All about the Arts Club in DIFC

All about the Arts Club in DIFC

The Arts Club, a respected institution in London, has relocated to Dubai. The renowned club's first overseas location is its newly established private members' institution in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Here is all you need to know about The  Arts Club DIFC including information on restaurants and well-known programs.

What Is the Arts Club?

The original The Arts Club in London was founded in 1863 and served as a shelter for fans of literature, science, and the arts. Charles Dickens, Frederic Leighton, and Thomas Hughes are just a few of the well-known authors and painters who have been members.

For art lovers and the jet set in Dubai, The  Arts Club DIFC location has a comparable allure. The Arts Club Dubai, like its predecessor, provides a distinctive setting for members to socialize, eat, discuss ideas, and participate in a variety of cultural events.

The Foster & Partners-designed building has four levels and an astonishing 65,000 square feet of space. The club has three restaurants, several private event rooms, and cocktail bars with hospitality and elegance at its heart.


At The Arts Club, Things to Do

There are numerous advantages for The Arts Club members, from meeting new people and taking advantage of exquisite dining choices to taking part in a diverse cultural program and dancing the night away. In this chic venue, members may indulge in the following:

Club Parties

The Arts Club hosts events and celebrations to commemorate seasonal occasions all year round. During the weekends, family breakfasts are planned with activities for younger guests. If members wish to add some sweetness to the festivities, there is also a delectable dessert buffet with options from an on-site pâtisserie.

Cultural Program

The club's Culture Program adheres to a yearly social schedule of activities. It may include everything from tastings, current events, and exhibits to excursions, studio visits, panel discussions, dances, live music, and even cabarets.

Visit the Rooftop

At the beginning of 2021, The  Arts Club Dubai launched its lavish rooftop. With a late-night bar perched atop a separate building and breathtaking views of the famous Burj Khalifa, this 23,000-square-foot outdoor area serves as a tranquil refuge.

Food and Drinks

 The Arts Club Dubai serves breakfast, lunch, and supper to members. For all palates, the following establishments provide top-notch dining:


Nikkei is a locally developed concept with food that is influenced by both Peru and Japan. This upmarket restaurant maintains the best eating and ambiance standards with its diverse flavors and daring culinary styles.


With alternatives that highlight the finest of Italian cuisine's simplicity, this exquisite Italian restaurant is a favorite among families. The traditional Italian cuisine, prepared with only the finest and freshest ingredients, demonstrates how seriously the club takes the comfort of its members.


The club's "engine room," the Brasserie, was modeled after a popular restaurant at a London club and is open from early in the morning until late at night.

Club Classics

Members may purchase drinks from  the Arts Club Dubai Menu in the member lounges, rooftop terrace, or library in addition to the aforementioned eateries.

Cocktail Bars

The seven cocktail bars of The Arts Club Dubai feature a fantastic staff of waiters and bartenders. Members may also rely on trained sommeliers to help them navigate a wine list that includes selections from the world's best wineries.


The stunning cigar lounge of the club commands attention. Members may relax in a private cabana or inside while savoring a variety of the finest cigarettes in the world at this location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Member Types Are Offered At the Club?

The Arts Club Dubai offers four different membership tiers to those that are interested:

Full: Open to candidates 30 years of age and older.

Second: Open to spouses of Full Members.

Young: For those under the age of thirty.

International: This may be added to Full, Second, and Youth memberships. Access to The Arts Club locations in London and Los Angeles is included.

How Can I Submit an Application for a Membership at the Arts Club Dubai?

Individuals interested in joining The Arts Club in DIFC as full members may fill out and submit an online form on their official website. The website also includes a thorough analysis of the membership fees.

How Can I Contact the Club & Where Is It Located?

 The Arts Club Dubai is located at the following location and phone number:

ICD Brookfield Place, DIFC, Dubai

Contact: +971-4-350-6506

Are the Arts Club Dubai's Opening Hours Posted?

At these hours, you are welcome to visit the club:

Hours of Operation: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. (Saturday through Wednesday) and 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. (Thursday and Friday)

Is There a Code for Dress?

During visits, The Arts Club Dubai requires all members to dress accordingly. Just the cigar lounge and not the late-night clubs and bars permit local attire. Additionally:

Shorts, beachwear, sportswear, and polo shirts with numbers or logos are not permitted.

Jeans are OK as long as they are not damaged or dirty.

Individuals who wish to wear collarless shirts must wear a jacket or blazer with it.

Members may wear classy and sophisticated sandals, however, flip-flops are not permitted.

Baseball hats are not permitted on the property.

It is crucial to remember that members who adhere to the dress code but do not show themselves effectively risk being denied access. On the weekend, kids are welcome as long as they are dressed correctly.

Can Members Bring Visitors to the Club?

At The Arts Club Dubai, each member is permitted a maximum of five visitors, unless they make a dinner reservation or reserve a private party in advance for a larger number of people.

When at the club, visitors must also remain with members. They will have to wait in the lobby if they come before the member.

What If My Guests Are Now Under 18?

On the following times and days, visitors under the age of 18 may enter the club with a member:

Days: Fridays, Saturdays, and UAE public holidays

Timings: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (for visitors under 12) and 10:00 am to 9:00 pm (guests aged 12 to 17)

Our  review of The Arts Club Dubai is now complete. Apart from the arts, people who like physical activity could think about applying for membership at The Els Club, a golf club in Dubai Sports City. The greatest restaurants in DIFC are well worth your time and tastes if you can't  dine at The Arts Club Dubai.

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