Your guide to Alserkal Avenue UAE

Your guide to Alserkal Avenue UAE

Dubai has consistently provided travelers with glitzy encounters as a city that is primarily built for foreign lovers. There is another side to this desert city that begs to be explored once one has experienced the classics, such as playing in the snow at Ski Dubai, picking up trinkets at the spice souk, and riding to the top of the Burj Khalifa.

Both a souk and a mall are not to be found on Alserkal Avenue. The goal of this otherwise unremarkable zone of warehouses, which was established in the city’s industrial section in 2007, is to empower the city’s burgeoning artistic community and foster communication between the creative cultures of the East and West.  Alserkal is a complex that includes theatres, art galleries, outdoor event areas, and even a custom chocolate factory. It’s also a must-visit location for tourists looking to take in a unique, fashionable, and artistically inclined aspect of the city.

Due to its contained setting, Alserkal is simple to explore on foot while dipping in and out of air-conditioned areas as needed. Start with the Salsali Private Museum, the region’s first privately held institution of its kind. Visitors will find more than 900 multimedia pieces as well as special exhibits by visiting artists at this significant contributor to Dubai’s growth as a center for the arts and culture.

Visitors who want to explore a part of the city that is simultaneously unique, fashionable, and creatively oriented should visit Alserkal.

While navigating the grid of the warehouse, you can visit the following galleries: While Elmarsa, one block away, displays North African art with a focus on emerging pieces from marginalized markets, 1X1 Gallery features fresh talent in contemporary Indian art. Long-standing Middle Eastern art scene participant Green Art Gallery is credited with introducing Modern Arab art to the rest of the globe and is well-known for its creative mixed-media displays. The programming of Sima Performing Arts may be found further down the road and includes anything from dance to independent film screenings, poetry readings, and panel discussions.

Creatives and their contemporaries can be found chatting over healthy Super Bowls and Matcha Mylk concoctions at the ultra-hip, health-conscious organic juice bar Wild & the Moon (a rotating lineup of vegan stews, salads, and noodle bowls). With your fortifications complete, cross the street to The Great Dubai to express yourself or visit The Odd Piece, a furniture gallery featuring one-of-a-kind items from souks, antique fairs, and foreign exhibitions, for interior design inspiration. Visit Mirzam Chocolate Makers for a genuine taste of artistic brilliance. They specialize in bean-to-bar chocolate creation using single-origin cocoa and a laborious sorting, roasting, and blending procedure.

Like Dubai itself, Alserkal is constantly expanding despite the limitations of its industrial-zoned space; in 2015, a number of new galleries, stores, cafes, and studios contributed to this growth. Then, in 2017, it added Concrete, the first structure created by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture in the United Arab Emirates, to the neighborhood as a brand-new multipurpose event venue. This small creative retreat is a location you may visit repeatedly and always learn something new, with the advancement of creativity as its primary goal.

Some of the top destinations nearby Avenue Alserkal are listed below:

Hint Hunt:

The gaming area called Hint Hunt has a fascinating theme. It offers a selection of breathtaking games like Merry Mystery, the Torpedo Submarine, Zen Space, and others that need quick thinking and dexterous execution. There are eight escape rooms, each holding 4-6 people.

Visit Hint Hunt at Times Square Centre, First Floor, Shop F13 on Sheik Zayed Road.

Cartoon Art Gallery

Catch some of the top cartoon and animation-related exhibitions at Cartoon Art Gallery, which also hosts screenings, conversations, and exhibits. It features cartoons, comics, art installations, and caricatures created by illustrators and animators from all around the world. The Gallery in Al Quoz 4b St, Dubai, is very well-liked by kids.

Antique Museum: 

This is more of a bulwark than a museum; it is the place to gather mementos. Old Things Museum. Choose from thousands of beautiful items, like Arab lamps, coffee sets, jewelry, textiles, black-and-blazing sticks, and attars made locally. You can also interact openly with the local musicians. On Dubai’s Manara Street, in Al Quoz Industrial Area 1, you can find the Antique Museum.

Chill out Lounge:

What could be better than relaxing in an ice lounge to avoid the sun in Dubai? The frosted walls, paintings, lampstands, sessions, and vivid photographs draw visitors to this lounge to take in their aesthetic appeal. Attempt delectable mocktails, steaming coffees, and mainland cuisine. Do not overlook. The Times Square Center is situated at the Chillout Lounge, St. 4b Ground Level, and Dubai.

Times Square Centre:

A contemporary shopping mall that serves as a destination in and of itself, providing shelter, food, and shopping. It includes foreign store names that are exclusive to Dubai, like Toys R Us, Malaak or Palooza, or Sharaf DG, a sizable market for electronics and computer products. Situated near the Sheik Zayed Road, 3.4th Interchange, in Dubai.

Things to Do At Alserkal Avenue

Explore Art: 

For art lovers, this is the ideal location to find sculptures, visual art, and graffiti. There will also be artwork from established and up-and-coming artists from the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, and South Asia.

Antique furniture store:

Pick up a quirky and unique fireplace, furniture, and antiques at the recently established The Odd Piece. An accomplished Saudi artist named Arwa Hafiz created these pieces.

See the most impressive clocks in the Swiss watch industry, made by MB&F, in the M.A.D Gallery. In addition to that, it has odd installations of several watch parts.

Learn to Paint:

There is no better place than Alserkal Avenue to learn how to paint and make art for yourself. You can take painting classes and participate in DIY workshops at The Jam Jar. Visit the Wisdom Warehouse, a place where kids can learn, explore, and create art.

Gulf Photo Plus visit:

Dubai’s sole photographic studio. Not only can you view provocative artwork from around the globe, but you can also pick up tips from in-house photography experts.


When visiting Avenue Alserkal, put your stamina to the test. The knowledgeable and inspiring teachers at Crank push you to undertake high-intensity exercises and pick up dynamic stretches. Modern lighting and fast music will adore you in particular. serial Avenue is among the greatest locations to discover the lively Dubai art scene. It was started in 2008 with the goal of bringing together people from different cultures and promoting intercultural understanding.

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