Living the High Life: Most Expensive Luxury Hotels in Dubai

Living the High Life: Most Expensive Luxury Hotels in Dubai


Given Dubai's prominence as a tourist hotspot, it should unsurprising that the town is home to several of the most expensive hotel in the world. Visit our list of the most expensive hotel in Dubai in the area if you're searching for the most opulent accommodations in Dubai for an extravagant trip. These hotels are indeed the greatest way to experience high life, with beautiful architecture, top-notch services, and excellent food.

Highest-Priced Hotels in Dubai

Some of the most opulent hotels and resorts in the world now call the UAE home. Leading companies in the hotel sector work hard to create the ideal first impression. Thus, the most upscale hotels in Dubai provide a variety of experiences, including spectacular ocean vistas, the untamed beauty of mountains, and an unending sea of sand.

Here is our selection of the most expensive hotel in UAE for those prepared to part with a significant sum of money in the name of unparalleled luxury and enjoyment.

Luxury Hotels in Dubai

AED 50k or More per Night

Imagine waking up each morning and seeing breathtaking scenery outside your window, not to mention luxurious facilities and services that will make you feel like royalty.

We begin our list includes hotels as well as resorts where a single night would cost you more than AED 50k.


Palazzo Versace

Dubai's Palazzo Versace pays homage to a famous Italian palace from the sixteenth century. Aside from the beautifully planted gardens and high ceiling entrances that match the structure's grandeur, this neoclassical masterpiece also has elements of Arabian architecture.

One of the best hotels in Dubai is distinguished by its tasteful Italian décor, which Versace customized. The Palazzo Versace is indeed the place to go if you're a lover of the Versace Home Collection as well as fabric design since there are many of the designer's special fabrics and patterns on exhibit there.

The hotel is just a 15-minute drive from Dubai International Airport, while Downtown Dubai is only a 9-minute drive away. When it came to the priciest hotels in Dubai, Palazzo Versace comes out on top thanks to its 215 hotel rooms as well as suites, 169 apartments, eight exquisite restaurants, and bars. If you're seeking thrilling Dubai winter staycation discounts, the hotel is also ideal.

  • AED 77k approximately per night (suite)
  • A place called Jaddaf Waterfront
  • Call us at +971-4-556-8888.
  • Atlantis, the Palm


How would a stay at an opulent hotel with an Atlantis-themed theme seem to you? 

Atlantis The Palm provides you with just that. View unique marine life swimming through the floor-to-ceiling glass in your apartment.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium, Dolphin Bay Atlantis, and Aqua venture Water Park are all open to visitors without charge. Not to add, there are several dining establishments, drinking establishments, and nightclubs to suit all tastes.

The Royal Bridges Suite offers guests access to their very own book collection. Visitors may make use of the hotel's interesting amenities, which include access to many swimming pools, a soothing spa, and a beautiful man-made beach.

  • AED 63k is around how much a suite or room will cost each night.
  • Location: Palm Jumeirah, Crescent Road
  • Call us at +971-4-426-2000.
  • AED 50k or More per Night
  • These stunning resorts and hotels offer rooms and suites for as much as AED 50k per night.


The Burj Al Arab

One of Dubai's most recognizable icons will always remain the silhouette of a sailboat. After all, there aren't many hotels inside the world that provide limo-driven Rolls-Royces or airport pickups by helicopter!

The Burj Al Arab, which has Dubai's best hotel 7-star rating and is situated on its island, is one of Dubai's most luxurious hotels. The majestic appearance is wonderfully complemented by regal interiors. There aren't many hotels that have flowers imported throughout Holland, South Africa, Thailand, and Kenya in the lobby and 24-carat gold leaf used for interior decorating.

When you reserve a room at the hotel, you may benefit from exclusive beach access and opulent recreation options on a gorgeous terrace with pools as well as cabanas. Your stay in Burj Al Arab will be unforgettable because of the blend of art, first-rate service, and the highest level of luxury.

  • AED 40k is about how much a suite or room will cost each night.
  • Location: Umm Suqeim 3, Jumeirah Street
  • Call us at +971-4-301-7777.


W Dubai The Palm

The opulent beachfront hotel W Dubai is situated on the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah. It's the ideal entry point where you may choose to unwind or participate in a variety of available activities. Particularly the secluded white sand beach is great for snapping plenty of Instagram-worthy photos.

Additionally, visitors may partake in other watersports. After a day in the sun, go to your hotel and get ready to visit the restaurants managed by prize celebrity chefs, the opulent spa, or the rooftop bar.

Luxury Hotels in Dubai

  • You understand why W Dubai is now. One of Dubai's top beach resorts is The Palm.
  • AED 27k is around how much a suite or room will cost each night.
  • Location: Jumeirah's West Crescent Palm
  • Call us at +971-4-245-5555.


Armani Hotel Dubai

A well-known name is next on the list of the priciest hotels in Dubai: Armani Hotel Dubai. Because all of the rooms and household furnishings were created based on the tastes of Giorgio Armani himself, many people believe it to be among the top luxury hotels in Dubai.

The hotel is also situated in Downtown Dubai, one of the city's liveliest and most active neighborhoods, which is a very favorable position. Oh, and did we forget to add that you would be staying in the Burj Khalifa, the highest structure on earth?

  • AED 14k approximately every night (suites or rooms)
  • Location: Downtown Dubai, 1 Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Burj Khalifa
  • Call us at +971-4-888-3888.


Four Seasons Resort Dubai

In the center of Jumeirah, the opulent oceanfront Four Seasons Resort provides views of the Arabian Gulf solely on a single side and the magnificent Dubai cityscape on the other. The distance to that same Dubai International Airport is about 20 minutes by car. Be ready to be amazed by the exquisite lobby of the quaint resort, which includes gold leaf ceilings as well as sparkling mosaics.

Before enjoying hotel services including a 24-hour health club, watersports, ball fields, a beauty salon, and the Pearl Spa, you may take in the amazing architecture. This resort has eleven dining establishments, bars, and nightclubs, making it the ideal location to experience everything fantastic about Dubai.

This is the place to go if you want to stay at a hotel that combines traditional Arabic design elements with modern furnishings. You'll understand why we included Four Seasons Resort Dubai on our list of the best resorts in Dubai.

  • AED 35k is around how much a suite or room will cost each night.
  • Location: Jumeirah 2 @ 2 Jumeirah Street
  • Call us at +971-4-270-7777.