Tasheel in UAE |Services, Benefits, & More

Tasheel in UAE |Services, Benefits, & More



The UAE has gained a reputation as a hub for strategic workforce. It is planning due to its vast pool of professionals. They promise a number of employment opportunities. In fact, it is estimated that expats make up at least 80% of the UAE's population. It includes people from various countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many others. 

Recognizing the diverse nature of the UAE's workforce, the UAE Authority took the initiative to introduce labor regulations. In this way, the Ministry of Labour UAE has implemented a comprehensive set of guidelines. This procedure of Tasheel is adhered to by both employees and employers. In this guide we’re going to provide necessary information about Tasheel, its services, and benefits.


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What is Tasheel?

Have you ever encountered the term "TASHEEL" or "Tas'heel" while living in the UAE? It is commonly associated with resident visa-related matters. TASHEEL is an online system owned by the government. It is specifically established to address and resolve labor or employment-related issues. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation  is responsible for managing the Tasheel system.


Importance of Tasheel in UAE

Tasheel in UAE is responsible for offering multiple perks. These include:


Direct access to government services

The significance of Tasheel cannot be overstated. It's an innovative system that allows the individuals to directly access government services. there’s no need for intermediaries. By eliminating third parties, Tasheel streamlines the process. It ensures efficiency in obtaining government-related services.


Expertise in Employment manners

One of the key advantages of Tasheel is the expertise of government service who handle various employment matters. It includes those who get their registeration at Tasheel service centers. These specialists possess in-depth knowledge of labor laws, rules, and regulations. Whether you are facing employment-related problems or have concerns, Tasheel serves as your convenient one-stop solution.


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Tailored services

Tasheel Abu Dhabi offers tailored services that cater to your specific needs. This personalized approach saves considerable time, effort, and money. Instead of wandering, Tasheel provides you with the necessary guidance. This not only streamlines the process, but also alleviates the burden of navigating complex procedures.


Transparent tracking progress

Tasheel Dubai has the ability to track the progress of your transactions or processes at any given Tasheel timings. This transparency allows individuals to stay informed and updated. It’s easy to monitor the status of an application. You can also check for any required documentation, or keep track of the progress. Tasheel empowers individuals with real-time information. Hence, it enables them to have full control over their interactions with government services.

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Services offered by Tasheel

TASHEEL is an online government platform. It provides extensive assistance to both the private and public sectors in the UAE. While Tasheel operates through its online platform, it also operates physical service centers in all the Emirates. These service centers serve as venues for resolving labor-related cases. Both parties appear for potential case resolutions. TASHEEL's services are designed to safeguard the rights of workers within the labor code.

The system offers more than 15 government services related to labor. It is categorized into two types:

1.   System services

2.   Agent services


System Services

The Tasheel system offers a wide range of services to make various tasks more convenient. It includes filling out forms, submitting applications, registering, compiling and printing reports. Moreover, making payments can also be handled by the system. The main services provided are:



a. Transactions

  •   Labour Card


Application for New Labour Card and Mission Labour Card

This application is used to apply for a first-time Mission Card or Labour Card. It is available only to employees with a valid Labour Contract and Medical Fitness Test.


Modify or Replace Lost Labour Card Application

Users can modify their nationality, salary, or occupation on their existing labour card. They can also request for a replacement for a lost labour card.


National New Labour Card Application

This application is specifically for UAE nationals applying for their Labour Card. The tasheel labour card information is necessary and applicants must have both their Medical Fitness Test. A Transaction Number is needed in order to access the service.


Transfer of Sponsorship

When switching jobs, employees need to transfer their sponsorship status. This is done using the 'Sponsorship Transfer' form.




Renewal of Company License

This application allows users to renew a company's trade license. Both, the Company Code and License Number are needed to access the service.

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Work Permit:


Relative Sponsor Work Permit

Sponsored relatives can apply for a work permit using this application. They must submit no objection documents from their sponsor to proceed. The Transaction Number is used to access this service.


Modify Work Permit

Changes to a worker's name, nationality, passport number, etc., on a work permit.


Replacement of Work Permit

Employers can use this application to replace a current employee with a new employee. They can use the same work permit, without incurring additional charges. Work permits are initially valid for 60 days. It is extended within 30 days.


Create Temporary Work Permit

A temporary work permit is granted to those who hold a residence visa at another company. The permit is valid for 6 months following MOL's approval. The validity period is determined by the company's category.


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4: Miscellaneous Forms:


Nawakas (Missing) Scanning Documents

This application is used to submit missing documentation. These are required for labour cards and work permit applications.


Cancel New Labor Application

If there is incorrect employee information in a Labour Contract Application, it can be canceled to make corrections. Once an application is canceled, the system updates within an hour. It allows for the submission of a new application.


Online Cancellation

Employers use this application to cancel the employment contract and labour card. It is used for the employee who has left service.


Salary Certificate

Employers fill out this form when the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) requests salary details of a specific employee.


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b. Reports

The Tasheel Dubai system provides various reports to assist in managing employment-related information. These reports offer valuable insights and information for companies.

The following reports are available:


Company Employee List

This report provides an employee list for every company in the UAE. It includes information such as passport numbers, Labour card numbers, and expiration dates for each employee. Access to the Company Employee List requires the company code.


Expired Labour Card List

It includes a list of expired labour cards under a specific company. It also includes basic employee information. Depending on the employee's status, these Labour Cards can be canceled or renewed. The expired Labour Card List is accessible by using the company code.


National List

It contains a list of all national employees currently registered with the company. There’s the data of employee's person number, labour card number, salary, and validity.


Person Information

Basic information about an employee is added here.


Owner Role Information

It has the information about the owners or sponsors of a company registered with the MOHRE. There’s a complete list of trade licenses and their validity registered in the name of the owner/sponsor.

PRO Details

This report generates basic public relations officer (PRO) data.


Labour Card Information

By entering a labour card number, users can access basic and detailed information about a particular employee.


Agent Services

In addition to the system services, the Tasheel system relies on appointed agents throughout the emirates. It ensures efficient management. The agents' responsibilities are crucial for the system's success and include the following:

  • Registering new users and creating user IDs and passwords for them.
  • Providing technical support and assistance to users.
  • Teaching clients how to use the Tasheel online system effectively.
  • Preparing archives for the MOHRE tasheel services.
  • Ensuring that every client is trained on the program and can conduct transactions without errors.
  • Handling physical applications, including picking them up, processing them, sorting documents, and archiving them in the metro-filing system.


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Additional Ungrouped Services Rendered by Tasheel

These are some of the miscellaneous services by Tasheel:


Sponsorship Transfer

Tasheel offers services to facilitate the sponsorship transfer process. It is done when individuals in the UAE wish to change their sponsorship from one employer to another. This includes handling the necessary paperwork. Moreover, coordination with relevant authorities, and ensuring a smooth transition for the individuals is also added.


Company License Renewal

Tasheel provides assistance in renewing company licenses. It is an essential requirement for businesses operating in the UAE. They guide companies through the renewal process. Moreover, it offers compliance with regulations and assists with the submission of the necessary documents.



Tasheel offers Nawakas services. It involves the issuance of legal documents required for various purposes. Tasheel obtains a residence visa, opening a bank account, or applying for a driving license. They help individuals gather the necessary paperwork. Moreover, they also navigate the procedures efficiently.


Employee's Salary Certificate

To meet certain financial or legal obligations, employees often require salary certificates. Tasheel assists in obtaining these certificates. It provides proof of income and is commonly used for bank loans, visa applications, and other official purposes.


Online Work Permit Cancellation

Tasheel facilitates the cancellation of online work permits. It enables the employers and employees to terminate their professional relationship. They guide employers through the cancellation process. Tasheel also ensure if the relevant documentation is completed accurately.


Cancellation of New Labour Contract Application

If an employer or employee wishes to cancel a new labor contract application, Tasheel offers services to facilitate the process. They assist in preparing the necessary documents. They guide individuals through the steps to cancel the application effectively.


Company List of Employees

Tasheel helps companies maintain an updated list of their employees. They assist in compiling employee information. The information includes personal details, visa and residency information, and other relevant data.


Labour Card Information

Tasheel offers assistance in obtaining labor card information for employees. This includes details such as the labor card number, date of issuance, and expiration date. This information is essential for various legal purposes.


Owner Role Information

For company owners and sponsors, Tasheel provides information regarding their roles and responsibilities. They offer guidance on legal obligations, rights, and privileges.

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What makes Tasheel stand out?

TASHEEL stands out for several reasons. It ensures that any concerns or complaints you may have are addressed in an exceptional manner. There are highly skilled and extensively trained professionals. Tasheel guarantees that your issues are handled with utmost care and proficiency.

Moreover, TASHEEL provides a direct and expedited connection to official government system services. It eliminates the need for intermediaries or third-party involvement. This streamlined approach ensures efficient and reliable access to the services you require. By choosing TASHEEL, you can save time and energy. The system operates swiftly and effectively to resolve cases. Hence, it allows you to avoid unnecessary delays and frustrations. Tasheel online services and mobile app enable you to conveniently track the status of your complaint.


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How can you file a complaint through Tasheel?

Complaints can be filed by anyone, including the employer and/or the employee against each other. The process of filing a complaint can be done online or manually at a Tasheel service center.


Complaint via Online Process

To file a complaint online through Tasheel, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE).
  • Look for the "Services" section on the MOHRE website.
  • Click on “Register Labour Complaints.”
  • Provide your details, including the applicant type, unified number (if applicable), and work permit number.
  • Enter the specific details of your complaint. It is suggested to explain the nature of the violation or issue you are reporting.
  • If you have any evidence or supporting documents, attach them. These documents include contracts, emails, or photographs, upload them as attachments.
  • After completing all the necessary information, submit your complaint through the online platform.
  • The MOHRE will review your complaint. They’ll contact you within 48 hours to initiate the process of dispute resolution.

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Complaint via Manual Process

If you prefer to file a complaint in person, you can visit a nearby Tasheel center. Here's what you need to do:

  • Locate the nearest center for Tasheel services and go there in person.
  • Bring along a valid passport or Emirates ID as identification.
  • During the filing process, you will receive a complaint application number on your phone number. Ensure that you provide the correct phone number for communication
  • When you receive a verification call from the MOHRE, confirm the details of your complaint.
  • After verifying your complaint, you will receive an appointment from the MOHRE representative. Attend the appointment to work on resolving the dispute.


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When can an employee file a complaint via Tasheel Service

Employees can file a complaint through Tasheel when their rights have been violated by their employer. Some significant reasons for filing a complaint are:

  • If your employer is withholding or delaying your salary or commissions, you can file a complaint.
  • If an employer unlawfully keeps the passport in their possession. There's a right to report this violation.
  • If any employer unfairly distributed transactions or benefits among the staff.
  • If your employer miscalculates the value of third-party commissions.
  • In cases of arbitrary or abusive termination of employment, you can file a complaint against your employer.
  • If an employer violates any other employee rights or breaches labor laws.

Filing a complaint through Tasheel ensures that your concerns are addressed and appropriate action is taken to resolve the issue.


Tasheel Centers Near me

Across the UAE, there are a total of 78 Tasheel centers spread across all the Emirates. The majority of these centers can be found in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Here is a table showing the number of Tasheel centers when you search for Tasheel near me:


No. of Tasheel Centers

Abu Dhabi










Umm Al Quwain


Ras Al Khaimah



Tasheel center in UAE location and Operating Hours


Tasheel Center Abu Dhabi

These are the popular centers of Tasheel in Abu Dhabi that are:

  • Yas Centre, Musaffah Industrial
  • Capital Mall, 2nd floor
  • Falcon Tower, AL Markaziyah West - W2
  • Rashid bin Saeed AL Maktoum Road (2nd street)


Tasheel Center Dubai

TASHEEL Dubai has two major centers in Business Bay and Muraqqabat. Additionally, you can find TASHEEL offices at the following well-known locations:

  • Burjuman Mall, 2nd floor
  • Tasheel AL Khail Mall, Latifa bin Hamdan Street
  • Muraqqabat, via Hessa Street/ Sheikh Zayed Rd
  • Damascus Street, AL Qusais Industrial Area
  • Bay Avenue Mall
  • AL Muraqqabat Rd, Deira
  • AL Barsha Mall Tasheel


Tasheel Center Sharjah

TASHEEL Sharjah can be found at these main locations:

  • AL Sharq Street Lake Mall
  • AL Qasimi Street, AL Sharq-AL Nasserya
  • Halwan Suburb, AL Yarmook


Tasheel Center Ajman

For Tasheel Ajman, you can find it at the following locations:

  • Sheikh Jaber AL-Sabah Street
  • Mishref AL Tejariah Street, Dar AL Muna Building

Tasheel service centers operate six days a week from Saturday to Thursday. You can visit the centers during Tasheel working time, which are from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm. Note that the centers are closed on Fridays. 


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How to Contact Tasheel Center?

If you require the contact number for a specific Tasheel service center, you can reach them at 80060, which is the MOHRE Tasheel call center number. Follow the Tasheel timings and contact them.

For any additional information or inquiries, feel free to email them.



To summarize, Tasheel holds significant importance in the workforce of the UAE as it offers essential services and advantages to employees and employers alike. The online platform grants direct access to government services. It eliminates the requirement for intermediaries and promotes efficiency. Tasheel goes beyond by providing supplementary services. The services include sponsorship transfers and company licensing. Opting for Tasheel allows individuals to save valuable time and effort while ensuring prompt resolution of their concerns. All in all, Tasheel near me services as a vital resource for navigating labor-related issues within the UAE workforce.



What is the ownership structure of Tasheel Finance Company?

Tasheel Finance is a closed joint-stock company. It is a fully owned subsidiary of United Electronics Company "extra".

Which entity rules Tasheel Finance?

Tasheel Finance is significantly governed by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority.

What services does Tasheel Finance provide?

Tasheel Finance offers the most convenient and expedient Shariah-compliant financing solutions. It offers personal finance and installment sales.

Are Tasheel Finance products Shariah compliant?

Yes, all of the financial services are Shariah compliant. The Shariah Review Bureau has approved all the details and transactions associated with each product.

How long does the approval process take?

Our approval process is instantaneous. You will receive an SMS with the status of your application as soon as you submit it.

How to track the status of an application?

You can conveniently check the status of all your requests through our customer portal on the website or mobile application.