Best Laundry Services In JLT With Home Delivery

Best Laundry Services In JLT With Home Delivery

Laundry services are available in Jumeirah Lake Towers, also known as JLT, to serve the expanding residential neighborhood. For people with hectic schedules, several of these businesses provide home delivery choices, which can be very useful. Depending on the type of service you choose, these laundry services in JLT with home delivery will often pick up all of the laundry and return them to your door within 48 hours.

JLT's Best Laundry Services with Home Delivery

Do you have a busy schedule that prevents you from washing your clothes? Residents of the neighborhood benefit from the extreme convenience that reputable laundry services in JLT that offer home delivery offer.


 Services In JLT With Home Delivery

Image Cleaning

Image Laundry is a cleaning company in JLT with more than ten years of expertise that provides pickup and home delivery. In addition to offering quality laundry services, Image Delivery takes care of your ironing and dry cleaning needs. Even soft toys can be sent to them for cleaning. Depending on the item's type, the price varies. Cleaning one shirt will cost you AED 9. They take cash or credit cards as payment.


Diva Laundry JLT Cluster D

The Lake Terrace, JLT-based Diva Laundry provides a range of dry cleaning services. Every piece of clothing is washed following global hygiene standards. In addition to clothing and bridal gowns, Diva Laundry and Dry Cleaning specializes in cleaning carpets, bed linens, draperies, curtains, blankets, and sofas.


  • Lake Terrace Tower, Cluster D, Shop No. 4, Ground Floor


Rain Cleaning Raindrops Cleaning

Dry cleaning and Rain Drop Laundry are the next items on our list of services for quality laundry with delivery in JLT. The laundry in HDS Tower offers pickup and delivery options for customers' homes. Washing, dry cleaning, and ironing services are provided by Rain Drop Laundry in JLT.


  • HDS Tower, Cluster F, Shop #14, Ground Floor


Fold and fluff

If you frequently find yourself short on time, Fluff & Fold is the perfect solution to rely on. The service provides a dependable and cost-effective solution for all of your dry cleaning and laundry needs.

One of the more affordable laundries in JLT, Fluff & Fold, provides a variety of services, including steam ironing, carpet cleaning, general cleaning, and shoe cleaning. Customers can request specific services to clean or fix a soft toy or any other item.

Additionally, Fluff & Fold provides same-day pickup and 24-hour delivery. Their costs vary depending on the furniture, clothing, and everyday stuff.


 Services In JLT With Home Delivery

JLT Al Mosky Laundry

All of your washing and laundry needs can be met at Al Mosky Laundry. They clean drapes, carpets, and upholstery by dry cleaning. Each item has a unique price. For your weekly laundry, budget between AED 45 and AED 50. Additionally, the store provides a free delivery service.


  • Cluster P, Armada Tower

Confidential Washing

Another cleaning company in JLT with free home delivery is Confident Laundry, which is situated in Icon Tower 2. Within 48 hours, they pick up your dirty laundry at your door, wash or dry-clean it, and deliver it back. You can ask them for a quote to learn more about their pricing.


  • Cluster L, Icon Tower 2.


Laundry Hub

One of the best laundry services in JLT with home delivery is The Laundry Hub. Its team is knowledgeable about how to take care of your clothing and is experienced. This JLT laundry service has experience with steam ironing, dry cleaning, starching, and carpet cleaning. The cost of dry cleaning and pressing garments ranges from AED 8 to AED 47.


JLT Laundryman Offers Mobile Laundry Services

In Dubai, there is an app called Laundry Man that offers reasonable dry cleaning and washing services. Simply choose the item you want to be cleaned, input your address, select delivery, and pay with a Visa or MasterCard.

For more commonplace things like shirts, blouses, and jeans, the cost of washing and ironing starts at AED 10. Suits, dresses, children's clothing, and upholstery cost more than AED 25 each.


Men's Laundry

A digital laundry and dry cleaning business called Washmen Laundry provides several services in JLT and other areas of Dubai, including pickup and delivery. One of the few app-based launderettes in Dubai that provides a variety of cleaning and ironing services is called Washmen.

Although specific items can be sent for pressing and cleaning, Washmen typically charges per bag. So, stuff your backpack to the brim with clothes for the house, blankets, and other essentials. Expect to pay at least AED 65 for each bag.

Jumeirah Lake Towers, one of the most well-liked areas in Dubai for families and ex-pats, offers everything for everyone, from dining and nightlife to a lake and parks for biking and dog walking. While numerous services in JLT are accessible by foot, the greatest option for locals wishing to do laundry in JLT remains the award-winning Washmen, which offers superior customer service, cutting-edge technology, and an intuitive app that makes the process simpler than ever.




The Laundry Lounge: What Is It?

The first independently run laundry facility in the UAE is called Laundry Lounge. Visit us today to have your clothes cleaned in an hour. Additionally, the location offers laundry services and free Wi-Fi.

Who the hell does the cheapest laundry?

In JLT, Laundry Man and Laundry Heap are two of the more affordable laundries.

What Do Laundry Services Cost in JLT?

Depending on the laundry and the service being offered, a fair benchmark is the typical price range of AED 7 to AED 10 for a single shirt.


This concludes our ranking of the top home delivery laundries in JLT. For their clients, Jumeirah Lake Towers' laundry services make everything simple and handy.