Discover Nad al Hamar Dubai: Your Guide to This Vibrant Community

Discover Nad al Hamar Dubai: Your Guide to This Vibrant Community

I. Introduction

II. Properties in Nad Al Hamar

III. Popular Buildings in Nad Al Hamar

IV. Churches Temples And Mosques Near Nad Al Hamar

V. Schools in Nad Al Hamar

VI. Getting Around 

VII. Nearby Areas to Nad Al Hamar, Dubai

VIII. Malls in Nad Al Hamar

IX. Restaurants in Nad Al Hamar

X. Parks in Nad Al Hamar, Dubai

XI. Conclusion




Nad Al Hamar is a neighborhood in Dubai, UAE, where people live. The neighborhood borders Muhaisnah and Al Mizhar west of the city center. The peaceful environment and rich cultural heritage make it a great place to live or visit. Nadd Al Hamar has 2,000 residents, most of whom are UAE citizens. The area has many homes, businesses, and schools. In addition to residences, Nadd Al Hamar residents have commercial centers and eateries.

Here, Rebat Street (D83) links Nadd Al Hamar to western Deira and forms its northern boundary. Ras Al Khor Road (E44) connects it to Downtown Dubai, the city's busiest commercial area, on the south. The community's west side borders the manicured Nadd Al Hamar Road, which leads to the airport. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) links Nad Al Hamar to Dubai's stunning buildings. 

Properties in Nad Al Hamar

Nad Al Hamar, Dubai, has a variety of properties to suit residents' tastes and lifestyles. This vibrant neighborhood has charming villas and modern apartments for dream home buyers.


The villas in Nad Al Hamar are spacious and well-designed, capturing luxury living. Architectural finesse and spacious living spaces define these elegant residences. Landscaped gardens, private pools, and modern amenities make these villas ideal for families.




Nad Al Hamar townhouses combine community living with modern design. These residences provide a sense of community while ensuring privacy and modern comforts. Common areas like parks, playgrounds, and communal spaces foster neighborliness.




Nad Al Hamar has well-appointed apartments for smaller living arrangements. These apartments accommodate singles, couples, and small families with studios and multi-bedrooms. Modern amenities, proximity to attractions, and public transportation make apartments appealing.

Luxury Residences

Nad Al Hamar has many luxury properties for buyers. These luxurious homes have bespoke designs, high-end finishes, and panoramic views. They cater to individuals who value exclusivity and an elevated lifestyle.

Investment Opportunities

Nad Al Hamar's real estate market offers investment opportunities for property portfolio expansion. Long-term investments include neighborhood property due to its growth and strategic location. 

Rental Trends in Nadd Al Hamar

Nadd Al Hamar was known for villas. The area has 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom rentals. The rent is affordable for singles, couples, and families. The neighborhood attracts residents and expats seeking a peaceful, convenient city life. Rentals range from affordable 1 and 2 BHK flats to luxurious 3 BHK apartments. These houses' pools, and parking let Nadd al Hamar Dubai residents maximise their time.

Rental prices vary by home type, but affordable options are available for all budgets. Dubai residents choose Nadd Al Hamar for peace due to good transport, and easy services.

Sale Trends in Nadd Al Hamar

One can choose from cozy apartments to spacious villas based on needs. Buyers choose 5-BHK villas or 1-BHK apartments for amenities and affordability. The most famous building in Nadd Al Hamar is Madina Avenue. It offers local dining, shopping, and other amenities. User reviews show that the Nadd Residence is popular. Residential properties in Nad Al Hamar start at 1199 sq. ft. to 1799 sq. ft., depending on the property type.The carpet area of Nadd Al Hamar villas for sale is 1899 sq. ft. to 11,995 sq. ft. The area features 2-bedroom to 10-bedroom villas.

Popular Buildings in Nad Al Hamar

Dubai's Nad Al Hamar neighborhood is known for its iconic and desirable buildings. Modern design, functional spaces, and convenience attract residents and investors to these buildings. 

Al Hamar Towers

Al Hamar Towers, a modern landmark, offers luxury apartments and penthouses. It's popular with upscale urbanites due to its modern kitchen facade and modern amenities.


Al Hamar Towers

Al Bateen Residences

This luxury waterfront development has elegant apartments with stunning views. Al Bateen Residences' luxurious and comfortable residential units have top-notch facilities.

Nad Al Hamar Plaza

The unique commercial and residential complex Nadal Hamar Plaza is located there. This building houses several businesses and modern living and retail spaces.

Al Garhoud Tower

The location and modern design of Al Garhoud Tower offer apartments and retail space. Businesses and residents are drawn to its amenities and transportation hubs.

Nad Al Hamar Grand Residences

For the discerning buyer, this development offers beautiful, spacious homes. Modern design and luxury amenities define Nad Al Hammar dubai Grand Residences.

Al Shabab Tower

Al Shabab Tower is a striking commercial-residential complex. Its distinctive design adds character to the neighborhood's skyline.

Al Muraqqabat Complex

Residences and shops at the Al Muraqqabat Complex make life easier. It gives residents easy access to amenities and services.

Churches Temples And Mosques Near Nad Al Hamar

The Dubai neighborhood of Nad Al Hamar Village welcomes all cultures and religions. Churches, temples, and mosques serve the community's spiritual needs, demonstrating inclusivity.


Churches Temples And Mosques Near Nad Al Hamar


  • St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church: Catholics can worship at this church near Nad Al Hamar.
  • St. Mary's Orthodox Church: Orthodox unity and dedication comfort the church.


  • Shree Krishna Haveli Temple: Hindus worship at this temple, a short drive away. It hosts religious ceremonies and cultural events that bring the community together.
  • Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir, Dubai: This Sai Baba temple is a place of devotion and reflection.


  • Al Khulafa Al Rashideen Mosque: Muslims can pray and connect at this mosque near Nad Al Hamar.
  • Grand Mosque: This mosque hosts Nad Al Hamar Muslim worship and community activities.

Schools in Nad Al Hamar

Dubai's Nad Al Hamar prioritizes education by offering many schools to residents. These schools nurture students' learning, skill development, and success.


Schools in Nad Al Hamar

Nad al Hamar Dubai  Primary School

This local primary school builds strong foundations for future students. To promote well-rounded development, it offers a variety of subjects and extracurriculars.

The International School of Nad Al Hamar

This international school prepares students for global issues. Critical thinking, creativity, and cultural awareness ensure a well-rounded education.

Nad Al Hamar High School

A diverse high school that prepares students for college and careers. Academic excellence and personal growth are its priorities.

Al Iman Islamic School

Muslim students attend this school, which combines religious education with a standard curriculum. Islamic values and academic excellence are instilled.

Al Mustaqbal Private School

With a commitment to quality education, this school offers a dynamic learning experience. Its modern facilities and dedicated faculty contribute to a positive learning environment.

Horizon English School

The British curriculum is followed at this established school nearby. Academic rigor creativity, and character development prepare students for success.

Cambridge International School

Committed to academic excellence, this school offers the Cambridge curriculum. It focuses on inquiry-based learning and holistic development, nurturing students' intellectual curiosity.

Greenwood International School

Known for its inclusive education, this school accommodates diversity. Several programs support students' strengths.

Getting Around 

Transportation alternatives make Nad Al Hamar, Dubai, and its surroundings easy to navigate. You have various transport options for touring the neighbourhood or adjacent areas:


Getting Around

Private Vehicles

Private cars are common in Dubai. Nadd Al Hammar well-planned roadways are connected by main motorways, making journeys easier.


Taxis are a common means of transportation in Dubai. Taxis and ride-hailing applications are easy to use. They make traveling comfortable and efficient.

Public Buses

Dubai's bus system offers affordable transportation. Several bus lines connect Al Nad Hamar to various city neighborhoods.


Dubai promotes sustainable transportation with dedicated bicycle pathways. Biking around Nad AlHamar and adjacent locations is a good way to see the sights.

Nearby Areas to Nad Al Hamar, Dubai

Nad Al Hamar, Dubai, is conveniently located for easy access to neighboring areas. These nearby destinations offer a variety of leisure, shopping, and business opportunities.

Al Rashidiya

Al Rashidiya city  includes established residential and commercial communities close together. Retail, dining, and recreation are available.


Al Rashidiya

Al Warqa'a

Al Warqa'a, a short drive away, has residential and natural landscapes. Residents have parks, shopping centers, and peace.


Mirdif, a lively community near Nad Al Hamar, is famous. Shopping malls, parks, and entertainment draw residents of all ages.

Dubai Festival City

Dubai Festival City is a popular shopping, dining, and entertainment destination. It's perfect for a day of relaxation and exploration.


This busy commercial area houses Dubai International Airport and residential and commercial properties. It has convenient transport and services.


A historic district known for its bustling souks, Deira is a hub of cultural activity. It's famous for its traditional markets, offering spices, textiles, and other goods.

Dubai Healthcare City

This Nad al Hamar Dubai  healthcare hub has top hospitals, clinics, and wellness centres.

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek offers main Dhow cruises, historic sites, and city skyline views.

Business Bay

This prominent business bay district has corporate offices, luxury hotels, and commercial spaces. A hub for professionals and entrepreneurs.

Malls in Nad Al Hamar

In Dubai's vibrant urban landscape, Nad al hamar avenues offers many shopping options. Nearby malls offer a variety of retail, dining, and entertainment options.

Al Khawaneej Walk

Al Khawaneej Walk, a modern mall in the community, serves a variety of tastes. It has shops, boutiques, and restaurants for convenient and enjoyable shopping.


Al Khawaneej Walk

Al Mizhar Mall 

Al Mizhar Mall, a short drive away, has retail, fashion, and electronics stores. Residents shop and relax in this bustling area.

Mirdif City Center

Mirdif City Center, a large mall near Dubai Nad Al Hamar, has many international and local brands. One-stop shopping, dining, and entertainment with cinemas and attractions.

Dubai Festival City Mall

The fashion, home, and dining brands at Dubai Festival City Mall are popular. The waterfront location enhances the atmosphere and makes it a great place to relax.

Deira City Center

A popular Deira mall, it has many stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.

 Dubai Deira residents have loved it for years.

Wafi Mall

Nearby Wafi Mall offers culture and shopping. It has Egyptian-themed decor, high-end boutiques, and diverse restaurants.

City Center Mirdif

This mall has shopping, dining, and entertainment. City Center Mirdif has an indoor play area, entertainment zones, and fashion and lifestyle brands.

Dragon Mart

Dragon Mart in International City is a unique shopping destination. Its extensive selection of Chinese electronics, clothing, home goods, and more are famous.

Restaurants in Nad Al Hamar

Nad Al Hamar, Dubai, has many restaurants to suit different tastes. The neighborhood serves delicious local and international food to visitors and residents.

Al Tanoor Restaurant

Al Tanoor serves Emirati-style grilled meats, seafood, and bread in a cozy setting.


  • Cost for 2 Persons:  AED 90 
  • Timing: 6:30 am–12:45 am
  • Contact Number: +971 6 747 4074


Al Tanoor Restaurant

Saj Al Tanoor:

Enjoy delicious shawarmas, kebabs, and falafels in a relaxed setting.


  • Cost for 2 Persons:  AED 90 
  • Timing: 11am to 11pm 
  • Contact Number: +971 58 249 3534

China Times Restaurant:

Dim sum, noodles, and stir-fries in China are carefully flavored and prepared.


  • Cost for 2 Persons: AED 175
  • Timing: 9AM - 7PM
  • Contact Number: +971 4 344 2930

Fast Food and Cafes

Besides specialty restaurants, Nad al Hamar Dubai  has fast food and cafes for snacks and coffee.


  • Cost for 2 Persons: 20-25 AED
  • Timing: 9AM - 10PM
  • Contact Number:+97142639629

Parks in Nad Al Hamar, Dubai

Dubai's Nad Al Hamar has many parks and green spaces for residents and visitors to play and relax. These parks are peaceful for leisure activities.

Nad Al Hamar Park

A tranquil oasis in the neighborhood is this local park. Picnicking and relaxing in shaded seating, lush lawns, and running/walking paths.


Nad Al Hamar Park

Al Mizhar Park

Al Mizhar Park's gardens, playgrounds, and recreational facilities provide a peaceful escape nearby. The park's design promotes outdoor activities and community.

Al Khawaneej Walk Park

A new park in the neighborhood has green spaces and walking/cycling paths. It encourages healthy living and outdoor fun.

Mirdif Park

Mirdif Park, a short drive away, has jogging tracks, sports facilities, and play areas. Families and fitness enthusiasts frequent it.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

This nearby beachfront park has sandy beaches, lush gardens, and recreational facilities.In  Al Mamzar Beach Park Visitors can enjoy swimming, water sports, and picnics while taking in breathtaking views.


Dubai's flourishing Nad Al Hamar has a diverse culture and a sophisticated lifestyle. The neighborhood's diverse residences, amenities, and activities provide a complete lifestyle. Nad Al Hamar offers housing, schools, restaurants, and shops to individuals and families. Community participation, cultural diversity, and inclusivity demonstrate Nad al Hamar Dubai cohabitation.

Parks and entertainment venues make Nad Al Hamar a balanced lifestyle. It encourages residents to stay active, explore cultural richness, and enjoy leisure activities.


What types of properties are available in Nad Al Hamar? 

Nad Al Hamar offers a variety of properties, including villas, townhouses, and apartments. These cater to different preferences and family sizes.

What are some nearby schools in Nad Al Hamar?

Close to Al Iman Islamic School, Nad al Hamar Dubai Primary School, and the International School.

Are there parks and recreational spaces in Nad Al Hamar? 

Nad al Hamar Dubai  Park and Al Khawaneej Walk Park offer outdoor activities and leisure.

What amenities are available in Nad Al Hamar? 

The neighborhood features supermarkets, clinics, pharmacies, and local businesses. The nearby Al Mizhar Mall and Mirdif City Center offer shopping and entertainment.

What are the local dining options in Nad Al Hamar? 

Nad al Hamar Dubai  serves Arabic and international food to suit varied preferences.

Can I find diverse places of worship in the area? 

Nad al Hamar Dubai  features churches, temples, and mosques for many religions.