Top 8 Commercial Areas in Dubai for Offices

Top 8 Commercial Areas in Dubai for Offices


If you are moving and want to launch your own company in the city you will also need to rent an office. Dubai is also home to a number of properties that are allocated for offices and other commercial uses because it is the business center of the United Arab Emirates. So here is a list of the top 8 business districts in Dubai from which you may choose where to locate your new office.

  1. Enterprise bay
  2. Emirates Business Park
  3. Dubai International Financial Centre
  4. Dubai Media City (DMC)
  5. Dubai Science Park
  6. Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)
  7. Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
  8. Sheikh Zayed Road.


Enterprise Bay

Business Bay is one of the top locations to open an office since it contributes to being a business hub. It is ideally situated in the city's center close to Downtown United Arab Emirates and Jumeirah and it is home to a wide variety of residential and business structures.


Commercial Areas in Dubai for Offices


Emirates Business Park in Dubai With access to two metro lines, the Etihad train and other attractions, the location offers high-end living with cutting-edge workplaces and other amenities. All of these and more makes the area worthwhile of investment and creates opportunities for new enterprises to thrive. Dubai International Financial.

Centre (DIFC) Being an arena leading in everything innovative the financial hub connects both old and new Dubai and houses two of the city’s metro stations both on the red line. Having registered more than 3000 companies the place is replete with businesses of all sorts. Regulated with a legal system independent to that of the rest of the UAE’s the financial-free zone provides a safe space for all those business tycoons be it locals or foreigners to get their operations up and running.

City of Dubai Media (DMC) Dubai Media City, one of the city's many free zones began as a hub for the media in 2001. Whether local or international the region is home to a variety of media outlets that fuel Dubai's economic growth. CNN, Forbes and Sony are just a few of the first companies to have headquarters there.

Science Park in Dubai The neighborhood is home to everything scientific and medicinal as the name suggests. The technology park offers every commercial outlet, whether they are large corporations or small businesses opportunities of every description. For all individuals who intend to enter the environmental and scientific fields its significance is further increased by the fact that it is a free zone.

Silicon Oasis in Dubai (DSO) Similar to DIFC Silicon Oasis which is situated in the center of the emirate is a free zone that provides both residential and office space. It is situated between the two renowned roads Sheikh Zaid, and Al Ain and offers fair trade benefits to all proprietors. The financial oasis, which is a city unto itself features cutting-edge infrastructure and a thriving high-tech industry. The area also houses the Top Dubai Digital Park project which aids in the growth of smart cities. Additionally, the neighborhood is home to structures like Cambridge Business Center and Palace.

Towers at Jumeirah Lake (JLT) is being built next to Dubai Marina along the four lakes in Jumeirah. The many towers like Business Bay are a mix of official and residential high-rise structures. So this is your new home if you're seeking for a location where you can live and work.  Additionally, the region is a fantastic environment for all those company enthusiasts to develop and flourish because it is one of the freehold zones. The Jumeirah Bay X2, Jumeirah Business Center and Masaya Business Avenue area some of the well-known office structures. Sheikh Zaid Road It is one of the most important and well-traveled highways in the emirate connecting Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The route has several metro stations spaced out at 5-minute intervals providing good access to the rest of the city. 


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