A Vibrant Community in Dubai

A Vibrant Community in Dubai


I. Introduction

II. Beaches Near Oud Metha

III. Oud Metha Buildings

IV. Shopping Malls

V. Schools in Oud Metha

VI. Properties in Oud Metha

VII. Getting Around

VIII. Nearby Parks

IX. Restaurants

X. Nearby areas

XI. Mosques in Oud Metha

XII. Healthcare Facilities

XIII. Conclusion 

XIV. Faqs



Oud Metha (Al Nasr) is a residential area between Al Karama and Al Garhoud. It is also known by the name of Al Nasr. It has things to do, like parks and beaches. The neighborhood has become a food hub, with restaurants for all tastes and budgets. Low-rise apartments, hangouts, offices, mosques, and late 1970s schools. But the cute little suburb has only been around for a few years.

Oud Metha has lower rents than other city neighborhoods. Also, all of the city's amenities are easy to reach on foot. Zabeel Park is also near enough to walk. 


Beaches Near Oud Metha

Oud Metha has various beaches where residents and visitors can relax,  Explore popular beaches:

Jumeirah Beach

A short drive from Oud Metha is Dubai's famous Jumeirah Beach. Its white sands, turquoise waters, and Burj Al Arab views are stunning. The beach has showers, changing rooms, and shade. Many beachfront restaurants and cafes offer views and relaxation.


Jumeirah Beach

Kite Beach

Near Jumeirah Beach, Kite Beach is lively and popular for water sports. Kite surfing, paddleboarding, and beach volleyball are popular. The beach has food trucks, jogging tracks, and a playground.

La Mer Beach

La Mer Beach, a newer addition to Dubai's beach scene, is trendy and vibrant. Water sports, beachfront dining, shops, and entertainment are available. The artistic murals and laid-back ambiance make it a great place to unwind.

Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach on Pearl Jumeirah Island has chic lounges and beachfront parties. It's upscale and ideal for those looking for a more exclusive beach experience.

JBR Beach (Jumeirah Beach Residence)

The popular Jumeirah Beach Residence area includes JBR Beach. A lively beachfront walkway has shops, restaurants, and cafes. The open-air cinema's cooler months and lively atmosphere draw residents and tourists.

Black Palace Beach

Black Palace Beach, a hidden gem, is worth the drive for its tranquility. It's a quieter beach with stunning Dubai skyline views, perfect for a relaxing day at the beach.

Sunset Beach

This beach, also known as Umm Suqeim Beach, offers a stunning sunset view of the Burj Al Arab. Families and joggers can picnic here, and there are plenty of spots.

Jebel Ali Beach

This beach near Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa has calm waters and a laid-back vibe. For a peaceful beach day without crowds, it's a quieter option.

Oud Metha Buildings

Oud Metha's residential and commercial buildings shape the neighborhood. Here are some notable buildings in Oud Metha:


  • Oud Metha Tower: The Oud Metha apartment tower's amenities and services are central.
  • Al Nasr Plaza: Al Nasr Plaza, a mixed-use development in Oud Metha, has many amenities.
  • Al Nasr Leisureland Apartments: This apartment complex attracts residents who want nearby recreation.
  • Lamcy Plaza Residences: Shop and entertain at Lamcy Plaza Mall near these apartments.
  • Oud Metha Residence: In a convenient location, this apartment complex offers essential amenities.
  • Oud Metha Building: Retail and residential buildings enhance the neighborhood's urban landscape.
  • Khalid Al Attar Tower:  Near Oud Metha, Khalid Al Attar Tower dominates the skyline. 
  • Metha Plaza: This building complex adds to Oud Metha's commercial development.
  • Metha Tower: A residential building with apartments and nearby services.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls surround Oud Metha, offering residents and visitors shopping, dining, and entertainment. Here are some shopping malls near Spa Oud Metha:

Wafi Mall

Wafi Mall near Oud Metha is unique for its Egyptian-themed buildings, brands, and food. It also hosts events and cultural exhibitions.


Wafi Mall

Dubai Festival City Mall

A short drive from Dubai Festival City Mall's waterfront shopping and entertainment.

City Centre Deira

City Center Deira has many electronics, fashion, and restaurant stores near Oud Metha.

City Center Mirdif

This mall offers retail, indoor entertainment, and dining farther from Oud Metha.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the world's biggest shopping center. It has luxury brands, high-street brands, electronics, and fun things to do.

Lamcy Plaza

Lamcy Plaza, near Oud Metha, has retail, electronics, and dining. It's a popular spot for residents looking for a convenient shopping 



Lamcy Plaza

Mercato Shopping Mall

The Italian-themed Mercato Mall has many fashion and home goods stores farther away.

BurJuman Centre

Nearby BurJuman Centre has high-end and mid-range stores, dining, and an environment

Mirdif City Center

A short drive away, Mirdif City Center has shopping, entertainment, and dining.

Schools in Oud Metha

Oud Metha has many schools with diverse curricula and methods. Here are some schools in and around Oud Metha:

Indian High School, Dubai

A well-established institution offering the Indian curriculum. It's known for its academic excellence and cultural diversity.

St. Mary's Catholic High School, Dubai

A Catholic school with a British curriculum and holistic development.

Cambridge International School, Dubai

This school offers a British curriculum and many educational and extracurricular programs.

JSS Private School

Indian-based JSS Private School offers a balanced academic and co-curricular curriculum.

Our Own High School, Dubai - Girls' Branch

Also a part of the GEMS Education Group, this school provides the Indian curriculum for girls.

The Indian High School - Branch 2

A branch of The Indian High School that follows the Indian curriculum.


The Indian High School - Branch 2

Horizon English School

British-curriculum international school that promotes academic, creative, and personal growth.

Al Rayaan National Private School

This UAE Ministry of Education-accredited school emphasizes academics and character.

Ambassador School Dubai

This Indian curriculum school fosters a supportive and inspiring learning environment.

Horizon International School 

This National Curriculum for England school emphasizes values and a well-rounded education.

Properties in Oud Metha

Dubai's bustling Oud Metha neighborhood  has off plan properties for all tastes and lifestyles. Here's an overview of the types of properties you can find in the area:


Properties in Oud Metha

Residential Apartments 

Oud Metha has mostly residential apartment buildings with studios and multi-bedrooms. These apartments include modern amenities, secure parking, and easy access to local services.

Serviced Apartments 

Some properties offer serviced apartments, combining the comforts of home with hotel-like services. This option is popular among those seeking convenience and a hassle-free living experience.

Commercial Spaces

While mostly residential, Aaramam Oud Metha has some workplaces and retail establishments. Mixed-use complexes offer residential and commercial opportunities.

High-Rise Buildings

The skyline of Oud Metha is characterized by high-rise apartment buildings. These buildings have modern amenities like gyms, pools, and lounges.

Low-Rise Buildings

The Oud Metha neighborhood's low-rise buildings and common outdoor spaces are more intimate.

Gated Communities

Oud Metha has few villas and townhouses, but nearby private neighborhoods may... These communities often provide enhanced privacy and shared amenities.

Hotel Residences

Hotel homes offer upscale living with hotel amenities and facilities in some complexes.

Luxury Residences

Some Oud Metha houses offer magnificent living spaces and high-end facilities.


Rental Trends in Oud Metha


Apartment type

Average Rental in AED









Apartments in Oud Metha are inexpensive.


  • Studio units for rent are available for AED 33k to AED 39k.
  • To rent a 1-bedroom unit, the cost ranges from AED 46k to AED 59k.
  • 2-bedroom flat for rent ranges from AED 59k to AED 71k.
  • One can rent a 3-bedroom apartment for AED 72k to AED 117k. 

Getting Around

Due to Dubai's effective transit infrastructure, Oud Metha is easily accessible. Residents and visitors have many transport options:


Oud Metha and Healthcare City stations on Dubai Metro's Green Line offer easy city access.


The Dubai bus network covers Oud Metha, making it easy to reach various destinations. Bus stops are strategically located throughout the  


Ride-hailing applications and street taxis are plentiful. They offer convenient door-to-door transit.

Ride-Hailing Apps

Dubai's Uber and Careem allow smartphone users to arrange fast, pleasant journeys.


Oud Metha is pedestrian-friendly, making it enjoyable to explore the neighborhood on foot. Sidewalks and crossings ensure safe walking.


Cycling lanes are appearing in Dubai, which is becoming more bike-friendly. Future bike-sharing programs may exist.

Car Rentals

If you prefer to drive, you can rent a car from various rental agencies. Dubai's well-maintained roads and highways provide smooth navigation.

Water Taxis

Dubai Creek water taxis are rare in Oud Metha but unique.

Oud Metha Metro Station

These buses connect oud metha metro station to adjacent areas for last-mile connectivity.


oud metha metro station

Nearby Parks

Oud Metha has several parks for picnics, outdoor activities, and relaxation. Here are some nearby parks:

Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park near Oud Metha has jogging tracks, playgrounds, and a cricket pitch. It's a great spot for picnics, family outings, and walks.


Zabeel Park

Creek Park

The park has views of Dubai Creek , picnic areas, barbecues, mini-golf, and play areas for kids.

Al-Safa Park

Al Safa Park near Oud Metha Dubai has large open spaces, jogging tracks, lakes, and picnic areas.

Safa Park 2

Safa Park 2, next to Al Safa Park, offers more green space and recreation.

Al Khazzan Park

The wind turbine-installed park has play areas, walking tracks, and a relaxing atmosphere.

Creek Park Bird Show

This area of Creek Park hosts bird shows with fascinating bird species.

Za'abeel Park Gate 1

Another entrance to Za'abeel Park with jogging tracks, play areas, and relaxation areas

Za'abeel Park Gate 4

Another Za'abeel Park entrance offers more outdoor activities and leisure.


Oud Metha has many eateries serving different cuisines. Here are some notable Oud Metha restaurants with brief descriptions:


A popular Filipino fast-food business serving noodles, rice, and dim sum.


  • Cost for 2 persons:  AED 95 
  • Timing: Open 24 hours
  • +971 600 560031

Gazebo Restaurant

Gazebo is known for its Mughlai and North Indian curries, kebabs, and biryanis.


  • Cost price for 2 persons: AED 160
  • Timing: 10 am–11 pm
  • Contact Number: +971 4 358 5550

Zaatar w Zeit

A Lebanese restaurant serving wraps, manakish, and Middle Eastern food.


  • Cost for 2 Persons: AED 80 
  • Timing: 10:30 AM - 3:00 AM 
  • Contact Number: +971433 25 111

Karama Fish Market

This Karama seafood Market-inspired restaurant serves fresh seafood and grilled dishes.


  • Cost For 2 Persons: AED 150 
  • Timing: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Contact Number: +971 4 334 8974


A restaurant serving kebabs, grilled foods, and traditional Arabian, Indian, and Pakistani food.


  • Cost price for 2 persons: AED 90 
  • Timing: 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM 
  • Contact Number: +971 4 222 3141

Wok Boyz

A Fusion restaurant serves Asian-style noodles and rice boxes with proteins, vegetables, and sauces.


  • Cost price for 2 persons: AED 
  • Timing: 11:30 am–11:45 pm
  • Contact Number: +971 600 500965

Nearby Areas

Oud Metha is surrounded by several diverse and vibrant neighborhoods and areas. Here are some nearby areas you can explore:


Commercial and residential areas popular in Karama have bustling markets and diverse Restaurants in Oud Metha.



Bur Dubai

In Meena Bazar Bur Dubai  this historic district has markets, Al Fahidi, traditional architecture, and the Dubai Museum.

Al Jaddaf

The Dubai Culture Village and Dubai Design District are in Al Jaddaf, along the Dubai Creek.

Dubai Healthcare City

This area has medical facilities, healthcare institutions, and wellness centers near Oud Metha.


Luxury homes, Zabeel Park, and the Zabeel Palace are in Zabeel, near Oud Metha.

Al Karama

Al Karama, like Karama, has shops, restaurants, and residential areas.

Business Bay

Modern business bay and residential hub with skyscrapers, luxury apartments, and Downtown Dubai.

Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai's main highway is lined with skyscrapers, hotels, and businesses.

Dubai World Trade Center

A business and exhibition complex hosting international events, conferences, and trade shows.

Al Safa

An upscale villa and apartment neighborhood near Dubai's attractions.

Al Quoz

Al Quoz A vibrant area with industrial, commercial, art, and cultural hubs.

Downtown Dubai

Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Fountain are downtown Dubai's residences, shopping, and entertainment.

Al Wasl

Al Wasl has green spaces, shops, and cafes in residential and commercial areas.

Mosques in Oud Metha

Oud Metha has several mosques that offer spiritual comfort and community gathering spaces. Here are some of the mosques in Oud Metha:


Mosques in Oud Metha

Oud Metha Mosque

Oud Metha Mosque, the area's namesake, is a place of worship and reflection. Prayers are peaceful in its serene atmosphere and elegant architecture.

Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque

This Oud Metha mosque, named after the second Caliph, is a Muslim community hub. A spacious prayer area and welcoming atmosphere are available.

Al Wasl Mosque

The nearby Al Wasl Mosque is famous for its intricate minarets and design. It holds a large congregation.

Ahmed Bin Hanbal Mosque

This mosque in Rove Oud Metha  provides a space for individuals to connect with their faith. Its architecture combines traditional elements with modern aesthetics.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Duba

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Dubai is a grand mosque farther away. Named after the UAE's founder, it symbolizes architectural beauty and spirituality.

Al Safa Mosque

The nearby Al Safa Mosque welcomes worshippers with its elegant design and tranquility.

Healthcare facilities

Oud Metha has many medical facilities for residents and visitors. Here are some of the healthcare facilities available in the area:


Healthcare facilities


Modern Oud Metha hospitals include Jalila Children's Specialty American Hospital in Oud Metha, Dubai.


Many local medical clinics offer general medical services, consultations, tests, and minor surgeries.

Specialty Centres

Oud Metha's Dubai Diabetic and Dubai Bone & Joint Centers address orthopedics and diabetes.

Dental Clinics

Dental clinics do everything from simple examinations and cleanings to sophisticated procedures.


A network of pharmacies provides convenient access to prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Diagnostic Centers

Advanced diagnostic facilities offer radiography, imaging, and laboratory tests for reliable diagnoses.

Wellness and Rehabilitation Centers

These centers offer injury recovery, preventative physical therapy, rehabilitation, and wellness courses.

Optical Centers

Optical stores offer eye exams, vision tests, and eyeglasses for eye health.

Alternative Medicine Centers

Some places offer alternative treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, and holistic approaches.

Home Healthcare Services

Home healthcare professionals give medical care and support to patients in their homes.

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Clinics

Oud Metha: A Hub of Opportunities and Culture in Dubai

Aesthetic clinics offer many options for cosmetic procedures.


Oud Metha: A vibrant district in Dubai, offering diverse amenities, from healthcare to dining and entertainment.

Oud Metha Metro Station: Key transportation hub connecting Oud Metha to the Dubai Metro network.

American Hospital Oud Metha: A renowned healthcare facility delivering top-notch medical services in Oud Metha, Dubai.

Oud Metha Vaccine Center: A vital healthcare center providing vaccinations and immunization services in Oud Metha.

Oud Metha Dubai: A dynamic neighborhood in the heart of Dubai, known for its cultural diversity and attractions.

Jabal Al Noor Oud Metha: A prominent residential complex in Oud Metha offering comfortable living spaces.

Green City Oud Metha: An eco-friendly residential community in Oud Metha, emphasizing sustainability and green living.

Movenpick Oud Metha: A luxury hotel and resort providing world-class hospitality in the heart of Oud Metha.

Eagle Restaurant Oud Metha: A popular dining establishment serving delicious cuisine in Oud Metha.

American Hospital Dubai Oud Metha: A leading healthcare institution, offering exceptional medical care in Oud Metha.


Oud Metha, a vibrant, diverse Dubai neighborhood, offers many services and attractions. Residential and commercial homes in Oud Metha suit diverse lifestyles. Its proximity to leading hospitals and clinics ensures residents receive excellent medical care. Restaurants serving international cuisine reflect the neighborhood's multiculturalism. Mosques and community centers foster diversity and shared experiences. Oud Metha's clinics, hospitals, and specialty centers focus on resident health. The neighborhood's gated enclaves and high-rises suit numerous lifestyles, making it home.


What is Oud Metha known for?

Oud Metha is known for many restaurants, hospitals, cultural sites, and recreational areas. A bustling neighborhood with a balanced mix of residential and commercial offerings.

Are there hospitals in Oud Metha?

Famous Oud Metha hospitals include the Hospital, Medcare Hospital Dubai, and American Hospital Dubai.

What types of properties are available in Oud Metha? 

Oud Metha has studios and multi-bedroom apartments. Limited gated enclaves, business spaces, and low-rise structures exist close by.

Are there parks in Oud Metha? 

Oud Metha lacks parks, although Zabeel Park and Creek Park give enjoyment to the city.

How do I get around in Oud Metha?

You can get around Oud Metha with the Dubai Metro's Green City Oud Metha, buses, taxis, ride-hailing apps, and walking. The neighborhood's centrality makes it accessible. 

Are there mosques in Oud Metha? 

For spiritual needs, Omd Metha has many mosques for prayer and community meetings.