A Guide to La Mer Beach Dubai

A Guide to La Mer Beach Dubai


La Mer Dubai Operating Hours

Architecture of La Mer Beach Dubai

La Mer Dubai Entry Fee

Best Time to Visit La Mer Dubai

Getting to La Mer Dubai Beach

Top Activities to Enjoy at La Mer Beach Dubai

Restaurants in La Mer Beach Dubai

Shopping at La Mer Dubai

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Amenities Offered at La Mer Beach Dubai

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Located in the Jumeirah 1 district, the picturesque expanse of La Mer Dubai seaside unfolds along the shoreline. La Mer Dubai Beach presents an interesting panorama of the Arabian Gulf and the iconic Dubai cityscape.

For the ones looking for a day immersed in serenity, a visit to La Mer beach is a must, where the sun invites you to bask on the gilded sands or sway lightly in hammocks.

Art lovers will delight inside the harmonious fusion of minimalist and modern aesthetics through the fascinating graffiti and work of art that embellish the environment.

The atmosphere is extended by timber walkways, palm-covered boulevards, and charming promenades. Everything is lined with an array of dining venues, shopping stalls, bars, and beautiful ice cream parlors. It collectively decorates the attraction of this destination.

In this blog we’ll explore La Mer Dubai in detail regarding the timings, activities, and nearby activities to enjoy.

La Mer Dubai Operating Hours

Weekdays (Sunday to Wednesday):

  • Retail: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Food & Beverage (F&B): 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Weekends (Thursday to Saturday):

  • Retail: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
  • F&B: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
La Mer Dubai Operating Hours

Architecture of La Mer Beach Dubai

The architecture of La Mer Beach Dubai is a fascinating surprise. It provides a myriad of exceptional elements that gracefully converge to create a fascinating ecosystem.

Emanating an air of relaxation harking back to coastal French cities, the call 'La Mer' itself conjures photos of tranquility. Upon closer inspection, one's gaze is met with a harmonious interaction of design elements.

Wooden boardwalks immerse the beauty of the place, guiding traffic on a leisurely adventure. The direction of La Mer Dubai is flanked by using resplendent palm bushes embellished with whimsical string lighting fixtures.

Adding an artistic touch, surfboards and timeworn boats are artistically nestled inside the sand, their rustic elegance contrasting in opposition to the sandy backdrop. 

The weathered anchors, barrels, ropes, and driftwood strategically located during the panorama intensify the aesthetic enchantment, inviting contemplation of the maritime heritage.

Architecture of La Mer Beach Dubai

La Mer Dubai Entry Fee

As it's a public beach, there's no entry fee to access La Mer Dubai. However, there's a fee for entry to Laguna Waterpark and Hawa Hawa.

Best Time to Visit La Mer Dubai

If you want a comfortable visit, opt for the winter months, particularly during sunset. October to February is the best time to visit, offering a pleasant climate for exploring Dubai La Mer. Summers, especially afternoons are avoided due to the intense Middle Eastern sun.

Best Time to Visit La Mer Dubai

Getting to La Mer Dubai Beach

From Dubai

By Bus: You can reach La Mer Dubai by taking RTA buses 9 and 88.

By Car: From Downtown Dubai, head northwest from the Burj, alongside Al Safa Street, passing City Walk onto 77 B Street. If coming from Jebel Ali, power past the Dubai Canal and Mercato Shopping Mall, then turn left.

If approaching from Rashidiya, bypass the Etihad Museum and Jumeirah Mosque, then turn right on the La Mer sign.

From Abu Dhabi

Drive from Ghweifat International Highway/E11, take exit 47 for Al Hadiqa St/D69 W. Then, take Al Wasl Rd./D92, 20 A St., and Jumeirah St./D94. Make a U-flip at 51st St., turn proper onto 55 A St., preserve onto 2 A St., and you will arrive at La Mer Beach Dubai.

From Sharjah

Take Sheikh Zayed Road E11 towards Jebel Ali. Go out 65 toward DXB Airport Terminal 2. Continue straight, flip right onto Al Wuheida St/D93, and on the roundabout, take the third exit onto Al Khaleej Rd/D92 heading to Bur Dubai.

Getting to La Mer Dubai Beach


Top Activities to Enjoy at La Mer Beach Dubai

You can visit Dubai La Mer Beach to enjoy multiple activities. Let’s explore the famous ones.

Top Activities to Enjoy at La Mer Beach Dubai

Embrace the Beachfront Bliss

The crown jewel of La Mer Beach is its pristine beachfront. Unleash your inner seashore lover and bask inside the sun's include with sand among your toes. 

Whether lounging in beachside cabanas or assigning interesting water sports, the seaside offers a plethora of studies. At the North Island seaside, you may dive into exhilarating sports activities along with Flyboarding, Jet Skiing, Wakeboarding, and Wake surfing.

Enjoy free public seashore get right of entry to or opt for a sunbed from the Sea Breeze kiosk. For an indulgent own family enjoy, ebook a luxurious air-conditioned Day room with a private terrace.

Boardwalk Stroll

Take a leisurely stroll alongside the boardwalk and immerse yourself in an international of artistic marvels. La Mer's ornamental art and graffiti-inspired elements decorate buildings and pavements develop a captivating backdrop for selfies and photos.

Don't pass over the whimsical factors like hopscotch, painted wings, and want-ponds. The Central section exudes a commercial enterprise vibe.

Dive into Fun at Laguna Water Park

Laguna Water Park offers an exciting family day trip. Experience adrenaline rushes on exciting slides. Enjoy the long-lasting activities and allow the kids to enjoy a dedicated splash area.

Relax in waterfront cabanas or unwind in the infinity pool with a swim-up juice bar. The Bungalow gives rooftop consumption with panoramic Gulf perspectives. Access to the water park multiple times a day ensures non-prevent amusing.

Relish Beachfront Relaxation

La Mer's beachfront invites relaxation like no different. Lounge below palm timber, read a book, or construct sandcastles with your children. Indulge in sunbathing, paddle boarding, or browsing within the azure waters.

The inventive work of art alongside the beach limitations adds a classy contact. Whether solo or with a collection, the seaside guarantees a rejuvenating day.

Capture the Sunset Magic

End your day with the spellbinding spectacle of a La Mer sunset. Experience the serene beauty of the sun melting into the sea from various factors throughout the district.

Whether lounging at the seaside or sipping espresso at a café, witness the airy transformation of the sky.

Photography fans will be enchanted through the myriad spots. These spots are perfect for capturing the kaleidoscope of colors that paint the horizon.

Barefoot Lounge

The Barefoot Lounge Beachside Outlet redefines the al fresco lounge stumble upon. Located upon the hotel's sandy shore, this unique status quo elevates you to exceptional heights. Guests are enveloped in a serene ambiance, signature cocktails, and a diverse worldwide culinary journey.

Unwind under the starlit canopy and embrace the coastal tranquility that the Barefoot Lounge guarantees.

Experience Inflatable Play at Hawa Hawa

'Hawa Hawa,' is a playful translation of Jump for Joy. It introduces a thrilling inflatable playground idea for both the younger and the young-at-heart.

Originating from Japan, this playground showcases a series of dune-shaped peaks designed for low-effect bouncing.

Immerse in Cinematic Charm at Roxy Cinema

For the cinephiles seeking a top-notch film experience, La Mer Roxy Cinema awaits. This boutique-like picture house gives an intimate setting. It’ll complement your movie-watching adventure. Despite the smaller screens, the cinema's allure lies in its coziness with every screening accommodating around 20 seats.

As you book your ticket into steeply-priced leather-based recliner chairs, you're supplied the indulgence of taking part in a meal introduced at once to you within the La Mer cinema.

This seamless fusion of cinematic enjoyment and eating consolation elevates the movie-looking experience to new heights.

Restaurants in La Mer Beach Dubai

La Mer Dubai, with its pristine beachfront, gives a plethora of eating alternatives. These places cater to an extensive variety of culinary alternatives.

You can enjoy from sweet treats to mouthwatering burgers and special Middle Eastern cuisine, at La Mer Dubai restaurants.

Restaurants in La Mer Beach Dubai

Amorino Gelato Café

For those with a penchant for all matters candy, Amorino Gelato Café is a haven of sugary delights.

This La Mer Dubai café makes a specialty of crafting delectable treats that fulfill even the most extreme sugar cravings.

The cafés commitment to the usage of only natural ingredients, ensuring that every chunk is a guilt-unfastened satisfaction.

Bare Burger

At the heart of La Mer Dubai seashore lies Bare Burger, a haven for burger fans looking for a blend of wholesome substances and mouthwatering taste.

Committed to use organic burgers which can be without preservatives and additives, Bare Burger guarantees that each chunk is a guilt-unfastened indulgence.

Despite the absence of these synthetic additives, the burgers preserve an unprecedented flavor that rivals another burger joint. Prepare to embark on a culinary adventure that harmonizes sustainability and scrumptiousness.

Aprons and Hammers

Aprons and Hammers embodies the essence of beachside rest and maritime atmosphere, seamlessly located within the spell binding setting of Dubai La Mer. This place boasts an intensive array of shellfish and seafood picks.

Its final touch is the scrumptious serving of crabs, appreciated by the visitors as well as they enjoy their meal in true beachfront style. Immerse yourself inside the imperative coastal come across provided by way of Aprons and Hammers.


Makan, every other gem among La Mer Dubai's restaurants, is a gateway to true Middle Eastern flavors.

Every dish served at Makan is a tribute to the wealthy culinary historical past of the vicinity. The vibrant and flavorful Middle Eastern delicacies provided the dedication of the cooks in curating a menu. The menu captures the essence of the way of life.

Levee Café and Lounge

Stepping into Levee Café and Lounge, one is immediately greeted by using a chic and relaxed seaside lounge atmosphere.

This café on La Mer Beach transcends the everyday, imparting a stylish environment that effortlessly induces a state of relaxation.

Levee Café and Lounge isn't only a dining vacation spot; it is an experience that marries outstanding taste with breathtaking surroundings. It also presents the right escape from the bustle of regular life.

Shopping at La Mer Dubai

La Mer Dubai has a captivating seaside district and isn't always only a haven for remarkable eating studies. However, it’s also a treasure trove of retail therapy. With a plethora of stores that cater to diverse tastes, this beachside paradise guarantees that you can increase your style while taking part in the sun and sand.

Shopping at La Mer Dubai

I Sea

If you’re looking for both functionality and style in eyewear, I Sea is the best place. Specializing in cool and brand-new eyewear, this boutique not best offers protection from the sun's glare but also helps you channel your internal style diva.

There are a variety of frames, sunglasses, and pinnacle-nice contact lenses that include the modern-day technological improvements. Beyond the stylish products, I Sea also presents specialized eye trying out services on La Mer Dubai.

Via Rodeo

Via Rodeo is a beacon of unconventional and edgy style. It infuses the critical Los Angeles style with the vibrant essence of the Middle East. This keeps, a harmonious combination of art and music, curates a set that defies norms and interest.

With an air of secrecy that resonates creativity, Via Rodeo's garb is designed to turn heads and inspire self-expression.


L’Aqua stands as a global beacon of swimwear excellence. Catering to the complete own family, this logo provides a diverse range of swimwear that mixes comfort, fashion, and match.

L’Aqua emphasizes tailored swimming gear that resonates with man or woman possibilities. It ensures that every beach goer finds the correct ensemble to embrace the water with self-assurance.

From classic designs to trendy cuts, L’Aqua's collection redefines beachwear as a fusion of elegance and practicality.

Beach Bunny

The name synonymous with beachside glamor, Beach Bunny captures the essence of resort put on with its exclusive swimming gear designs.

If you are seeking to make a powerful fashion announcement whilst taking part in the solar-kissed sands, Beach Bunny's specific and charming designs are your perfect partners.


Sephora is famed as the remaining splendor destination. It stands as a haven for the ones seeking the great beauty manufacturers.

You can enjoy shopping from Huda Beauty to Urban Decay and Fenty Beauty. Sephora homes a treasure trove of renowned labels. La Mer's sprawling department is one among the largest in the city.

Where to Stay on La Mer Beach

Maximize your La Mer enjoy with the aid of choosing a life at Rove La Mer. Located along the sun-kissed shores. This strategic vicinity guarantees that you're immersed in the coronary heart of La Mer's colorful surroundings.

It allows you to seamlessly transition among solar-soaked rest, culinary exploration, and leisurely strolls along the charming boardwalk.

La Mer Rove is a prime area that offers extra than simply beachfront bliss. It is located a 10-minute far from great landmarks along with the Dubai Financial Centre, Dubai Mall, the majestic Burj Khalifa, and, Dubai Opera House.

The hotel ensures easy entry to Dubai's architectural marvels and cultural hotspots. Moreover, its simplest, 20-minute away from the beloved Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR).

Where to Stay on La Mer Beach

Amenities Offered at La Mer Beach Dubai

Discover a range of conveniences and comforts available at La Mer Dubai. All the amenities ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all visitors:

  • Customer Information Hubs: Dedicated points to assist and guide visitors throughout the area.
  • Valet Parking: Choose between Standard (AED 50) and VIP (AED 100) valet parking services.
  • Complimentary Shuttle Buses: Available for key hotels, enhancing accessibility.
  • Free Public Beach: Enjoy the pristine sands and waters without any entry fees.
  • Restrooms & Changing Facilities: Well-maintained restrooms and changing rooms for your convenience.
  • Prayer Rooms: Designated spaces for prayer and reflection.
  • Mobile Charging Boxes: Stay connected with mobile charging stations.
  • Parking: Over 1,100 parking spaces for easy access.
  • Underground Paid Parking: Secure and convenient underground parking options.
  • Umbrellas & Beach Lounge Chairs Rental: Relax comfortably with umbrella and lounge chair rentals.
  • Water Park: Enjoy aquatic fun at the on-site water park.
  • Promenade with Restaurants & Cafés: Explore a charming promenade lined with a variety of restaurants and cafés.
  • Walking Track: A designated track for a leisurely stroll while enjoying the scenic surroundings.
  • Showers & Baby Changing Facilities: Stay refreshed with shower facilities and dedicated spaces for baby changing.
  • Lifeguards: Ensuring safety in the water and on the beach.
  • Shopping Area: Discover a selection of shops for your shopping pleasure.

Explore Nearby Tourist Gems from La Mer Beach

Beyond the enthralling seashores of La Mer Beach, a realm of fascinating sights awaits. Here are a few nearby locations only a stone's throw away from the La Mer beachfront.

Explore Nearby Tourist Gems from La Mer Beach

Burj Khalifa

Embark on an adventure to witness the luxury of architectural grandeur - the Burj Khalifa. This towering wonder stands simply 6.4 kilometers far from La Mer Dubai.

Jumeirah Mosque

Within a 20-minute walk from La Mer Beach, you will locate the amazing Jumeirah Mosque. Whether you are someone of faith or an admirer of tricky structure, this mosque is a sight to behold.

Dubai Mall

Venture a brief distance of five kilometers from La Mer Beach and find yourself on the opulent Dubai Mall. Immerse yourself in a shopping haven that houses a comprehensive collection of branded clothes, accessories, and lots more.

Etihad Museum

Around 2.5 kilometers from the beach, the Museum of Dubai beckons with its sizable ancient series.

Cherish the rich tapestry of Emirati lifestyle as you explore artifacts that narrate the tale of the state's adventure. The museum offers an enlightening and immersive experience into the heritage of the UAE.


La Mer Beach in Dubai offers a captivating beach experience with a stunning fusion of nature, art, and entertainment. The shoreline of the Arabian Gulf alongside the iconic Dubai cityscape provides a beautiful backdrop for visitors seeking relaxation.

With a diverse array of dining options, shopping stalls, and attractions such as Laguna Water Park, visitors can indulge in various activities. The best time to visit is during the winter months, while the alluring sunsets and cultural sites nearby, such as Burj Khalifa and Jumeirah Mosque, add to the allure of La Mer Beach.


What are the opening and closing hours of La Mer?

La Mer is open every day. On Thursday and Friday, the beach operates from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. On other weekdays, it operates from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

What is the entrance fee for La Mer?

Entry to the beachfront area is free for visitors. However, fees are applicable for various beach activities.

What sets La Mer apart?

La Mer is distinguished for its array of exciting activities and entertainment options provided to its visitors.

Can I bring my pet to La Mer?

Pets are not permitted anywhere within La Mer. For dog owners, alternative options for on-leash walking are available at The Pointe and Palm West Beach on Palm Jumeirah.

Can I combine a visit to La Mer with other attractions?

La Mer is conveniently close to Jumeirah Mosque, which offers guided tours to the public. This presents an opportunity to combine a cultural experience with a leisurely beach outing.

How can I access La Mer?

Secure a Dubai package through and enjoy exclusive rates on flight tickets and hotel accommodations. Additionally, various public transportation modes are available to reach the beach.

How much time is needed to explore La Mer?

There's no set duration to spend at this beautiful seaside location. However, engaging in water sports or other activities might extend your visit.

Can alcoholic beverages be consumed at La Mer?

While a limited number of licensed restaurants serve alcohol within La Mer. However, public consumption of alcohol outside these establishments is strictly prohibited.