Will sand and dust storm in UAE linger until next week?

Will sand and dust storm in UAE linger until next week?

Motorists and residents faced reduced visibility on the roads, which came down to a few hundred metres

The thick orange haze of dust storm that has blanketed the UAE will last for a few more days with a possibility to linger until the next week, according to experts from the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM). However, the visibility is likely to improve by Thursday.

Meteorology experts highlight that a sandstorm is different from a dust storm, and sandstorms in each area, would have their unique characteristics.

“This is a storm starting over North of Saudi Arabia and is extending over our area. But if you talk of the entire Middle East, it’s a different story. Over Egypt and North Africa, it is quite different, all storms have different characteristics, and the causes are varied. For example, this storm is happening due to low pressure over North of Iraq and Jordon and is associated with strong winds. These areas are desert areas, and therefore they are experiencing dust storms and sandstorms.

“After that, this low pressure gradually moves towards the East and then strong north-westerly winds will move from North- Arabian Gulf to our area. So, all this dust is moving towards the South, still too far for the UAE. So, in North Africa or Egypt, it’s a different case and has different characteristics,” says Dr Ahmed Habib, meteorology expert in the UAE.

Reference : Khaleej Times

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