List of 10 Best Apartments for Rent Near Masdar City - Abu Dhabi UAE

List of 10 Best Apartments for Rent Near Masdar City - Abu Dhabi UAE

Best Apartments Features

Have you ever thought about what makes a good apartment? Buyers, investors and tenants all have their own checklist of key points they should consider when choosing an apartment and there are obvious factors such as apartment size and price that play a role. important role. However, there are plenty of other key factors to consider, so we brainstormed together in the office and came up with our 10 essentials that we believe make a good apartment.

  1. Rental
  2. Security / Personal Safety
  3. Noise pollution
  4. Car parking
  5. Furnishing the apartment
  6. Storage
  7. Natural light and Ventilation
  8. Temperature
  9. Animals acceptance
  10. Living Conditions


Location is one of the most important factors that determine whether an apartment is good or not. You might find the nicest apartment, but if it's in the middle of nowhere with no amenities, facilities or transportation nearby, it might not be a popular choice. Renters prefer to be within walking distance of amenities and facilities so they don't have to drive everywhere and being close to a main road with frequent public transport options is always favorable. As far as rental building concerned the Great Dubai provide the best Buildings for sale and rent in all over the UAE.


Security/Personal Safety

Finding a safe apartment is at the top of many people's priorities, as is living in a safe neighborhood. It's not nice to live in a place where you feel uncomfortable and constantly look over your shoulder. Newer apartments especially tend to have gates or doors that need to be swept to gain access.


Noise pollution

Noise pollution can be irritating, especially when you're looking for peace and quiet. Road traffic, common areas, or living under a flight path can all create a level of noise, and many people try to find apartments that are soundproof enough to cope with this excessive noise or to block out noisy neighbors.


Car parking

Even though many apartments tend to be close to public transport, many people still want to have secure parking for their car or street parking when they have visitors.


Furnishing the apartment

Having a well-arranged and fluid apartment is attractive for future buyers as well as for future tenants. Space should be used well, and square-shaped apartments are often more popular than long, thin hallways. Having outdoor spaces like a patio, yard, or balcony also provides additional space for entertaining and recreation. 6. Storage Additional storage facilities always bring an added benefit and help to declutter your apartment, but this storage facility should be secure and clean and not suffer from dampness. Being easily accessible also helps.


Natural light and ventilation

Living in an apartment that has plenty of natural light and good ventilation means you'll save on electricity costs by not having to have the lights on all the time. Let's face it, nobody wants to live in a black hole. Good ventilation also rids your apartment of bad smells or odors present in the building.



It is important to find an apartment that stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Living in an apartment that feels like a greenhouse that has just been watered is no fun. Likewise, coming home to a freezing apartment in winter is also unpleasant. Natural shading helps.


Animals Acceptance

With many people having a pet in the family, a pet-friendly apartment is becoming increasingly popular, especially since there are a limited number of pet-friendly apartments.


Living Conditions

Damp walls, mold and general grime put us off right away. An apartment should be clean and well-maintained and not suffer from damp or crumbling walls, which can affect your overall health and well-being. Being pest-free is also a must. Great Dubai provide Real Estate Services all over the UAE. The buildings for rent or sale at Great Dubai comply the all features mentioned above. 

Best Buildings In Masdar City

  • Irena Headquarters
  • Siemens Building
  • Incubator Building
  • Masdar Institute

Masdar City has a number of initiatives aimed at improving its environmental and economic sustainability. One of the most important, and perhaps the most effective, concerns its construction requirements: all should reduce energy demand by 40% compared to the average, water demand by 30% and achieve at least minus a 3-pearl rating from the Estidama Pearl rating system (approximately LEED Gold, an exceptional efficiency standard). This, and Masdar's inherent culture of innovation, has resulted in a number of unique design choices.

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Irena Headquarters

The headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency is, as you might expect, one of Masdar's most efficient buildings. The first Estidama Four Pearl building is the most sustainable building in the UAE and has won numerous international green building awards. The roof includes 1,000m2 of solar panels and uses 42% less energy than the global efficiency standard. The building's design creates careful shading to keep it cool and features large open atriums designed to mimic outdoor space. The materials used are from local low-carbon production and include recycled steel and aluminum.


Siemens building

Built through a partnership between Siemens Real Estate and Masdar City itself, it is the first building in Abu Dhabi to be LEED Platinum certified. It acts as a modular office space, with adjustable office floor plates, and has won a handful of office space excellence awards. Each office benefits from natural light from atriums throughout the building while the lightweight precision aluminum exterior shell shades the highly insulated interior building.


Incubator building

Another type of office space, the Incubator Building is designed to benefit start-ups. It is immediately adjacent to the Masdar Institute and its exterior mimics the Institute's buildings while maintaining a distinct appearance. The red color comes from the ceramic frits in the windows that filter light while minimizing heat. The sloping sides of the building maximize walkways while minimizing sunlight, unlike typical big city setbacks that let in light.


Masdar Institute

The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology occupies much of the current buildings in Masdar City, and most of its buildings feature corrugated red concrete facades. These serve as insulation and the alternating waves allow the building to shade. The screens mimic historic mashrabiya lattice designs to let in light while maximizing cooling potential. The Institute's knowledge center is perhaps the most unusual building in Masdar City. The shell-like structure houses an open atrium and a glass facade. Triangular outcroppings at one end serve as window shade and maximize solar panel area. The roof under the hull is made of glued laminated timber, which reduces its environmental impact.


Other points of interest

Along with a playground and a handful of public artwork, Masdar Park features solar-powered restaurants built inside recycled shipping containers. The wind tower at the center of the Masdar Institute campus uses a modern perfection of ancient technology to channel cooler air from above the city to the plaza below, creating a cooling breeze in the narrow streets nearby. It also features LED lights that change color based on current power consumption: green when the city meets its targets, red when it exceeds.  


Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi's name means "Land of the Gazelle" in Arabic. This modest island settlement has since been transformed into the modern, cosmopolitan, high-rise capital of the United Arab Emirates. The beautiful archipelago offers a blend of ancient history, rich culture and heritage, stunning nature, beautiful beaches, high-end luxury, surprising wildlife, family adventures, luxury shopping world class, renowned golf courses and a welcoming atmosphere. For visitor’s conveyance is the essential element to visit Abu Dhabi. Great Dubai is the best brand for car rental services in Abu Dhabi.


Masdar City

Masdar City is a sustainability pioneer and hub for research and development, at the forefront of innovations to achieve greener and more sustainable urban living. The city is home to a rapidly growing cleantech cluster, a free zone and a residential area with restaurants, shops and public green spaces. Mostly people and tourist prefer the renatl buildings or hotels. Great Dubai is the best brand providing property rental services in Abu Dhabi.


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