewpoint.

Other top concerns include creating lively, inclusive communities, increasing the amount of green space, and enhancing resource efficiency to give locals and visitors a healthy environment.

The initiative aims to promote increased economic activity, offer flexible and sustainable modes of transportation, and draw foreign capital to untapped markets. Enhancing environmental sustainability, protecting the emirate’s cultural and urban legacy, and creating a comprehensive legal framework and planning governance model are among the other goals.

The five major zones:

According to the plan, growth and development will be concentrated on five major metropolitan districts in Dubai Urban plan 2040, each of which will have a distinct theme that will support economic growth, create more job opportunities, and offer lifestyle amenities that will meet the demands of all demographic groups. While the remaining three will be revitalized, two of the regions will be brand-new.

The city’s business and financial core is comprised of Downtown as well as Business Bay; the catering and entertainment center will be Dubai Marina as well as JBR, which also doubles as an inbound visitors and entertainment hub; and the existing urban centers include Deira as well as Dubai Mall, historic regions that highlight the emirate’s tradition and heritage


The “people-led” development will ensure that 55% of the population lives within 800 meters of a major public transportation hub in order to increase interconnectivity.

According to pictures of the concept, a third runway will be constructed close to Dubai Silicon Oasis. The airport’s further specifics were kept under wraps.

More bike lanes would be installed around the emirate, it was previously stated, in an effort to promote healthier lives and reduce traffic.

To connect the service areas, neighborhoods, and centers of employment, several environmental corridors will be built. These will make it easier for people to go around the city on foot, by bicycle, and with other sustainable transportation options.

Parkland, beaches, and sustainability:

Enhancing the amount of green space in the emirate of Dubai is a key component of the plan. 60% of the emirate will be made up of natural rural regions and wildlife sanctuaries.

Sheikh Mohammed stated in October that Dubai would spend much more than Dh2.5 billion ($680 million) to build 12 new beaches & 8 million sq m of green space.

At the time, Sheikh Mohammed stated, “We also approved the development of 12 kilometers or 1 million square meters—of Dubai’s beaches, from Mamzar Beach to Umm Suqeim II.

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