Al Quoz Area Dubai- A Diverse Community with Attractive Surroundings

Al Quoz Area Dubai- A Diverse Community with Attractive Surroundings


Location of Al Quoz Area Dubai

Residential communities of Al Quoz

Transportation Options in Al Quoz Dubai

Neighborhood communities of Al Quoz Dubai

Property Options in Al Quoz Area Dubai

Apartment Options in Al Quoz

Villa Options in Al Quoz

Nearby attractions of Al Quoz Dubai

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Al Quoz, also known as Al Goze, is a predominantly residential area. The area is situated in the western part of Dubai. It is highly favored by residents for its attractive surroundings. Al Quoz boasts a diverse community. It comprises individuals from various financial backgrounds. The area's commercial activities have witnessed significant growth. Many reasons make an appealing destination for relocation and personal advancement.

Al Quoz is surrounded by popular communities such as Al Manara, Al Safa, Al Wasl, and Umm Al Sheif. Al Quoz encompasses both residential and commercial sectors. These residential areas are meticulously developed and maintained by the Dubai Municipality. It is a freehold region. Emirati families primarily own most of these residential units

On the other hand, the commercial sector is predominantly located in the southwestern region of the city. There is a clear demarcation between the residential and commercial areas. There are warehouse in Al Quoz that offer a tranquil living experience separate from the hectic work life.

Location of Al Quoz Area Dubai

located in the western part of Dubai, Al Quoz Dubai is positioned between the well-connected Al Khail and Sheikh Zayed roads. It is bordered by Al Wasl to the north and Umm Al Sheif to the west. The area forms a convenient and accessible location within the city.

Residential communities of Al Quoz

This neighborhood offers a wide range of freehold apartments. It makes a desirable residential and commercial hub. Residential communities are divided into four sub-communities. The northeastern region consists of residential districts. However, the commercial districts are situated in the southwest. Along with this, Emirate driving institute Al Quoz is also there.

The Dubai Al Quoz community features low to mid-rise buildings. However, it gives a pleasant architectural aesthetic.

Towards the north, there are four distinct neighborhoods within Al Quoz:

  • Quoz 1
  • Quoz 2
  • Quoz 3
  • Quoz 4

On the other hand, the industrial areas are located towards the south of the community, and they are known as:

  • Al Quoz Industrial Area 1
  • Al Quoz Industrial Area 2
  • Al Quoz Industrial Area 3
  • Al Quoz Industrial Area 4

Transportation Options in Al Quoz Dubai

If you are considering public transportation options to and from Al Quoz, you'll be pleased to know that there are plenty of choices available. Whether you prefer taxis, buses, or metros, getting around the area is convenient. Here are some key transportation hubs in Al Quoz:

Al Quoz Bus Station

Al Quoz Bus Station is an important transportation hub. The bus route covers 42 stops. It starts from Ghubaiba Bus Station and ends at Al Quoz Bus Station.

Al Quoz Metro Station

The Al Quoz Metro Station is part of Dubai's Metro System's Red Line. It serves Al Quoz and the surrounding areas. Al Quoz metro station is conveniently situated on Sheikh Zayed Road near the major junction with Al Manara Street. However, this rapid transit method offers easy access to various destinations.

Proximity to Airports

If you're traveling by air, Al Quoz is within reasonable driving distance from two airports. Dubai International Airport (DXB) is approximately a 38-minute drive away. However, the new Al Maktoum International Airport is roughly a 39-minute drive away.

Neighborhood communities of Al Quoz Dubai

The area of Al Quoz enjoys close proximity to several neighboring communities. It allows convenient travel times:

  •                  Umm Suqeim: Located just 7 minutes away.
  •                  Manara: Situated approximately 8 minutes away.
  •                  Al Barsha: A mere 12-minute drive from Al Quoz.
  •                  Al Safa: Easily reachable in just 6 minutes.

Property Options in Al Quoz Area Dubai

When it comes to finding the perfect property in Al Quoz, you'll discover a range of options. There’s also a designated area for companies in Al Quoz. Al Quoz property options majorly includes apartments and villas. To help you make an informed decision, here's a breakdown of the housing options and their corresponding prices.

Apartment Options in Al Quoz

Dubai Al Quoz offers a diverse selection of apartments in different sizes and layouts. Below are the average prices for apartments and Al Quoz room for rent:

Apartment Type

Monthly Rental Prices

Sale Prices


AED 35,000

AED 492,000



AED 44,000


AED 725,000



AED 55,000

AED 1,350,000




AED 78,000


Al Quoz Al Khail Gate 1: One prominent residential project in the area is Al Khail Gate 1 in Al Quoz. It is part of a larger development known as Al Quoz Al Khail Gate, which comprises multiple buildings offering numerous apartments. This vibrant and gated community provides a wide range of services and facilities. It is conveniently located near Al Khail Road and in close proximity to the bus station.


  • 1-bedroom: 62 sqm
  • 2-bedrooms: 116 sqm
  • 3-bedrooms: 187 sqm


  • 1-bedroom apartment: AED 36,000 per year
  • 2-bedroom apartment: AED 54,000 per year
  • 3-bedroom apartment: AED 76,000 per year

Villa Options in Al Quoz

If you're looking for spacious and luxurious accommodation in Al Quoz. In Al Quoz Dubai villas, the average rental prices in AED for different villa sizes:

Villa Type

Average Rental Price (AED)

3- bed 


4- bed


5- bed 


6- bed 


Al Quoz 4 boasts spacious and sophisticated apartment buildings surrounded by stunning landscapes and gardens. The villas in Al Quoz feature modern architecture and state-of-the-art amenities. They also offer ample parking and plenty of open spaces.

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Nearby attractions of Al Quoz Dubai

The vicinity offers a multitude of captivating attractions. It ensures that residents have easy access to a variety of nearby destinations without the hassle of long drives. Here are a few noteworthy attractions in the vicinity that are well worth exploring:

Al Quoz Pond Park

Merely a short 6-minute drive away, Al Quoz Pond Park provides a serene oasis. It is located between the bustling city. Al Quoz park includes lush greenery, picturesque lake, and well-maintained walking paths. The place is an ideal setting for relaxation, leisurely strolls, as well as picnics with family and friends.

The Track, Meydan Golf

The Track at Meydan Golf is situated just a brief 10-minute drive from the area. It’s a golfer's paradise. This world-class golf course boasts beautifully designed fairways. There are challenging holes, and scenic views, creating an unforgettable golfing experience.

Sufouh Beach

Sufouh Beach is a 13-minute drive away. It will transport you to a pristine stretch of shoreline. With its soft golden sands and breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf, this beach offers a serene escape from the city's hustle and bustle. Whether you prefer to sunbathe or indulge in various water sports activities, Sufouh Beach is the perfect destination.

Burj Khalifa

Just a short 7-minute drive away, there’s an iconic Burj Khalifa. This architectural marvel is an absolute must-visit for both locals and tourists. With its awe-inspiring height and panoramic views from the observation deck, the Burj Khalifa promises an unforgettable experience. It showcases the grandeur of Dubai.

Exciting Activities in Al Quoz for an Unforgettable Time

Al Quoz area offers a number of exciting activities to enjoy with friends and family including:


When mentioning Al Quoz Dubai, BOUNCE is an absolute must-visit. This beloved action park boasts an array of over 80 interconnected trampolines. Here the kids and adults alike can unleash their energy. Bounce, flip, and slam dunk your way through the center. Moreover, engage in wall-running and dodgeball for an exhilarating experience. Join the free-jumping revolution at Bounce Al Quoz and create lasting memories with your family.


Prepare for a whimsical adventure at OliOl in Dubai Al Quoz. It’s a captivating play space that families with younger kids shouldn't miss. There are eight fantastic galleries inspired by children's museums, science centers, and art studios worldwide. The venue offers a colorful environment filled with interactive and stimulating activities. Immerse yourselves in a world of exploration and ignite your creativity.

Improvised Kids' Storytime

Experience a one-of-a-kind interactive theater performance suitable for kids of all ages in Al Quoz. In this unique show, your children become the directors, guiding the actors, and offering suggestions. The story revolves around three superheroes. Each story teller has special abilities by their favorite animals. Witness their heroic journey as they overcome challenges. Allow your kids to conquer their greatest obstacles.

Air Maniax

If you're seeking an adrenaline-fueled adventure, look no further than Air Maniax. Spanning over 23,000 square feet, this venue offers six interactive zones. All the zones cater to everyone from toddlers to adults. Laugh and play in the inflatable arena. Moreover, compete in the multi-level warrior assault arena. Experience the thrill of ziplining and enjoy the dedicated toddler area.

Chillout Ice Lounge

Escape the desert heat and chill out at the Middle East's first sub-zero lounge. Step into a winter wonderland at Chillout Ice Lounge. Here you can savor tasty refreshments while surrounded by ice. The entry fee includes a complimentary welcome drink.

Dubai Bowling Center

At Dubai Bowling Center, you can let your little ones release their extra energy in a variety of exciting ways. With something for everyone in the family, it's a guaranteed good time. Engage in friendly competition on the bowling lanes. Furthermore, bounce and jump on the trampolines. You can also indulge in gymnation Al Quoz, arcade games, or relax at the family-friendly eatery within the venue.

Fun City

For an unforgettable family outing, look no further than Fun City. This play center caters to the entire family. The place ensures a day filled with laughter and joy. Watch as your little one’s slide, runs, climbs, and jumps. Older kids can immerse themselves in a world of arcade games. There are also thrilling rides, and a wide array of activities. Fun City offers endless fun and excitement for all ages.

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Hotels in Al Quoz Area Dubai

When it comes to finding the best hotels in Al Quoz, there are several exceptional options to choose from. Each of these hotels offers a unique blend of comfort, amenities. Here are some of the top-rated hotels in the area:

Urban Al Khoory Hotels

Urban Al Khoory Hotels is a renowned accommodation option in Al Quoz. This stylish and contemporary hotel provides a luxurious experience for guests. The rooms are elegantly designed and well-appointed with modern amenities. The hotel also features excellent dining options, including a restaurant serving a variety of cuisines.

Park Regis Business Bay

Situated in close proximity to Al Quoz, Park Regis Business Bay offers a sophisticated and upscale experience. The hotel boasts spacious and well-designed rooms. The attentive and professional staff provides exceptional service. Visitors can indulge in a range of dining options at the hotel's restaurants. You can enjoy diverse culinary experiences. The hotel also offers amenities like a rooftop pool, spa, and Al Quoz mall fitness center for an enjoyable stay.

Holiday Inn Express Dubai; an IHG Hotel

Located near Al Quoz, the Holiday Inn Express Dubai - Safa Park is a popular choice for both business and leisure travelers. The hotel features contemporary and comfortable rooms equipped with modern amenities. Guests can start their day with a delicious complimentary breakfast before exploring the attractions in Al Quoz. The hotel's convenient location provides easy access to various shopping and entertainment destinations.

Ascot Hotel

Ascot Hotel is a well-established hotel in Al Quoz option known for its classic charm and hospitality. Situated near Al Quoz, this boutique hotel offers elegant rooms with a touch of traditional Arabian design. All the hotel rooms are equipped with modern amenities. The hotel also boasts an extensive range of dining options. The restaurants are famous for seafood and a cozy café.

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Shopping Malls and Supermarkets in Al Quoz

When it comes to malls in and around Al Quoz 1, there are several options that cater to different preferences. These malls provide a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities:

Oasis Mall

Oasis mall is the standout mall in the region. The mall Oasis Mall is known for its vast size and diverse offerings. It features numerous supermarkets conveniently located within the mall. These benefits make it a convenient one-stop shopping destination. In addition to the extensive retail options, the mall boasts excellent activity centers for children. It offers a fun and engaging environment for families.

Al Faris Mall

Just a short 4-minute drive away from Al Quoz 1, Al Faris Mall offers a delightful shopping and dining experience. Al Faris mall is home to several branded retail shops. It ensures a wide selection of high-quality products. Moreover, the mall also features some of the finest restaurants in the area.

Saga World

Saga world is a contemporary mall with a touch of vintage Arabian-inspired architecture. The mall offers a unique shopping experience. The mall's construction reflects traditional Arabian styles. It creates a charming ambiance for visitors. Inside, you'll find a variety of stores specializing in authentic artwork, boutiques, and household stores. Saga World is conveniently located just a 14-minute drive away from Al Quoz 1.

Lulu Express Al Quoz

Lulu Express is a well-known supermarket chain. It provides a convenient shopping experience. The Al Quoz branch offers a wide range of groceries, including fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products. With a focus on quality and affordability, Lulu Express ensures that customers can find everything they need for their day-to-day grocery. The supermarket has friendly and helpful staff in order make the shopping experience more pleasant.

Matajer Al Quoz

Matajer Al Quoz is another popular destination for grocery shopping in the area. This supermarket has a comprehensive selection of items. You can find a wide variety of items to fulfill your grocery needs. Matajer Dubai Al Quoz prides itself on maintaining high-quality standards. It ensures customer satisfaction.

Restaurants in Al Quoz Dubai

If you're looking for a diverse range of dining options and restaurants in Al Quoz, there are several restaurants that offer delicious and flavorful dishes.

King Chef Restaurant Al Quoz

Located in Al Quoz industrial area 1, King Chef Restaurant specializes in Indo-Chinese cuisine. Their food fusions are known for their delicious flavors. The menu features a variety of dishes. However, some of the popular choices include Set Dosa, Ghee Roast, Vada Set, Masala Uthappam, and Poori Bhaji.

Donatello Restaurant & Lounge

Situated on 17A Street, Donatello Restaurant & Lounge offers a diverse menu with a focus on international cuisine. Whether you're craving steak, spaghetti, grilled chicken, Paella, Cobb Salad, or salads, this restaurant has you covered.

Pathan Restaurant Al Quoz Branch

If you're interested in Pakistani and Afghani cuisine, Pathan Restaurant is the place to go. Located in Grand Mall Al Quoz on Al Asayel Street, they serve authentic home-cooked meals. Some of their popular dishes include Egg Omelette, Lobia, Chana Masala, Seekh Kabab, Chicken Biryani, and Pulav Rice.

Africana Home Restaurant Al Quoz

For those looking for an authentic taste of African cuisine, Africana Home Restaurant is a hot spot. Located in Al Daghaya, Street 32 B, they offer a variety of affordable meals. Recommended dishes include Bread and Bean Porridge, Goat meat, Shrimp Spaghetti, Fried Yams, and Pomme Saute.


Art galleries in Al Quoz Dubai

When exploring the vibrant district of Dubai Al Quoz, there is an abundance of activities to engage in. Among the array of options available, visiting one of the art galleries in the area is a must. Each gallery offers its own unique atmosphere and artistic treasures.

Alserkal Avenue

Situated in the heart of Al Quoz, Alserkal Avenue is a thriving cultural hub. It encompasses a diverse range of contemporary art galleries and concept stores. This expansive venue hosts regular exhibitions and cultural events. Alserkal Avenue is a platform for local and international artists.

Ayyam Gallery

Ayyam Gallery is known for its focus on modern and contemporary art. It features a dynamic roster of regional and international artists. This esteemed gallery showcases a wide range of mediums. There are a variety of painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed media installations. Marjan Islamic Art Gallery

For those seeking a deeper appreciation of Islamic art, the Marjan Islamic Art Gallery is a treasure The gallery showcases a remarkable collection of calligraphy, miniature paintings, ceramics, and textiles. Through its curated exhibitions, the Marjan Islamic Art Gallery celebrates the rich heritage of Islamic art.

The Cartoon Art Gallery

If you are interested in humorous artwork, The Cartoon Art Gallery is a delightful destination to explore. This gallery specializes in showcasing cartoons, caricatures, and illustrations. The Cartoon Art Gallery offers a lighthearted and entertaining perspective on contemporary issues through visual storytelling.


Al Quoz in Dubai is a vibrant and diverse residential and commercial area. It offers attractive surroundings and a diverse community. The area makes an appealing destination for relocation and personal advancement. The area offers a variety of exciting activities for families, including trampoline parks, play spaces, and interactive theater performances. Overall, Al Quoz offers a dynamic and well-connected community with a range of amenities and opportunities for a fulfilling lifestyle.


Which hotel is considered the best in Al Quoz?

The best hotel in Al Quoz is subjective. It depends on individual preferences. However, some highly-rated hotels are Al Bandar Rotana, Premier Inn Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall, and Park Inn by Radisson Dubai Motor City.

Do Al Quoz hotels offer free parking?

Yes, many hotels, malls and recreational places in Al Quoz provide free parking for their guests.

What is the average price for a hotel in Al Quoz Dubai?

The average price per night for a standard room in Al Quoz ranges from AED 300-400. However, luxury hotels in Dubai can cost around AED 2000 per night.

Is it advisable to drive in Al Quoz?

It is not recommended to drive in Al Quoz due to limited parking availability. Most visitors choose to park on sandlots instead.

What precautions should be taken while walking through the industrial area during the day?

Carrying an umbrella and protecting your head and face is essential while walking through the industrial area during the day.

Are there any cultural considerations to keep in mind while visiting Al Quoz?

It is necessary to follow the traditional practices of Dubai and avoid indulging in public displays of affection.